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Found 103 results

  1. Hey U2 'ers Travelling with my best bud from Canada, we are hoping to get tickets, would love GAs for the 27th and 28th show, but hey, would love to be in the building. We arrive in the moring of the 27th and can meet anywhere and would be happy to buy many Guinness beers for anyone that can help us!! Thanks everyone! John
  2. Hi, I've been a U2 fan for years and a member of U2.com since the begining (and a member of U2 World Service/Propaganda before that), but even so I was unsucessful at getting tickets, even using my presale code. I did wait as I'd read that they were going to play in Ireland and I had a feeling it would be around my birthday. Sure enough they announced a date in Dublin on the 28th November - my actual birthday. I was so excited but I wasn't able to get tickets despite trying for hours, and then having friends and family try for me on the Monday too. I'm gutted. My favourite band, in my favourite country, on my birthday. Denied! ...at least so far. I'm not going to give up hope until the Irish guy in the cool shades sings!! Can anyone help me? I can't afford the crazy prices that the ticket touts are selling them for. I am also happy to go to either the Glasgow or Belfast shows. Kind regards, Gems x
  3. I need one, or preferably two tickets for Dublin 27th. Have two GA tickets for London 2nd if anyone is interested in a swap.
  4. So with this a real possibility I wonder what will happen to people waiting for postal delivery of their tickets, i have heard elsewhere that some have received theirs in the post. I wonder what would happen if TM sent out the tickets and they are stuck in limbo waiting to be sorted / collected and that didn't happen. where would that leave the fan? no tickets and TM saying sorry we posted.
  5. Hi everyone, is anyone organising any fan parties/catch up in either Dublin or Belfast? Anyone else doing the long trip from Melbourne?
  6. Just putting it out there, if anyone does have a spare or 2 for any night in Ireland, Gimme 1st dabs please any night.
  7. I booked tickets through presale on Thursday morning. I had the presale code which I hadn't used for any other presale! Got my confirmation email from Ticketmaster when I booked. Checked my online banking and could see the debit amount to be taken by Ticketmaster so the account balance was showing that amount was pending debit for the account. Checked my online bank last night and it seems the amount has gone back into my account. No sign of any transaction either debit or credit. Rang the bank just there and they confirm that no money has been taken- and suggest I check with Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster not open on Sunday so can't check so a bit concerned. Been googling and see it can happen but with the disaster and conflicting info from Ticketmaster over U2 shows- I have a bad feeling! I have my confirmation email from ticketmaster and the tickets still show in my Ticketmaster account so hope the tickets are still there for me. Anyone in the same boat? Cheers!
  8. Hi all, I'm looking for any Dublin 4 ticket. Unfortunately have no spare ticket to trade, but I do have a very large collection of U2 vinyl, memorabilia etc. etc. I'm willing to trade from.
  9. I would take any 2 tickets together or a single GA For Dublin 1 or 2 (23/24th). Thank You!
  10. How the hell is this possible? 30 minutes into the pre sale, are they speculative tickets ? are they genuine? definitely sounds iffy to me, what's the point of a pre sale? angry & confused considering a lot of people on here are having trouble using their codes. and don't get me started on the prices. http://www.seatwave.ie/u2-tickets/3arena-dublin-tickets/28-november-2015/perf/1009253
  11. Lets start a thread for any contests out there (Europe and/or internationally) to see U2 in Ireland. Please post details and a link below!
  12. I am an Irish subscriber got no email and by chance just logged in to see if any update. I see other have been able to purchase tickets but my code is doing nothing when I enter. Did other Irish subscribers not get the email and how can I buy tickets? If anyone could help it would be appreciated? I am still annoyed I didn't get the email but thankfully got tickets. Use google chrome if using ticketmaster.ie
  13. So the agony of no Dublin dates has been replaced by the joy of the confirmation of dates only to be replaced by the agony of no pre sale codes being available then being replaced by joy with the newly reinstated codes now being replaced with the agony of sitting in an automated Ticket master Queue hopefully to be replaced with joy upon success of obtaining a ticket. Oh the joys and agonies of following U2, now someone wake me early in the morning, Thanks.
  14. From the album: U2 & Me.......

    I spent a few days taking various pix around Dublin and decided to ''make up'' my own Achtung Baby-esqe cover. I took quite a lot and in the end used the 16 you see - The photos are 1 - Grand Canal Dock famous sign 2 - An Xmas Tree in City Cntr I took from ground up ;-) 3 - A Dublin train (DART) kinda reminded me of the image on AB 4 - A flower stall on Grafton St 5 - The wall at the old Windmill Lane Studios 6 - Richmond St old record shop (where I grew up, loved this shop when I was a kid - bought my first U2 tape here) 7 - My Achtung Baby Trabant shot on Sandymount strand with poolbeg towers in background 8 - Bono at U2/HQ - after meeting/chatting Bono turned and faced a drawing on the studion door someone had done 9 - Naked Peter Griffin as opposed to naked Adam 10 - Just a WARNING (Achtung) sign along Dublin canal 11 - A photo I took backstage at depeche mode (Martin Gore's Guitar collection) 12 - Cow (just sort of like on AB) this is at Jervis St Dublin 13 - My boy playing on Sandymount Strand 14 - Fruit Stall on Moore St Dublin (like on AB where Larry is pictured in front of) 15 - My Trabant again 16 - A spinning light toy (just thought it was cool)

    © Gary Paul

  15. mich40

    Ha'penny Bridge

    From the album: Ireland

    Songs of Innocence inspiring me to get out my photos of Dublin. The Ha'penny Bridge on a cold, damp day.
  16. From the album: random

    August 2008. Work in progress: From The Point to O2 Arena
  17. From the album: U2 & Me.......

    getting my books (3) signed

    © gary Paul

  18. From the album: Windmill Lane

    U2 graffiti at Windmill Lane, Dublin, July 1995. Photograph by Joe Beine.

    © 1995 Joe Beine

  19. gary-paul

    Me & Edge

    From the album: U2 & Me.......

    Meeting Edge at Dun Laoghaire Co Dublin

    © Gary Paul

  20. From the album: U2 & Me.......

    I can't actually remember what we were laughing about.....

    © Gary Paul

  21. muis

    HQ Dublin

    From the album: All pictures from Muis

    adams signature
  22. alonlo

    IMG 0680

    From the album: Dublin - Dec 2012

    October signed by 3 U2 members, Larry is missing
  23. alonlo

    IMG 0582

    From the album: Dublin - Dec 2012

    Bono drew me a Doodle on U22
  24. From the album: U2 & Me.......

    This was completely accidential, I was going to meet a friend and while passing The Merrion Bono came up from restaurant, luckily I had a U2 (Colm Henry) pic in my bag (always handy to have just in case) and a black card which Bono sketched on for me

    © Gary Paul

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