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  1. See attached photo. Edge was rocking this awesome shirt during the early part of the show and I MUST HAVE IT. If anyone can identify the brand or point me in the direction of where I might search, I would be super grateful. Fashion folks, please help!
  2. Heard about the success some have had with box office drops, so a group of us showed up at MSG yesterday around 330pm. There were already ~30 people in line, and as we approached show time, it grew to perhaps 200+ (apparently the word is out about this method). $280 seats were available to anyone who was interested, but it seems the vast majority of people were not interested in those. Finally, at nearly 8pm, maybe 4 people got GAs. I waited until I saw on twitter that the band had already gone thru Miracle, GLoria, Vertigo, and I will follow (one of the best chunks of the show IMO). I wasn't
  3. Hoping someone out there has tickets available for a long-time fan. Thank you!
  4. Plans were meant to change this time apparently, so I have a spare GA ticket for the 7/27 show. Really hoping to trade it for a GA for 7/26 to let someone experience the magic. The ticket is via Ticketmaster, so I can transfer directly. PayPal preferred.
  5. I live in NYC and would love to attend tonight's show. If anyone has a spare GA, I will meet at the venue and pay cash. Also - if anyone has any advice re: last minute MSG box office tix, that would be great! Vijay
  6. Hello! I'm looking for 1 or 2 tickets for any of the NYC shows. Ideally I would like 2 GA tickets for either the 26,27,30 or 31 July show but ANYTHING (for any show, even if it's just one ticket, GA or seats etc) works really as long as it's face value! Please message me or answer here. You can send me the ticket(s) online and I can pay via Pay Pal or I can meet up in NYC. Thank you
  7. I've heard that many fans are successful in picking up GAs from the box office on the day of the show. Can anyone who has been able to pull this off (particularly at MSG) explain how it works? In what scenario would additional GAs be made available? What time would your recommend we try? How likely is it? I live in NYC and would love to attend any of the remaining MSG shows, but can't afford the 300+ seats... so GA @ face value is only option. Any suggestions?
  8. If anyone's curious, here's my thoughts on last night's show. (and a few pix) Am back for more tonight, in section 102, let's see what that's like! Cheers!
  9. I ll bought 2 Tickets for U2 in MSG, in Section 209 i need only one - normal price for one Ticket is 312,40 incl all fees. I ll offer it a bit cheaper - don t wanna make business with that Selling Price and a beer ist the deal 280 USD - send me a mail, at Tuesday i am in Manhatten. Mail me please ! greetings from zooo no europe (can t re-sell it from germany in the US Ticketmaster Shop...)
  10. Have two extras to NYC2 (Jul 19). Side/ rear: Section 110 Row 22 Seats 15-16 Asking face value (obviously)... all fees inclusive, I paid $236.70 for the pair. Let me know if there's any interest!
  11. For those of you still looking for tickets and are in NYC, BEWARE of the scalpers. A friend bought 2 GAs for tonight's show and they were counterfeit tickets. They were posted on Craigslist as 5 available for $150 each. The scalper's phone number is 718.289.4969. He will tell you his wife is going into labor so that can't go to the show (READ: I need my meth money). But now my friend is in need of 2 legitimate GAs for tonight. Can you help out one of the tribe? Let's get that miracle ticket to him. Thanks and beware of those scalpers! Joy
  12. I am more than willing to buy, but I can also trade for one of my other tickets (1 GA each for 7/26 and 7/27). I really want to grab a ticket to the 18th show to join my sister. We haven't been to a U2 show together since Elevation and I want to change that. Let me know and thanks!
  13. I know this is a long shot, but I would like to trade my 2 GA's for 7/27 @ MSG for the same for the final show at MSG on 7/31. Please PM me if interested. Thanks!
  14. I have two GA Tickets for Sunday July 26th show at MSG, something came up and I am looking to trade my GAs for GAs on a different day. Unfortunately also not available on the 18th or 19th (Sat/Sun) either. Tickets were purchased thru the fanclub pre-sale thru Ticketmaster. They are e-tickets that can be transfered thru the Ticketmaster website. When we trade, we can meet somewhere with wi-fi connection and you can see the transfer to your email / ticketmaster account. Once it is transfered, i no longer have access to it.
