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  1. My first ever gig was U2 in Croke Park 1987. I remember it like it was yesterday. It sealed my love affair with U2 forever! I'd love to be back there again on Saturday with my friend who has a Pitch 2 ticket and who was also there with me on that day 30 years ago!! Thanks for thinking of me if you have a spare Pitch 2 ticket!!
  2. Have two excellent seated tickets - Cusack stand section 303 row O which I would like to swap for 2 pitch 2 tickets. These are Platinum tickets which have a great view of both stages. Let me know if interested and we can arrange a swap.
  3. Hi, Looking to trade 2 Pitch 1 tickets for a Pitch 2 ticket. 4 of us are in the Pitch 2 area and we now only need 1 of the 2 Pitch 1 tickets and are hoping that somebody needs an extra ticket enough they are happy to trade ?.
  4. Madfl3a


    From the album: Dublin 3 & 4 #U2ieTour

  5. Anyone interested in swapping London Day 2 (July 9th) 4 x GA Standing tickets for Dublin (July 22nd) 4 x anywhere tickets but in the €39.05 - €110.00 price range. Would obviously resolve the price difference so no-one is out of pocket. Post in this thread or PM. Many thanks.
  6. Looking for 2 GA tickets for Croke Park. Coming from Canada. Would possibly take seated tickets as well. Appreciate all responses. Thx in advance.
  7. Looking for 1 and coming from LA, thanks all!
  8. Anyone interested in swapping London Day 2 (July 9th) 4 x GA Standing tickets for Dublin (July 22nd) 4 x anywhere tickets but in the €39.05 - €110.00 price range. Would obviously resolve the price difference so no-one is out of pocket. Post in this thread or PM. Many thanks.
  9. Hi all This will be my first time in Dublin and I am wondering about the time to arrive etc and where to wait in line? I have heard it said that there is to be no queuing beforehand but I know people will? So any advice on when and where to wait for the standing queue so as to have a chance of getting very close?? THANKS!
  10. Hi all Looking for 2 tickets for Dublin. Pitch 2 or lower tier either side of the stages - as close as possible . Please PM me if you can help! Thanks
  11. Hi guys, I have 2 GA pitch 1 collector tickets for Dublin concert and I'd like to switch to 2 London tickets, preferable in good seats on Saturday. Anyone interested? Cheers, Mariana
  12. Exactly a week ago I was browsing YouTube and found this great TV-Documentary from 1987. It was filmed at and around the time U2 came back to Croke Park to play 2 nights during the Joshua Tree Tour. It's amazing stuff, as everything seems to be totally different now. Edge's ponytail, Bono's childish face, Croke Park was twice as small and looked hundred years older, the Troubles in Northern Ireland were still a big issue, Dublin looked like shit. U2 fans on the pitch were crushing each other, crowd control was invented years later, right after Hillsborough. The band played the songs with a lot more pace, the BPM was at least 20 higher, U2 played stadiums without the usage of videoscreens. It looks like the crowd was at least 20 years younger (and wilder) then. No single person had a camera, was hooked up to cyberspace or were talking to each other. They all went mad! It got me thinking what I did and where I was back then and I realized I am - and we are - getting old :-) Lots of things have changed, and now it's coming back. I'm really curious to see what tricks the band will have to make us relive that 1987 feeling. Will Edge and Bono have huge hair-implants? Will they play their songs in 1980's BPM? Will the Dalton Brothers come back? Will U2 have the guts to tell the audience that smartphones are strictly forbidden? Can they shut down the internet on show night? Are they going to refuse to use videoscreens? Or will they change the only thing that's still the same? Larry Mullen junior... Hope you guys were successful with the ticket quest, at least that was a lot easier this time. In case you're interested, take a break and watch U2 - World in Action 1987. You'll love it!
