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Found 398 results

  1. 1973


    From the album: JOHAN FREIRE

    "El parche" in redzone
  2. 1973


    From the album: JOHAN FREIRE

    Adam the best bass player
  3. 1973

    me and joshua.jpg

    From the album: JOHAN FREIRE

    exited in the camp
  4. 1973

    view from REDZONE

    From the album: JOHAN FREIRE

    view from REDZONE
  5. 1973


    From the album: JOHAN FREIRE

    But you can not ask for it
  6. From the album: "All I want is you"

    Contagem regressiva. Esperando pra te ver meu amado Bono.
  7. Queridos U2: Hola, me llamó Mariana, vivo en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tengo 43 años y escucho su música desde los 11 años. Esta banda me ha acompañado prácticamente en cada etapa de mi vida. No puedo explicar como se me eriza la piel con cada tema nuevo que editan, o con cada nota que veo en tv. Tuve la gran fortuna de haberlos visto en cada una de las visitas que hicieron a nuestro pais. No puedo imaginar mi vida sin la música de u2. Dice la teoría, que la música es el arte de combinar los sonidos. Yo a eso le agregaría que es el arte de combinar los sonidos de manera tal que nos transporte a otro lugar. Eso genera en mi la música de u2 . me genera un sin fin de sensaciones que no puedo explicar. Me emociona hasta hacerme un nudo en la garganta, o hasta q me estalle el corazón de euforia. Este 10 de octubre estaré una vez más en el estadio de la Plata junto a mi familia, y este recital será único e inolvidable, porque ese día es mi cumpleaños y que mejor q celebrarlo con la mejor banda del mundo!!! Tengo que hacerles un pedido muy especial, soñar no cuesta nada, así q aquí va: un tema muy especial para mí es stay. Es de una melodía exquisita, es una canción que escucho cada Navidad, pues me recuerda a mis padres, que ya partieron al cielo y son mis ángeles que a veces siento tan cerca y tan lejos. Ojalá mi sueño se cumpla y cuando toquen esa canción, yo voy a saber en mi corazón, que estará dedicada a mi. Y si no se puede, no importa voy a estar con 50.000 almas más disfrutando del mejor show del mundo, sólo como ustedes saben hacerlo. Les deseo una larga vida de inspiración juntos y agradezco a Dios haber coincidido en este mundo junto a ustedes. Un fuerte abrazo desde lo más profundo de mi corazon????
  8. From the album: ewe too

    Following on from 2016's launch U2 World T-Shirt Day #U2T0925 is back for 2017. Please feel free to join in the global U2 fun
  9. Hi everyone! I'm desperately in search of 1 GA for San Diego. I'm hoping to queue in advance and would happily help with line management if needed (I arrive from Vancouver late Wednesday evening). Please let me know! Thanks, Michelle
  10. I have two extra tickets to the NOLA show, tied to my credit card of course. If anyone needs them and wants to meet up before the show, [MOD EDIT: PLEASE DO NOT PERSONAL INFORMATION. USE THE PM SYSTEM. Thanks]
  11. hello from St. Louis - if anyone's planning to travel here for the show, it is on a Saturday night, let me know if I can be of any help with questions on where to stay, eat, visit, etc.. Good news is the Cardinals are not in town that weekend and, of course, no NFL football anymore.
  12. From the album: Amsterdam, July 29, 2017

    Amsterdam, July 29th, 2017

    © Gerard Kollaard

  13. I am looking for 2 ga tickets for the st Louis show. I have a 16 yr old that is a huge fan and by the time we went to get tickets all the ga was gone. However you can buy them in StubHub for almost twice the price? If anyone has any to sale at face value please let me know. Thanks!
  14. From the album: Me

    It was about time to BUST OUT my old (June 2005) Pop-Era Edge portrait !!! Happy Birthday to the ZEN Presbyterian, the Scientist, the Space-Walker.....This man is caught in a world of NON.....Reality..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY THE EDGE.....My favourite Guitarist in the world !!!!!!!! Edge is on fire on Earth's Orbit with a Slice of the Moon and a Glass of Water from Mars !!!!!

    © Cris

  15. pain_18_


    From the album: Me

    What can I say....

    © Cris

  16. From the album: The Secret Rhythm of Trees

    Fortunately, there weren't 269 takes (or mixes, can't remember the story accurately) needed until this was done ....

    © Cris

  17. From the album: The Secret Rhythm of Trees

    Now It dawned on me that the track fitting this drawing is " I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For ", of course there could be more songs but that's what popped out right now......

    © CRIS

  18. Plans for a U2 museum on the site of the band’s recording studio in Dublin’s docklands are at an advanced stage, with a planning application set to be lodged in the coming days. Despite the fact that – along with Guinness, St Patrick, Oscar Wilde and, possibly, Michael Flatley’s feet – U2 are Ireland’s most famous export, there are no public spaces celebrating the band’s achievements on the world stage. Even the walls of graffiti which once surrounded their old studio at Windmill Lane have been levelled to make way for towers of glass and steel. It is intended the four-storey museum will be dedicated to the band’s archive and will include artefacts covering its 40-year story. It will sit adjacent to the studio in an unimposing warehouse on Hanover Quay where some of U2’s most famous songs over the last 20 years have been recorded. Latest twist According to sources familiar with the process, designs for the museum, will be housed in a cantilevered building jutting out over the river Liffey, have already been drawn up. If the museum goes ahead, it will be just the latest twist in a game of pass the parcel which has been running for 15 years. In 2002, much to the annoyance of U2, the Dublin Docklands Development Authority (DDDA) bought the studio with the plan being to level it. By way of comfort, the band were to be given the top two floors of a nearby development which quickly became known as the U2 Tower. Planning permission was granted for the tower but the economic crash intervened and the proposals were quietly shelved. Innovative tourism offering Meanwhile, U2 continued to rent the Hanover Quay studio, which they had sold for millions of euros. In 2014, in a deal said to be worth €450,000, they bought it back. While the planning application has yet to be approved, An Bord Pleanála has previously gone on the record saying the studios “were part of the cultural heritage of the area and should be celebrated with new innovative tourism offering”. Neither the band nor any of its spokespersons could be reached for comment over the weekend. Source: The Irish Times https://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/u2-museum-plans-enter-an-advanced-stage-1.3178797?mode=amp
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