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Found 15 results

  1. Season's greetings Zootops! Your annual Xmas thread is back with a slightly irreverent photie to start the mirrorball rolling! Please add your messages and pics etc. Merry Christmas n all the best for a happy 2017:)
  2. From the album: Dreamfest Daly City Oct 6 2016

    AWESOME photo by Tim Neufeld.

    © Tim Neufeld

  3. From the album: Dreamfest Daly City Oct 6 2016

    It was a beautiful day.

    © Adrienne Allen

  4. allad1nsane00


    From the album: Dreamfest Daly City Oct 6 2016

    Not pleased with Harry's shirt selection (;

    © Adrienne Allen

  5. Hey folks, posted this on another fan forum but have been doing a little sleuthing and found these things interesting. Apologies if they've been covered elsewhere -- I did search (: So...here's what I have put together... The guys seem to all be in LA (with the exception of Bono's [?] attending the Global Fund conference in Montreal this weekend) The IHR gig on the 23rd has been heaving advertised as featuring "mind blowing collaborations". As of last count there were 7-8 bands in the Friday night lineup... U2 DRAKE SIA TWENTY ONE PILOTS SAM HUNT BILLY IDOL ONEREPUBLIC + "surprise guests" Bono's been seen at Drake's show in LA this week and "magically showed up"at One Republic's studio today. I'm starting to think this may be a PRIMARILY collab show. Which, could actually be pretty f-ing interesting. Otherwise U2 should be starting around 3 am if the acts are playing sequentially. Scoping the support talent? Rehearsing? What do we think? I'm not sure if I'm onto something or have gone completely tinfoil hat. Help a sister out.... PS: It's Vegas. I'm putting $5 on a full-stage all-in "ONE" finale (:
  6. From the album: We are Family Foundation Gala

    Great cap from @mysteriousdays video -- a fabulous split second birthday serenade for us (: BEST BIRTHDAY WEEKEND EVER.

    © Vidhya Magendran

  7. From the album: I+E Tour Art

    Another one in this series messing with different treatments to photos I have personally shot of the band and whatnot. Huge thanks to Bono for stopping to sign the now-infamous 'Alice in Wonderland' half that travelled over 6000 miles from when I first caught it off the e-stage in Chi2 before it finally got reunited with the guy who threw it.

    © Adrienne Allen

  8. From the album: We are Family Foundation Gala

    The gala's goal was to raise 1M for Nile Rodger's WAFF. Bono signed this guitar last minute and helped put the auction price over $100,000. Photo by Vid.

    © Vidhya Magendran

  9. From the album: We are Family Foundation Gala

    So great to see him and Vidhya getting a chance to chat a bit. Just wonderful.

    © Adrienne Allen

  10. From the album: We are Family Foundation Gala

    Vidhya and I divided duties: I kept the camera rolling while she got the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Book Fragment" signed by B-man. I caught from the e-stage in Chi, it travelled to NY to SF to Dublin to SF and back to NYC before it finally got back in Bono's hands for an autograph again. He also told us how quite a few of the famous paper fragments from the i+e pre-intermission got stuck up in the rafters in Paris and then came down during Madonna's show there a few nights later (: SO GREAT.

    © Adrienne Allen

  11. From the album: i+e Dublin

    About 20 minutes before the meet and greet. AMAZING weekend. So cool to see the B-man looking and sounding GREAT. Bono's in Beastmode!

    © Vidyha Magendran

  12. From the album: We are Family Foundation Gala

    AMAZING! Got this great pic of Bono while he signed the copy of Alice In Wonderland I caught from the stage in Chicago, with help from my partner-in-crime Vidhya! So cool to meet this great man again.

    © Adrienne Allen 2016

  13. From the album: We are Family Foundation Gala

    Awesome to meet this great man again, and the performance with Niles' band was INCREDIBLE

    © Adrienne Allen

  14. From the album: We are Family Foundation Gala

    Another nice one of Bono signing the Alice in Wonderland I caught in Chicago from the e-stage and chatting with Vid.

    © Adrienne Allen

  15. From the album: We are Family Foundation Gala

    So in love with this shot! What a great moment.

    © Adrienne Allen

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