  13. Woohoo!! Got my REDZONE tickets for TJT30 @ Croke Park this summer!! Who's all going?
  14. Have an unused access code that can be used in the upcoming presales this week for the second dates in London, Rome, Paris & Amsterdam. Anyone with 4 spares / 4 tickets they are unhappy with for the Dublin gig want to exchange for tickets for any of these second dates? All Croke park tickets considered (but preferably 4 seated together). Would obviously resolve the price difference so no-one is out of pocket. PM me if interested.
  15. I have been ready to take advantage of wires presale since early. ticketmaster.ie did not update till 9:05 and now no pitch tickets are available. I went on the UK ticketmaster site too as the Irish was just a hold page and that was available for ticket purchases at 9 am. But my account is with ticketmaster.ie so I was waiting till they went on sale there. Irish fans always seem to get the short straw it would seem.
  16. Part 2. Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own Over the last weekend in September 2016 fans had gotten ourselves together and organised stuff to celebrate 40 years of this band. In Dublin, In Cleveland, in other places too. With the instant, always-on advantage of social media it can almost feel like we are in more than one place at a time. Sometimes that’s a good thing, the sense of connectivity and online community is very real. Sometimes it means you forget to be in the now and can lose out on fully appreciating the one-to-one things right next to you.. its a balancing act. Dublin, to U2 fans will always be the Mecca, the (un)holy centre.. visits to shrines, walking in past footsteps, a magical place. Some of that is of course just fantasy, imagined stuff that listening to the band’s music over 40 years has evoked - but made real... real people and places that were introduced to us through the songs, each having a unique meaning to the listener should we so desire.. Walking through the city streets I find myself as if in a U2 video… the single-take version to Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own to be more precise.. turning those corners around Sherif Street (also the scene of this short set from the Community Centre rooftop back in 1982) It’s far from glamorous. It’s nearly midnight and I can hear loud Bingo calling drifting out of the Youth Club, while just around the corner the financial centre & posher, newer bits of the city slumber.. I spend the night parked up in Dorty Oileen (her name has took on a Gaelic lilt since arrival) in a city centre car park.. the first of those postponed meetings from yesterday has been rearranged for early today. It would not be a good idea to miss it again.. A package is to be collected… and delivered. A visit to the hub within the hub… If Dubs is the hub, U2 main office has got to be hub central.. Its not a place to take photos, I liken it to the Sisteen Chapel of U2 land. Covered in amazing artwork and desks and telephones. One of the team makes me a cuppa & who listens to me rave on for a good half hour about how special all this is, especially to be here. I try to be cool, and not fangirl it. I think I succeed to a degree. Impossible to stop smiling and imagine Paul McGuiness on that telephone over there finalising some big tour or other. Or booking lunch.. The heaven is in the ordinary I am told. This is not ordinary. If heaven has an office… I tear myself away.. package carefully tucked under one arm. Hmmm.. lunch you say… It’s true.. sometimes you can’t make it on your own & I arrange to meet Aaron Govern, @atu2 staffer who is heading up all the arrangements for their Dublin fan stuff, and let him know I have a little package for him.. We know each other from our online bits & bobs of course, but its always great to put a real face and body to our online entities. We meet up in (in Bono’s cousins cafe I think) and a long chinwag ensues. If you get the chance to talk U2 with this man, do. Your knowledge and intimacy will deepen. He has some tales that’s for sure… he would make a great choice for a U2 Playlist. I get to meet Aaron's family too, Amanda, Thomas & James who have only gone and designed some badges to also give away to all the fans this weekend.. He show’s me his. I show him mine. Badges. Call it serendipity, call it something else (little U2-related miracles to The idea for badges has been invoked completely independently.. the badges Aaron & his son have made are an exact replica of one of the earliest U2 logo designs (by Larry we think - more on these badges in final part of this tale - which is coming soon!) and the package I have to give to him to give out to U2 fans this weekend contains badges sent over from U2.com - designed by Shaughn McGrath over at Amp Visual - who have been at the heart of much U2 related artwork over the years. A meeting of minds. Of spirit. Pilgrims on our way… (Part 3 finale very soon! Have also started to upload some images from the weekend over in the zoo galleries, check em out!)
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