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  1. Credit Card entry method kind sucks if you can't fully commit to going to the concert of your choice. it's basically use it, or lose it. Has anyone ever used a VISA / MasterCard gift card to purchase tickets? Seems like a logical work around in order to sell a "ticket" that can't be used. That way, if you can't use the ticket yourself, you could just send the gift card used to buy the ticket to the person buying the ticket.
  2. Hi all, Thankfully I was able to buy my four presale tickets for Kansas City. The original email announcing the new dates says: "There will be a 4 ticket limit for subscriber purchases and a 6 ticket limit commencing with public sales.". And yet all the FAQ makes it sound like it's four tickets MAX per person. My question is -- if I bought 4 pre-sale tickets, can I buy 2 more during the general public sale on Monday? And then all six of us enter together on one credit card?
  3. Just wanted to post - having experienced the chicago chaos the first go around, indy actually worked, totally painless (wires presale) and got GA easily and within 5 minutes thanks for fixing the issues / glitch!
  4. Hi all, Thankfully I was able to buy my four presale tickets for Kansas City. The original email announcing the new dates says: "There will be a 4 ticket limit for subscriber purchases and a 6 ticket limit commencing with public sales.". And yet all the FAQ makes it sound like it's four tickets MAX per person. My question is -- if I bought 4 presale tickets, can I buy 2 more during the general public sale on Monday? And then all six of us enter together on one credit card?
  5. Can someone help me? I´m new in this page, i subscribe just for the presale, so now i´m in Wires Group and my presale starts today since 10:00 am but i dont know why i cannot see available this option or where i can find my presale code? I´m in México City
  6. Do VIP packages count against the usual ticket limit for presales? Can you still buy one if already bought your 4 max tickets, and your code unlocks it? Can't find any info on this anywhere.
  7. Is there any information from Ford Field about non-U2 fan club pre-sale codes?
  8. I had GA tickets for the 360 tour in Dallas and there was a (much shorter) fanclub line. Anyone know if this is the case in Chicago?
  9. If you look on U2.com it says: "Week 2 Recently announced 2nd shows: Los Angeles (May 21st), Chicago (June 4th), East Rutherford (June 29th), London (July 9), Rome (July 16), Paris (July 26) and Amsterdam (July 30). Wednesday, 18 Jan., 9am - Presales open for 'Red Hill Group' (longtime subscribers) Thursday, 19 Jan., 9am - Presales open for 'Wires Group' (new subscribers) Friday, 20 Jan., 5pm - Presales end Monday, 23 Jan. - Public on sale London (July 9), Rome (July 16), Paris (July 26), Amsterdam (July 30) So long time gets priority, then the rest, just like the first round... Ok. But if you look at Ticketmaster it says: "Onsale to General Public Start: Mon, 01/23/17 10:00 AM EST U2.com Red Hill Group Presale Start: Wed, 01/18/17 09:00 AM EST End: Fri, 01/20/17 05:00 PM EST U2.com Wires Group Presale Start: Wed, 01/18/17 09:00 AM EST End: Fri, 01/20/17 05:00 PM EST Fan Club Bundle Start: Wed, 01/18/17 09:00 AM EST End: Fri, 01/20/17 05:00 PM EST" So if the TM posting is correct, they all go at the same time and there is no advantage to being a long time member (anyone else here remember Propaganda?) Which is correct?
  10. Anyone know what the deadline is for fanclub membership to access the presales that start Wednesday? Thanks!
  11. I had my MacBook and my iPad (both using Safari) on my lap. I refreshed the page 3 seconds prior to 09:00 on both devices. The MacBook loaded first and I locked on to two GA tickets for London. By the time the page loaded on the iPad, they were unavailable. Milliseconds, people... Anyway, I'm very excited. It will be my 4th U2 tour and my first visit to UK. I'm American (no, not one of those Americans - I didn't vote for the guy) Any awesome meet ups or anything I should be aware of?
  12. I just tried to message the staff and I'm not sure I was successful. I have no presale code in my inbox (had a subscription since I & E). What should I do?
  13. Does anyone know what time zone the 9am presale start time is? Thanks!
  14. summagal


    When will we know if suites are for sale & for how much? Recently I bought tickets for another band during presale, and 2 weeks later, I was notified they were selling suites, which wouldn't have been much more than our tickets. UGH.
