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  1. On behalf of the Urban Homestead, I'm reaching out to the band to see if they'd be interested in stopping by the Urban Homestead (barely 1 mile from the Rose Bowl) to be on their podcast. www.urbanhomestead.org/podcast
  2. I have 2 extra GA tickets to sell at face value. Sunday's show. $86 per ticket. Need to buy both tickets. You also have to be able to get to the Stadium early like 6am since my group wants to get as close to the stage as possible. I hear that they will issue numbers and you can get back in line at 4PM Message me if interested Tickets have been claimed 5/17/17
  3. Dear Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam - My name is Laurel Lane and I wanted to thank you for coming to my hometown, Houston, Texas, on our 20th anniversary, May 24th! My husband, Chuck Burris, and I are coming to see the show from Denver. We grew up together in Houston and have been together since we were 16 (we didn't get married until we were 23). We have spent 27 years sharing and loving your music and we have seen about 10 live shows - we were lucky enough to see 360 twice, once in Toronto and then again in Pittsburgh. For me, I discovered you in 1983, when I saw the US Festival broadcast on MTV - I was 9 years old and I was done - you instantly became my favorite band with New Year's Day becoming my most favorite song of all time. Not to mention that Bono's antics were enthralling - you all were enthralling and your music has been a pivotal part of my entire life since watching the festival that day in 1983. Sadly, when you came to town 4 years later, I was not able to see the 1987 Joshua Tree Tour as my parents thought I was too young for a concert. When I met my husband in high school, at some point early in our friendship, we discovered out mutual love of U2. And he was lucky enough to go to the 1987 show in Houston - a year before I knew him. We would have loved for you to come to Denver and perform at Red Rocks but when we found out that you would be in Houston, ON our actual anniversary, well, we thought it was kismet or something and of course we had to go. We cannot wait to see you again in Houston - thank you for the incredible body of work you have done over the life of your band - and for the inspirational body of work that is The Joshua Tree. I cannot wait to hear all of the songs but especially Running to Stand Still. Love from two quietly huge fans - Laurel Lane and Chuck Burris
  4. Hello all, I have 4 tickets next to each other for sale, PLATINUM amazing seats available in Section 5-L Row 43. $490 per ticket, sold at face value and I will cover the fees. SATURDAY show at the Rose Bowl. I will also have 1 VIP parking pass if interested. Paypal ok, have PDFs of ticket so easy for me to send to you via email. Don't miss out on this amazing concert! Also listed on StubHub but at higher price due to their fees. Please PM me ASAP if interested.
  5. 504jumper


    From the album: JT2017 Santa Clara & i+e 2015 San Jose

    Had to break out my 30-year-old copy of Rolling Stone to celebrate the B-Man's special day!
  6. Looking to TRADE my two (2) GENERAL ADMISSION tickets for two (2) lower bowl tickets near the stage. Long story short, I am a lifelong U2 fan and LOVE camping out for great GA experiences. However, I am traveling from FL and attending this show with my loving wife, who "likes" U2, but not quite at the "let's camp out" level. So, I wanted to see if anyone was willing to trade their lower level reserved seats for my GA tickets. Yes, I know these tickets are CC entry only. If we found the right match, I would be willing to meet you and walk you through the gate OR I would just give you my CC card and cancel it right away. That way, you could get into the show and no one else could make purchases It's just a thought. Let me know if you are interested and we can work out the details.
  7. From the album: "All I want is you"

    Amo meus anéis com o nome Bono Vox!
  8. Hi, my name is Yury Gromov, i'm an artist from Russia and also i'm a big U2 fan. I made a special Russian matryoshka doll to celebrate 30th anniversary of U2 The Joshua Tree album. This spring me and a few of my friends are going to U2 concerts in California (San Jose and Pasadena) where we will try to present this martyoshka to the band. If you have any ideas about how to do this or how to contact with the band crew we will be glad to hear it)) See you on the road and in line at the stadiums! Stages of painting, video http://youtu.be/HcaJdmDN_uo
  9. Check out my blog about The Joshua Tree 30 Years Later Enjoy!
  10. Anyone know how the line for GA will work I would love to get a part of railing and will be driving from Salt Lake City on Friday so excited it's less than a month away
  11. Ran across this on Facebook from a U2 fan page and wanted to confirm so checked out the company that posted the pic and it seems legit seems like it's gonna be a really Huge stage I think I can make out the cat walk type thing.
  12. So saw this in another forum and thought I'd ask it here. I'm a rookie when it comes to shows been a u2 forever but only have seen them live 3 times and in may will be my fourth. So here goes First time May 24 2011 SLC 360 tour 2-May 30 2015 LA ie 3-May 31 2015 LA ie And my fourth will be this may 20 at the rose bowl!
  13. From the album: The Secret Rhythm of Trees

    Fortunately, there weren't 269 takes (or mixes, can't remember the story accurately) needed until this was done ....

    © Cris

  14. Hey y'all my friend decided to come last second so looking for an extra GA for LA1 if anyone has one let me know please
  15. Looking for two tickets to Philly. I didn't buy when tickets went on sale because I was getting married that weekend. U2 being my favorite band, and 'TJT' my favorite album, I couldn't miss this. I ended up messing with dates (moved my wedding up a weekend . ) Now I just need 2 tickets for me and my future wife! Thanks!
  16. pain_18_


    From the album: Me

    What can I say....

    © Cris

  17. pain_18_

    The CD itself

    From the album: ACHTUNG BABY !!!!!

    © Cris

  18. From the album: ACHTUNG BABY !!!!!

    © Cris

  19. pain_18_

    THE FLY's Back

    From the album: ACHTUNG BABY !!!!!

    Can't Get Enough of The Fly !

