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Found 13 results

  1. pain_18_

    POP-CHA !!!

    From the album: Me

    A-cha-cha-cha-chaaaah !!!!

    © Cris

  2. pain_18_


    From the album: Me

    Love this type of Font !!!!!

    © Chris

  3. From the album: Me

    *Boom-Chaaaaaaah !!! Booom-Cha !!!!!!!!*

    © Chris

  4. From the album: Me

    *POP* was my first favourite U2 album after I got into U2, 11 years ago !!! Last week I bought this single...With Discotheque U2 show us that they are comfortable and positive with who they are ...Once again they have created a new kind of rock music...being silly and profound at the same time while rocking out very hard !!! I love all versions of this song: Single, Album, PopMart, Elevation, New-Mix Version (90-00 best of), Vertigo and 360-snippets (during Crazy tonight) versions... I just love POP so much, I wish U2 changed their opinion about this Great, Great Album ! Sorry for my lack of words in describing how happy this song makes me ! It was the first video I watched a week or so after I got out of Surgery...I desired so much to hear/watch the video while I was in the Hospital in January 2006... When I was released from the hospital and went home, I turned on the TV and Discotheque was the first thing that POPPED out !!! I was so happy !!! P.S.: The Holy Joe-B-Sides are great !!! ~Chris...

    © Chris

  5. From the album: Me

    © Chris

  6. From the album: Me

    © Chris

  7. pain_18_


    From the album: Me

    © Chris

  8. From the album: Me

    Amazing !!!!!The US-4 track version !!!! This Version of the song rocks out even harder than the album version...Emphasizing the Ironic name of the Pop Album !! Masterpiece !!!

    © Chris

  9. From the album: Me

    The *LAST NIGHT ON EARTH SINGLE* I first heard this song back in 2004 (???) when I didn't own a computer or anything else that played CDs...I only had a few U2 cassettes and the car-cassette player..It was a huge terror to try to listen to U2 as I couldn't stop from listening to U2...I needed it all the time like a Drug...This led to constant fights with my parents, especially my dad... So back to the song...The son of my mothers' friends had a computer and had a few U2 songs, he knew I loved U2 and played them for me....It was my first introduction to Lemon and Last Night On Earth....i couldn't believe the Greatness of these Masterpieces !!! I was addicted, like a Junkee without the Junk ....I couldn't feed my U2 Hungriness...As the visits were rare ...His mother gave me a Walkman ...Which I used to listen to some U2-compilations I made...I wouldn't dare play my Pristine Original U2 cassettes...I played it until I broke it...Until the cassettes melted into Sheer U2-Desperation...It wasn't until very late that I got a computer....... Then sometime in HighSchool, I Bought *POP* on CD!!! Everything changed...It got my U2-Greediness Fired up like GUNPOWDER when Adam takes the stage in SouthAmerica !!! From then on for a considerable amount of time, Pop was my favourite U2 album...Although I was fully aware of Achtung Baby and listened to that a lot too...But there was a problem...I didn't have it on CD...So the fights over the Car-Cassette player continued until I fully completed my CD-Discography and got a proper laptop and Headphones!!! ...Now the Single-Greed is On !!!! The Pop singles are all reworked and perfected and the B-Sides are Insane !!!!!!

    © Chris

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