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  1. davis

    Paris Tix wanted

    Hi all Im a Aussie looking to take a trip of a lifetime to come to Europe next year with my family and see the best band in the world! Now - ive given birth twice but that was nothing compared to the pain i endured to try and get tix for the 4 of us to come over! Missed out on both occasions and presale! Couldnt even get on the website!!! All i can see now is people trying to rip us off reselling ever so quick for double, triple or higher compared to the advertised price. Can anyone suggest a if there's any other way of getting decent priced tickets for either Paris or London? Ive purchased tickets for all Sydney Shows for the past 25 years and never missed out but this just seemed like the impossible dream:( Well done to you all getting tickets who genuinely wanted to see he boys - scum of the earth who want to buy up tickets to rip us innocent off! Merry Christmas all and any suggestions will be most welcome x
  2. Hi all, I'm looking to swap my extra Paris 1 (10/11) hard copy GA for a Paris 3 (14/11) - preferably GA, but seat is also ok.
  3. Please let me know if you sell any 2-4 tickets for the show in Paris, november 14. no personal emails on the board thanks, it only leads to spam, please use PM system, cheers, mods Thanks
  4. http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/2015/07/30/u2-hbo-2-fall-specials/30879133/ The following week, the network will air the band's Nov. 14 performance at Bercy Arena in Paris ........... U2IETourParisBercy2015 ... just can't wait this fall
  5. Hi I have GAs Stockholm#4 on Mon 21SEP or Berlin#4 on Tue 29SEP to swap for Paris#3 on Sat 14NOV. Possible swaps are: 2 Stockholm GA for 2 Paris GA or 1 Stockholm GA for 1 Paris GA or 1 Berlin GA for 1 Paris GA Or if possible I can also buy you Paris GA with reasonable price. If you are interested please send message thank you! Best regards! iaofi
  6. Everything is in the title. I got 2 GA tickets for Paris on saturday 14/11 and I would like to swap with 2 GA for London on 30/10. PM for any offers! many thanks to all !!
  7. Everything is in the title . I have 2 GA Paris Bercy on Saturday 14/11 which I will trade for 2 GA London 30/10. I might consider other London dates. Thanks to all for reading!
  8. From the album: JE SUIS CHARLIE

    plantu, le monde

    © plantu et le monde

  9. We are all Charlie. "This is the worst terrorist attack in Europe since the attacks in London in July of 2005" http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/08/world/europe/charlie-hebdo-paris-shooting.html?_r=0 http://time.com/3657296/charlie-hebdo-reactions/
  10. From the album: JE SUIS CHARLIE

    Philippe Geluck charlie hebdo

    © Philippe Geluck charlie hebdo

  11. From the album: JE SUIS CHARLIE

    plantu charlie hebdo

    © plantu charlie hebdo

  12. electricco

    david pope

    From the album: JE SUIS CHARLIE

    david pope

    © david pope

  13. From the album: JE SUIS CHARLIE

    ruben L oppenheimer charlie hebdo

    © ruben L oppenheimer charlie hebdo

  14. Hi there Zootops! I got GA's for both nights in Paris and I was wandering who was going too. Maybe we could plan to meet in some way... Let me know!
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