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  1. I have GA tix for tomorrow night at MSG. Does anyone know how early GA ticket holders should arrive?
  2. I've had nothing but fantastic experiences going to GA U2 shows in San Jose. Not so much at other venues as the venue does not organize the GA line so it's up to fans, which has pros and cons. The SAP center (FKA Compaq) center provides wristbands to each GA ticket holder in the morning, and then you can come and go at your leisure until around 5pm. They then check wristbands again. If you like this system, email the contact at each venue and provide them with the attached line up. It's from 2015, and they've used the same system since 2001 with the Elevation tour. Who w
  3. For the past two tours I was in the first group to purchase tickets. On my computer and refreshed exactly on time. Both tours got Red Zone tickets (Innocence and JT in at the MSG and Meadowlands respectively), today I got on for MSG for Experience and no Red Zone tickets were coming up. I had to change from "Best Available" to specifically hitting radar button for Red Zone seating. Had to change number of tickets from 2 to 1. 1 came up available and then switched back to 2 as quantity and got them. This was at 10:09am. Took 9 minutes so something was glitchy in the system. Also no GA
  4. As with the U2.com Presale for the first DC show, I was not given the option to buy any General Admission tickets for the second DC show (although I was able to buy GA for the 1st show during the public onsale, which was not fun since I had to sit through three different onsales - U2.com, Citibank, and Public to get the GA tickets). Instead, I was given the option to buy ticket locations that were readily available to the general public during the public onsale for the first show since the 1st show did not sell out in the first few hours of the public onsale. I thought that the point of payi
  5. I sent an email to customer support twice. Looking for an explanation why I couldn’t purchase GA tickets with an experience presale code. I received a form email from them. The responder was Maritza. She just copied and pasted a form email and sent it to me. It took days to get that after a form email telling me someone would respond in 12 hrs. My membership goes back to the Proaganda day’s. That’s how long I’ve been a supporter. I am beyond pissed and want my money back from U2 and Ticketmaster. The Joshua Tree Tour presale went perfect. Don’t understand why they had to muck things up. I’ve h
  6. I have been a member of the U2 Fan Club for years. I have been to over 20 U2 Concerts from the Unforgettable Fire tour though Joshua Tree 2017. For some reason I was placed in the Innocence Group and went online right at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time to get my tickets. There was never an option for General Admission Floor Tickets. I thought that the point of paying for the Fan Club was to make sure that real fans are in the General Admission section. What can be done about this?
  7. Looks like I will have 4 GAs for San Diego I won't be able to use. Message me if you're interested. - Peter
  8. Hello, I have two GAs for tomorrow's (Tuesday, Sept. 19th, 2017) Phoenix show. See everyone else at the show tomorrow! Alexia
  9. Hi, I have seen U2 several times in the past but never in an unassigned seat such as standing on the field General admission. Myself and two other people with me will be attending the buffalo ny show. I need some advice. What time should I arrive there in order to get a good to decent spot? (Not front row but within first 10-15 ish) Where is the best area to stand? Any advice on dealing with bathroom visits etc? Any other useful advice. So excited! But nervous.
  10. I had GA tickets for the 360 tour in Dallas and there was a (much shorter) fanclub line. Anyone know if this is the case in Chicago?
  11. Hey Everyone!! I'm in search of 2 GA tickets for Sunday, June 4th show in Chicago!! Please let me know if anyone has extras or can meet up... thanks!!
  12. $95 Im at the GA line. I'll post a "SOLD" follow-up here when it's gone.
  13. So, let's get this organized. Who is lining up early? Where are we going to do that? And most importantly, who is calling Levi's Stadium to get the deets. Are they going to give out wristbands, like the LOVELY SAP Center in San Jose, and then let us leave? This just seems very, VERY unjust and purposefully making it harder on all of the fans. We already had a system! A nice, polite, organized system! Ideas? Let us know!
  14. Looking to TRADE my two (2) GENERAL ADMISSION tickets for two (2) lower bowl tickets near the stage. Long story short, I am a lifelong U2 fan and LOVE camping out for great GA experiences. However, I am traveling from FL and attending this show with my loving wife, who "likes" U2, but not quite at the "let's camp out" level. So, I wanted to see if anyone was willing to trade their lower level reserved seats for my GA tickets. Yes, I know these tickets are CC entry only. If we found the right match, I would be willing to meet you and walk you through the gate OR I would just give yo
  15. Hi everyone! I am dying to see U2 from GA, I've never done it before, and there are some tickets left from where I usually buy them from. Red Zone is a little out of my price range. But I want to know how GA works at this stadium. I know you cannot park there until 5 hours before the event begins (according to MetLife's website), but to take a train would be nearly three hours vs. 1 hour by car for me (from NJ), and I'm not sure they would have trains going to MetLife early in the morning. I've heard that to get a good spot you need to show up early morning, no later than noon. So is there any
  16. There seem to be a lot of tickets available for the second show in Pasadena. If anyone hasn't used all their pre-sale 4 ticket purchases up. FYI. Including general admission.
  17. Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've been in the Zootopia forum. Last tour, I had posted an unoffical "Guide to the General Admission". I have updated it and will continue to update it as the iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE 2015 Tour unfolds. I have left the entire guide on my site where I will be making the updates. If you think there are other questions or topics that need addressing, leave a comment or feel free to message me. --- This U2 General Admission (GA) Guide has been updated and will be refined throughout the U2 iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour 2015. Ever since I began seeing U
  18. Has anyone heard yet how the Boston general admission line is going to be handled by the venue. Wil. They be doing what they have some before by handing wristbands out and telling you to come back before 5pm?
  19. Hi, I'm still trying to find 2 GA tickets for either the 26th or 27th show that won't break the bank for this fan on a budget. If you have two that you aren't going to be able to use, please let me know. Thanks!
  20. Looking for 1 or 2 General Admission tickets Amazing shows thus far in Boston Concert gods are owed a big thanks
  21. As said in the title, I have 1 GA ticket available for Wednesday, 24 June. Happy to sell at Face Value ($83.47 + PayPal Fee) through the "Free Transfer" option on ticketmaster.com . Payment via PayPal. UPDATE: Now that the post has been approved by the moderator, the "Free Transfer" Option is no longer available. :-( Wishing everyone a great show!
  22. I have an extra GA floor ticket for the second Chicago show on 6/25... I'd love to trade my extra for a ticket to the first Chicago show on 6/24. I prefer GA, but I'm open to suggestions. These are credit card entry tickets, so we would have to line up and enter together.
  23. Everything is in the title. I got 2 GA tickets for Paris on saturday 14/11 and I would like to swap with 2 GA for London on 30/10. PM for any offers! many thanks to all !!
  24. Hi, I would like to baptize my fiance into the U2 waters (her first U2 concert!) by enjoying it from the general admission area. I saw them GA in Chicago in '09 and it was epic. If you do not have any GA, maybe you have two tickets in another area. So let me know and hopefully we can enjoy another amazing experience. (P.S. I may be able to throw in a free parking spot within walking distance.) And if my research is correct, GA tickets might require the orginal credit card to enter, so we would be more than happy to chill in the GA line before the concert and enter with you. July 2 2015
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