  15. Hey there, I am looking for 2 tickets for ANY NYC MSG show. Please message me and let me know if you have 2 tix to get rid of! (Even one ticket will do...) Thank you!
  16. I'll be in New York from the 23rd July and wondering if there is any planned meet up's before or after gigs ? if there's something happening where is it at, would be great to meet some fellow fans while in NYC See you there ;-)
  17. Hi guys, I have 3 seated tickets upper level for the MSG show on Wed July 22. I'm unable to attend the show due to family commitments, but am willing to buy/sell/swap for tickets to the July 27, 30, or 31 shows. GA preferably, but anything will work because honestly there's no bad seat at a U2 show! PM me if you're interested. Thanks! -Carlos
  18. Hi all, I can't make the 7/22 show due to family commitments. Section 302, row BS3, seats 11,12, 13. I'll sell them for what I paid for ($120.95/ea) or I'd be interested in swapping them for anything from the last 3 shows on July 27, 30, 31 (but GA would be a dream). Let me know if you're interested!
  19. I have two tickets for Thursday 7/23 in section 103, Row 9 (which is actually the 4th row of the section). I got knocked up (happily) after purchase and it'll be too close to my due date for us to travel to NYC for the show (sob, sob, tears). I paid $150 each after all the garbage TM fees so would like $300 for the pair. e-ticket transfer via TicketMaster after payment. I'm going to list them on the ticket sites in a couple of days where they will charge even more fees and tickets in this section start at $600 (crazy).
  20. I was planning on seeing the show with my husband on 7/30 but he's had a work obligation come up that won't let him travel with me from Dallas. Soooo, I don't want to do the regular GA line solo in a city I've never seen a show in. The whole stress of traveling plus the line stress is going to be too much. I am thinking going solo on Red Zone would be my best option. I don't want to buy from a broker unless I have to, so I thought I'd try here first. I'm willing to buy one from someone or trade my two GAs for 7/30 for 1 red zone ticket. I just can't believe they're not coming to Texas. I'v
  21. Time for an update, as the hunt continues. I have 1 GA for 7/26 and 1 GA for 7/27, hoping to obtain GAs for the 18th and 19th shows instead. Doing so will let me see U2 with my sister for the first time since Elevation. I am happy to buy/sell/swap as necessary. Basically I don't want to lose out on this moment for lack of imagination. I know some of you have messaged me to purchase these, and I haven't forgotten.
  22. So I'm still looking to buy/sell/swap my tickets (1 GA for 7/26, 1 GA for 7/27) for 1 GA for the 18th and 19th shows respectively. While many of you have offered to buy the tickets I have, I haven't seen any ticket drops or leads for the 18th or 19th. If anyone in the community here knows where else I could try my luck, could you please let me know? I admit I am out of my element here. I post here, on U2interference, and on atu2.com. Are there other fan communities I should be looking into? Many thanks! Amici, Matt
  23. Really hoping to see these shows with my older sister, who introduced me to the band when I was young. Not sure if this will work out, but it's worth a shot. I have 1 GA ticket for the 26th 1 GA ticket for the 27th Willing to buy/trade/sell these if I can get what I want...1 GA ticket to the 18th and 1 GA ticket to the 19th shows, to see them with my older sister who turned me on to U2 when I was a kid. Haven't seen a show with her since Elevation 2001 in Boston. Sorry it's 2 separate nights, but maybe we could just work with one of those nights if you like. Basically, I'm open to all ideas
  24. Long time fan looking forward to seeing the boys in MSG. I have 3 GA's for 7/22. We're going to by in NYC for vacation and my daughter's first U2 show. Rather than wait in the GA line, I'd like to see if someone has lower bowl or red zone tickets. I would provide the tickets plus the difference in cost between the tickets. Please PM me if you are interested in making this trade. Thanks!
  25. Hey Guys, Long time reader, first time poster.. hope this is ok.. My GF and I will be in NYC when the 22nd and 23rd July shows are on at MSG.. Desperately want to surprise my GF to her 1st U2 show.. Missed the boat on getting tickets originally as didnt know our dates for being in the USA. Anybody have two spare tickets to either show they can sell? Or point me in the right direction of not getting fleeced by scalpers! Thanks Josh
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