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  1. A lot of speculation about a new world tour in June has circulated the Internet since Paul McGuinness' quote was published in The Irish Times interview looking back at his career managing U2. "Today, sales of the new U2 album, which is due out in March, no longer really matter much. Sales of tickets for their world tour, which is due to begin in June, really do." Reeve Carney (Bono’s Spiderman), who was playing in Ireland last week at The Workman’s Inn twitted that he was listening to amazing new music being recorded by a very famous Irish band. It is well known to the public of his friendship with the U2 band members and Reeve reportedly spent over a month in Ireland previously to his performance. Off course that generated rumors that He was indeed referring to U2’s New Album. All U2 fans are anxious for a new world tour and especially Irish fans, who are hopping that more than 3 dates are going to be in the Agenda. It is always extra special to listen to the band playing in their home country. Although more often than not, Bono has no chance to sing to the Irish Public, since the Irish audiences have the habit to sing to the performers instead of hearing them sing. On the end of March we will be interviewing Gavin Friday (Bono’s best friend), Virgin Prunes front man about his music and career and if we can we will sneak a question on the world tour rumors in… That will be a very interesting piece, do not miss out! Publishing date to be announced soon! It is fuelled by this passion for music that flows through the Irish public that we at http://www.festivalandgigguide.ie will keep an ear to the ground to make sure we have all the details beforehand. Follow Us on Twitter: @Festgigguide and Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/festivalandgigguideie
  2. From the album: The Other Band I Love WHY

    WHY Canadian Alt Rock Band From Winnipeg Canada Visit them: http://www.reverbnation.com/why http://www.whytheband.com http://www.facebook.com/whytheband
  3. sofii


    From the album: -

  4. Popodiah

    Grooms Cake

    From the album: Popodiah's U2 Pics

    This is a photo of the groom's cake my wife surprised me with at our wedding on 10/7/13. The first album I ever bought was The Joshua Tree, back in the summer of 1988 (still my all time favorite album, One Tree Hill's still my all time favorite song). Printed on a sheet of fondant is the setlist of the concert they played in Belgium on The Joshua Tree Tour on my birthday. The cake was made by Patisserie Angelica in Sebastapool, California. I was even more surprised than I was when U2 busted out Electric Co, An Cat Dubh, Gloria & The Ocean on the Vertigo tour!
  5. From the album: Windmill Lane

    U2 graffiti at Windmill Lane, Dublin, July 1995. Photograph by Joe Beine.

    © 1995 Joe Beine

  6. gary-paul

    Ordinary Love

    From the album: U2 & Me.......

    A photo I took a little while back and added some Ordinary Love lyrics !!!
  7. gary-paul

    Blah Blah Blah

    From the album: U2 & Me.......

    talking away about.....