  15. Where can I find which companies will be selling the European tickets? For Belgium and the Netherlands it looks like it's ticketmaster. But for France it looks like the sale will go through the Stade de France itself, is this correct?
  16. Hi, I've been a U2 fan for years and a member of U2.com since the begining (and a member of U2 World Service/Propaganda before that), but even so I was unsucessful at getting tickets, even using my presale code. I did wait as I'd read that they were going to play in Ireland and I had a feeling it would be around my birthday. Sure enough they announced a date in Dublin on the 28th November - my actual birthday. I was so excited but I wasn't able to get tickets despite trying for hours, and then having friends and family try for me on the Monday too. I'm gutted. My favourite band, in my favourite country, on my birthday. Denied! ...at least so far. I'm not going to give up hope until the Irish guy in the cool shades sings!! Can anyone help me? I can't afford the crazy prices that the ticket touts are selling them for. I am also happy to go to either the Glasgow or Belfast shows. Kind regards, Gems x
  17. As a member of U2.com for many, many years (at least 10) - I let my PAID membership lapse this year and am now in the Innocence group - WTF guys? Does loyalty count for nothing?
  18. Hi, I totally got confused with dates/times so I browsed Ticketmaster and the presale was happening already. So I got in panic, and since there was the option to buy tickets and to pay for the U2 subscription at the same time, I thought that was the best thing to do before the tickets (GA ticket) got pulled by someone else. So I bought just ONE GA ticket for Los Angeles #1 hoping to use "my new subscription/code" to buy ONE more ticket for one of the Phoenix shows. But after buying the ticket for LA, I received the confirmation of the purchase but nothing about my U2 subscription or "my code". So as of now, I'm unable to pull the other ticket for the Phoenix show because I'm literally unsubscribed/non-paid member. Is there anything I can do? I didn't know that I was not going to receive the U2 subscription code nor that it was a "one time" presale purchase... I should have bought two tix for LA instead Thanks.
  19. Nice to see over the weekend lots of Pre-Sale tickets on eBay for the Red Zone at many thousands of dollars or pounds Looks like this tour will be true money spinner, even if not for U2's chosen good cause!
  20. OK, so went right on at 10:00 sharp for the presale. I only want GA tix and that's what I put in the search. What I want to know is, why did the prices come up as being over $300 or so??? The regular sale had the actual face value of $86. Anybody have any idea what happened?? I'm trying again and I know it's not supposed to be such a high price for GA!
  21. To Whomever Managed the Presale, I've loved this band for years. My first chance to see them was twice on the U2360 tour. What a show! Even though I had to wait 2 years, it was worth it! I recently purchased the subscription, mostly because it was being sold as a way for people to gain access to early tickets. Yeah, the other offerings are nice, and I'm sure I'll enjoy the vinyl, but really it was about having the peace of mind to access tickets early and make sure I didn't get sold out. The first time I tried to access the site (iNNOCENCE group) was Friday evening after work. I'm looking for tickets in Vancouver. Unfortunately I received a message that there were no tickets available for that show. Weird, I thought. I browsed through the U2.com forums and found a lot of people having similar experiences but then more tickets would pop up some time later. So, I waited. On Saturday morning I logged back in, and was able to access the tickets page for either show. So, I chose which seats I wanted and punched in my code. And nothing happened. The site continued to say 'searching for tickets' for over two hours. I tried to work with the site on multiple platforms and continued to have the same issue. Eventually, time expired on the presale and nothing had changed. I then called TicketMaster customer service to see if they could help me. They informed me that since the presale had closed there was nothing they could do and that TicketMaster itself was NOT to blame for the issues I had experienced, rather the "fan club" was the problem. Now, I'm pretty sure that Ticketmaster was trying to give me the run around, though the one representative I spoke with seemed mildly helpful. However, I am VERY DISAPPOINTED in those that managed the presale on behalf of the band. First, I feel that the presale should be a way for U2's fans to have a pleasurable experience buying tickets, knowing that they will not have all the tickets swept out from under them in a moments' notice. The presale should be over a period of a few days (it was) so that at any moment a subscriber can log on and purchase tickets at their leisure. Sure, if someone desperately wants front row seats, they may want to