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  1. Our journey of innocence + experience in the United States and Canada comes to an end... and the road from Vancouver until New York City could only be described as this: simply awesome... What surprises will we have in these two final shows? Will they play new, never played songs? (maybe... perhaps could be that one legions of fans are waiting? the one that tells us that if we can dream, we shall dream out loud???) Will there be special guests on the stage? or maybe a fan will finally be realized her dream to play with the band... Let's find together and have the most fun possible on these two shows... join the fan party!!!
  2. And we are back to the innocence + experience shows!!! Many many questions: What surprises will appear in these two shows? which new songs will appear? Will there be special guests on the stage? (and what color will be chosen for the MSG tshirts and posters???) Let's find out!!! join the fan party!!!
  3. Our musical journey continues... What surprises will appear in these two shows? Let's find out!!!
  4. The road brings us to NEW YORK CITY, to the final shows of a truly amazing tour... 8 shows 8!!! O_O For sure we can expect something spectacular...
  5. Incredible shows, so far... wonder what the next few days brings us...
  6. Final 2 shows in Canada... You going? Already in the GA line?
  7. Last show in the Windy City... are you ready? let's see what the band has prepared...
  8. And now we are back to the US, directly to the Windy City... Chicago!!! let's see what nice surprises are waiting for us...
  9. You going? Following online? Already in the GA line? Current Denver Time
  10. Last night in L.A. What a ride so far, ups, downs, round and rounds... am sure we are in for an emotional farewell to the City of Angels. You going? Following online? Already in the GA line? Onward we roll.... Sole Brothers (& Sisters) Sole brothers - Adam #U2ieTour A photo posted by U2 Official (@u2)
  11. 1st show after the Roxy - how will they match that! You will find here (and can post, too!!!) any updates, feeds + images that appear live from the show...
  12. Some specific GA info that the venue is sending out (thanks to EducateMyMind for forwarding) : "Guests who have general admission tickets to the U2 concert and want to line up in advance will be directed to line up on the Northwest corner of 1st Street & Madison. However, that is not our property and is a public right of way so individuals who are lined up cannot block the sidewalk. At 9am on the day of the show, we will distribute numbered wristbands to guests who are already in line. Those guests will not need to wait in line all day but we encourage them to return to the Pavilion, located on 1st Street & Jefferson Street, at 4pm so we can get individuals back into the correct order. Guests with a numbered wristband who arrive after 5pm will not be guaranteed their place in line. Once doors open, guests will have their credit card scanned, a ticket stub printed and they will use that ticket stub to get the wristband for the floor. Please let us know if you have any additional questions and we hope you enjoy the concert!"
  13. San Jose GA specific info http://zootopia.u2.com/topic/30913-san-jose-specific-ga-info/
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