    © Gary Paul

  8. Behind the famous 1980s concerts with Bruce Springsteen, U2 and Sting Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band had been all over the planet with Sting, Peter Gabriel, Tracy Chapman and Youssou N'Dour by the time the 1988 Amnesty International Human Rights Now tour touched down on Africa's Ivory Coast. However, they'd never seen a crowd like the 50,000 fans at le Félicia soccer stadium. "It was a stadium of entirely black faces," Springsteen recalled recently. "Clarence [Clemons] said to me, 'Now you know what it feels like!' There were about 60 seconds where you could feel people sussing us out, and then the whole place just exploded. The band came off feeling like it was the first show we'd ever done. We had to go and prove ourselves on just what we were doing that moment on stage." The concert was one of the final stops on the Human Rights Now tour, the second of two all-star tours that Amnesty International staged in the mid-1980s to spread awareness of human rights atrocities across the globe. They were herculean efforts that made all previous benefit concerts – Live Aid included – seem like a minor undertaking. The Amnesty International tours featured once-in-a-lifetime performances by U2, Springsteen, Peter Gabriel, Sting, the Police, Joan Baez, Bryan Adams and many others. However, for the past two-and-a-half decades, they've only been available as low-res VHS bootlegs and YouTube videos. On November 5th, they are finally coming out in Released: The Human Rights Concerts 1986-1998, a six-DVD package with remastered audio/video and hours of unseen footage from backstage, including new interviews (which you can watch first here). Amnesty International began plotting the first tour just weeks after Live Aid raised millions for famine victims of Ethiopia and made hundreds of millions of people around the planet aware of their plight. "Amnesty realized it wouldn't be sufficient to just do music on one day," longtime Amnesty activist Martin Lewis told Rolling Stone. "[Amnesty USA Executive Director] Jack Healey had the idea of doing a tour. It helped immensely that he went to Bill Graham, who we couldn't have done the tour without." One of the first calls they made was to U2. "It couldn't have been worst timing," the Edge said in the book U2 by U2. "We were building up to go into the studio [to record The Joshua Tree] and I was worried all the focus and concentration would be lost." But it was an offer they couldn't refuse, and they agreed to not only delay the recording of their album but actually lobby other artists to join the tour. "We rang everybody we knew," said Bono. "Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Prince…" None of those people agreed, but Amnesty wound up with a lineup guaranteed to pack stadiums around America: U2, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Bryan Adams, Lou Reed and Joan Baez. The six-show national tour inspired great moments; for the final three shows, Sting made a last-minute decision to reunite the Police, who hadn't performed anywhere since they broke up in early 1984. "I hadn't seen my drums in months," Stewart Copeland told Rolling Stone. "I've always been very fond of Amnesty, but if it had been for Exxon, I would have been there. Playing with my old band was an exciting prospect." Every show ended with all of the evening's performers gathering onstage to sing Bob Dylan's "I Shall Be Released." At the final show, the Police handed their instruments to U2. "It's been called a symbolic passing of the keys to the musical kingdom," said Copeland. "But since we had been defunct for a number of years, I'm not sure we had any keys in our possession. We joked around that Andy [summers] should de-tune his guitar before handing it over to the Edge." You can read the full article on Rolling Stone. More information about it - The Human Rights Concerts
  9. gary-paul

    Me & Edge

    From the album: U2 & Me.......

    Meeting Edge at Dun Laoghaire Co Dublin

    © Gary Paul

  10. From the album: U2 & Me.......

    I can't actually remember what we were laughing about.....

    © Gary Paul

  11. U2smile4theSupport


    From the album: U2 in Moscow 2010

    Bono. The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow. 25.08.2010 http://rollingstone.ru/articles/music/almost_star/17320.html

    © On4Off

  12. U2smile4theSupport


    From the album: U2 in Moscow 2010

    Adam. The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow. 25.08.2010 http://rollingstone.ru/articles/music/almost_star/17320.html

    © On4Off

  13. U2smile4theSupport


    From the album: U2 in Moscow 2010

    Bono. The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow. 25.08.2010 http://rollingstone.ru/articles/music/almost_star/17320.html

    © On4Off

  14. From the album: Vermontgasman's Picture Show

    This is a cd i got of the show we went to.
  15. gary-paul

    Me and Bono

    From the album: U2 & Me.......

    Bono & Me - Dublin Dec 2012

    © Gary Paul

  16. gary-paul

    Adam Clayton

    From the album: U2 & Me.......

    Meeting Adam during Walk In My Shoes Photoshoot - Dublin Jan 2013

    © Gary Paul

  17. From the album: My First U2 experience!

    It was the best show ive been too and probably ever will go to! seeing U2 live was my dream and it happened!
  18. carvajfcutah


    From the album: My First U2 experience!

    Realizing how HUGE the claw was in real life!
  19. GersonKlein

    U2 art

    From the album: Two Hearts Beat as One

    This is a painting that i made, based on a beautiful photography by Anton Corbjin. U2 is a very important to me. Is a pleasure for me to be part of the community. Greetings to all! GK
  20. From the album: u2

  21. From the album: u2

  22. From the album: u2

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