enter at the very beginning. For me, though, I would have been satisfied with just about ANY tickets I could get my hands on, just to have the satisfaction that I was FOR SURE going. I also wanted to attend both nights in Vancouver with a friend of mine. None of the aforementioned aspects of purchasing tickets should be an issue. The experience was not a pleasant one though. As you can see going through all of the forums a lot of people had problems with the site and accessing tickets. Some of it, I'm sure, was ticketmaster's fault. But I also believe that tickets were being released in stages (by those organizing the presale) so as to avoid re-sellers. Well mission UNaccomplished. Not only was I and so many others unable to access tickets multiple times, I ended up with no tickets at all and now the hope that the Ticketmaster site works well enough when the tickets go on sale to the public that I will still be able to get some. Given the experience that many had purchasing their pre-sale tickets, I'm doubtful that the general sale will go much better. So I'm asking, 1. Why the hassle in purchasing tickets??? Some people said that it was to avoid re-sellers. Well, if that was the case it didn't work. A quick look at StubHub (only StubHub, not any other sites) reveals that there are hundreds of tickets available for every American show on the tour (Boston has 999 tickets available for one show...that's a lot of subscriptions gone wrong). There has to be a better way to manage whether someone is a real person or not. I know that there is no way that there are 999 U2 FANS that decided to give up their tickets. So something went wrong. Also, another problem is the limit placed on the number of tickets: 2 across the whole tour. That seems outrageous! For me, I wanted to go to these shows with one other friend and to be able to buy 2 tickets to each show in Vancouver to get the full "Experience." So, apparently that means, however, that I need my friend to also have a U2 subscription. And what about subscribers that are married to or in a relationship with the person they want to come to the concert?? I'm sure most households don't need two copies of the exclusive vinyl or the book. So it would seem that asking people to pay $50 per person to gain (faulty and sketchy) access to (possibly) pre-sale tickets seems a little selfish on the part of those organizing it. We're already spending a LOAD of money on tickets, do we really need to fork out so much more on a subscription that may or may not work? So, it is now well past noon local time for the Vancouver shows. I have no tickets and am regretting this subscription. Sure, the vinyl will be nice, but the overall ticket-buying process didn't seem like a nice treat for committed fans, but a way to get some more money out of a bunch of sucker's that will pay anything. To those of you subscribers that settled for tickets you didn't want because the whole system was a mess, I feel for you. For those, like me, who had such a bad experience and received no tickets at all, I also feel for you. I wish there was a formal place to send these complaints but there isn't, so I'm posting them here. I guess if you can't get tickets just know that there are literally thousands of tickets available at a 100 - 500% markup on resell sites. So, if you really want to feel screwed, go shop around there. Sincerely, A Very Frustrated Fan.
  22. I had some luck yesterday in the presale and got 2 redzone tickets with my code for night 2 in Chicago. Like a lot of people, I'm hoping to buy tickets to the other show on Monday during the general on sale if there is anything left. But, I noticed the following on ticketmaster about VIP packages on sale times: Onsale to General Public Start: Mon, 12/08/14 10:00 AM CST Fan Club Bundles Start: Fri, 12/05/14 03:00 PM CST End: Sat, 12/06/14 12:00 PM CST VIP Packages Start: Fri, 12/05/14 03:00 PM CST End: Sat, 12/06/14 12:00 PM CST VIP Packages On sale Start: Mon, 12/08/14 10:00 AM CST End: Wed, 06/10/15 10:00 PM CDT U2.com Subscriber Presale & VIP Packages Start: Thu, 12/04/14 10:00 AM CST End: Sat, 12/06/14 12:00 PM CST There is a 2 ticket limit for all password-protected presales and membership bundles. There is a 4 ticket limit during the first day of the onsale and no limit thereafter. Maybe I'm wrong but it looks like these VIP packages are no longer password protected at the 3:00 pm start time today. Does that mean we can buy additional VIP tickets before Monday if it doesn't require the use of a presale code??? Mods...can you please clarify?
  23. Hi, Just wondering if somebody can explain the VIP option. Looks like it is available the second day of the presale but later in the day. Are there the same limits? How do we find prices? What about the RedZone? Thanks! Cheers!
  24. Is there any benefit in getting onboard now for a 2013/14 U2.com subscription before the tour info is released? Wondering if current members will get preferential presale access....
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