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  1. And now we are back to the US, directly to the Windy City... Chicago!!! let's see what nice surprises are waiting for us...
  2. Hi, I have a Red Zone ticket available for each of Chicago's Sunday (28th) and Monday (29th) shows. I unfortunately can't stay for the show now because I was too aggressive when I bought the tickets with a baby on the way (who arrived a tad early - will have a talk with the kid about timing in a few years...). I will come down to get someone into the show though. Please PM me if you're looking for one either night. Thanks!
  3. Which night ? Where are you sitting ? I currently have GA tix for June 25th show. I'm hoping to get a ticket to the June 24th show too - on monday when they go on sale to the public. or maybe trade a ticket with someone who got GA tix for the 24th... Have fun!!!
  4. I'm still showing up at the venue, but after waiting all day yesterday and working today I'm exhausted and so if anyone is interested in my red zone ticket for tonight (Edge's side), let me know before check in at 5:30pm central time and I'll meet you at the venue. [MOD EDIT: Please no phone numbers/emails. Use the PM function. thanks]
  5. I originally bought two VIP tickets, and then bought two more VIP tickets in a separate area. The couple that was going with us cannot go anymore so I am looking to sell their two tickets. They are First Row (Row 1) in Section 101, center of stadium, between the I and the E. These tickets are non-transferable so the two individuals will meet us at stadium and can go in with us, but will have two separate seats apart from us. Payment can be made at the time of the exchange. They are VIP Party Packages and I am selling them at Face Value, which is $600 per ticket.
  6. I just can't get enough of Bono and the boys! I would like to buy 1 GA ticket for Sunday, June 28th and 2 GA tickets for Thursday July 2nd. Can someone please help me with my addiction to U2? I would be forever grateful and a very happy girl! THANK YOU!
  7. As said in the title, I have 1 GA ticket available for Wednesday, 24 June. Happy to sell at Face Value ($83.47 + PayPal Fee) through the "Free Transfer" option on ticketmaster.com . Payment via PayPal. UPDATE: Now that the post has been approved by the moderator, the "Free Transfer" Option is no longer available. :-( Wishing everyone a great show!
  8. Section 311, Row 7, Seats 9 - 11 Face Value Can send to you via email or meet you at night 1 Not purchased via presale, so no CC entry issue (or trade for 3 similar for night #2)
  9. I have an extra GA floor ticket for the second Chicago show on 6/25... I'd love to trade my extra for a ticket to the first Chicago show on 6/24. I prefer GA, but I'm open to suggestions. These are credit card entry tickets, so we would have to line up and enter together.
  10. josh9799

    June 25th GA

    I am looking for 4 GA tickets to night two in Chicago (June 25th). Does anyone have one or two that need to be sold? Thanks!
  11. Are you lucky enough to have 1 xtra GA ticket to sell or trade for Sunday, Jun 28 at United Center? Hit me up and name your price. I'd love to trade 1 xtra I have for Wednesday, or pay cash as we both go in together Sunday. Whatever works. I've been lucky enough to see U2 stretching from Seattle, to Chicago to Dublin. I even saw "Killing Bono" just to see how mean it was to Paul Hewson. (It wasn't at all. In fact, it was almost hagiography.) 1 GA TICKET I'M SEEKING - BUY or TRADE: Sun, June 28, 2015 @ 07:30 PM United Center | Chicago , IL I HAVE 1 EXTRA GA THROUGH MY U2.com MEMBERSHIP
  12. I'm looking for 1 GA for Chicago 6/24 and/or 6/25. Will buy 2 if you are looking to sell a set. Thanks!!
  13. And of course, the scalpers are holding at least 30 Chicago Red Zone tickets hostage for $795-895 a pop. I hope they lose all of their money. Jerks.
  14. I have 2 RZ1 (Adam's side of stage) that I can no longer use. They are for the Chicago show on June 24th. I snagged them in the pre-sale for a total of $706.50 for both. I'm not looking to make any money on these tickets. I just want to get them into the hands of a true fan, like me. I did RedZone three times for 360 tour...Twice in Chicago and once in Nashville at the Vandy stadium. It is an unbelievably awesome U2 concert experience. You wait a bit in line with your tickets the day of the show, if you want to be right up front right against the stage. But you're not waiting as long a
  15. So I have a room... I have a flight... I have a ticket for 28th... need a GA for the 29th anyone?
  16. Have to sell my June 24th Chicago tickets. Good seats- Section 109, Row 13 - Face is $275/each. Will sell for $220/each. Please contact me if interested. John
  17. Hi everyone!!! I just now noticed that we will be landing in Chicago to see the Grateful Dead (July 3rd-5th) on U2 U2's last day in Chicago!!!! Does anyone have 2 tickets for this show that they would not mind selling to me? or does anyone know a good place to get tickets??? Thanks Kevin PS I have seen U2 13 times going on my 14th and 15th in May at the LA Forum! I am a TRUE FAN who also has U2 tattooed on my arm
  18. Hi, I would like to baptize my fiance into the U2 waters (her first U2 concert!) by enjoying it from the general admission area. I saw them GA in Chicago in '09 and it was epic. If you do not have any GA, maybe you have two tickets in another area. So let me know and hopefully we can enjoy another amazing experience. (P.S. I may be able to throw in a free parking spot within walking distance.) And if my research is correct, GA tickets might require the orginal credit card to enter, so we would be more than happy to chill in the GA line before the concert and enter with you. July 2 2015
  19. Anyone looking for reasonable room sharing. I have a reservation at Red Roof Inn Downtown Magnificent Mile for 6/27 through 7/3 to split. 2 double-bed room for 6 nights, or a portion of the dates, for $104.98 per night. So, split that by however many bodies and you have the cost per person.
  20. I am looking for General Admission (floor) tickets for June 24, 25, 29 or July 2. I already have a pair for June 28th. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  21. I already bought my GA ticket, but just recently a friend of mine decided to come with me. All of the GA tickets are sold out on ticketmaster, and I don't see any to buy on Stubhub. If anyone has an extra ticket I will take it off your hands, thank you so much!!!
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