    © Cris

  20. From the album: ACHTUNG BABY !!!!!

    I made a present to myself since my birthday's tomorrow....So HERE it is...It Just arrived....THE FLY.......!!! Notice how even the cracks on the cd case are an artistic masterpiece !!!!!!

    © Cris

  21. From the album: ACHTUNG BABY !!!!!

    Can never have enough of Achtung Baby !!!

    © Cris

  22. pain_18_


    From the album: ACHTUNG BABY !!!!!

    © CRIS

  23. After all is said and done with this tour could it have been a great plan By the band all along to release the new Songs of Experience following the tour. In the Remastered Deluxe Joshua tree they have Beautifull Ghost/Introduction To Songs of Experience. I was thinking that it. Would be cool if every show ended with them doing Beautiful Ghost or playing over the loud speakers as people leave it would be clever of them. Thoughts?
  24. From the album: ewe too

    ..."When we took the photographs, we thought it was a very powerful visual graphic image. We then drove off, and I don't know if we'll ever find that Joshua tree again. I don't know if anyone will ever find that Joshua tree again -- I hope that if people do find the Joshua tree they won't cut it down and take it home and stick it to the wall --- or bring it to a gig!! ('Hey Baaano! I got yer tree!')" Bono 01/01/87 U2 World Service Propaganda magazine. In 1987 when I first opened up ‘The Joshua Tree’ album, I was spell bound by Anton Corbijn's photos of the desert and particularly the tree and decided to visit there one day. Twelve years later I made it. To see in the 21st Century we went on a musical journey of some of America’s heartland visiting some vintage U2 destinations immortalised during the eighties classic album ‘The Joshua Tree’. ‘The Joshua Tree’ was released in March 1987 and the LP had two working titles: 'Desert Songs' and 'The Two Americas', however, U2 decided on the title ‘The Joshua Tree’ on introduction to the gnarled cactus by Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn. This funky cactus got its name from the early settlers who thought it looked like the prophet Joshua pointing to the Promised Land. During our road trip we passed through Death Valley Junction where the imagery used on the U2 import singles 'In God’s Country' 'One Tree Hill' sleeve photograph of a crouching Bono was taken. The band picture on the rear sleeve of 'With or Without You' was also taken here, I believe the cover shot from 'With or Without You’, judging by the desert ground, looked like it was photographed near the famous tree. From there we visited Zabriskie Point, Death Valley, where ‘The Joshua Tree’ album cover was shot in 1986. You can reach the exact spot of the album cover, just over the wall of the viewing site. But take plenty of water with you or you'll end up seeing Jim Morrison and Bono walking over the dunes and end up as vulture snacks. The Joshua Tree National Park (where U2's Joshua tree isn't) was well worth a visit, nice friendly coyotes there. Also the park stocks some nice souvenirs including patches, posters, postcards and the BBC television documentary 'Desert Song' which features U2's ‘The Joshua Tree’ music as it's soundtrack . I opted for a packet of seeds which grew okay; I have a small Joshua tree growing in my UK garden! 'The Harmony Motel' from Anton Corbijn's U2 desert silent movie, ‘The Joshua Tree’ tour program and various other publicity photos is at 29 Palms. U2 stayed here, in Room 4, during 1986 whilst on the album shoot. We thought we found THE tree in 29 Palms Marine Corps Training Ground -- wrong! Bodie Ghost town was something else here the covers to singles 'Where the Streets have no Name' featuring Adam Clayton and 'I still haven't found what I'm looking for' featuring Larry Mullen Jnr were photographed by Anton Corbijn, don't remove anything though otherwise you'll face the dreaded curse of Bodie! Next stop was 7th and Main Street in downtown LA which is worth a visit, though use caution, to see the site of the video shoot to 'Where the Streets have no Name', also around the block is the Hotel Rosslyn or The Million Dollar Hotel from the book by Bono and Wim Wenders movie of the same name - this hotel particularly the signage also featured in more photos from the same period (inc. rear sleeve of 'Streets') and later on in the 1988 The Rattle and Hum period 'Desire' promo video. The original TV documentary 'Outside it's America' from ‘The Joshua Tree’ (available in remastered 20th Anniversary edition) features a clip of the band on the roof of the hotel – probably during the photo shoot as featured on the reverse of to 'Where the Streets have no Name' single. We found U2's Joshua Tree on the big road from Lone Pine to Death Valley -- I190 I think it was called. It was quite easy to find once we knew what the mountain range is, also the fact that it wasn't a lone tree (Larry was obscuring a smaller tree with his head), the album cover looked like it was shot early morning and the inner sleeve probably mid-day so these locations were within driving distance of each other, Joshua trees are indigenous to Southern California, etc). The Anton Corbijn's photos around U2's Joshua tree were taken during a brief visit there during December 1986. When we visited the tree it was in pretty good shape, but today the tree is dead and gone... oh well at least it didn't spend the rest of its days in the parking lot of the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas (Check out Freemont Street in Vegas site of the 'I still haven't found what I'm looking for' video though covered today with a canopy). Anton Corbijn wouldn't tell us where the tree was as he said U2 didn't want the tree becoming a shrine, now the place is strewn with trash including a tacky bronze/concrete plaque. A few parts of the tree remain on the desert floor the rest has been removed by souvenir hunters and will no doubt end up on eBay in due course. U2 always said 'Achtung Baby' was the sound of the band chopping down ‘The Joshua Tree’ - they got their wish - through mother nature it would appear. When we visited this and other places of natural beauty all we took away with us were photos and all we left behind were footprints, it's a pity that others didn't... WARNING: be sensible and follow safety and other reasonable advice. essay and photo ©copyright joshthetree 1999

    © me, joshthetree

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