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Found 2 results

  1. Ok, this is getting so bizarre the only thing I can comprehend is THE DEVIL HIMSELF IS ON THE LOOSE. My brother just left my house when my husband returned from offshore running the big blues cruise, lots of famous blues players, anyhow, he was freaking over Irma damage, my granddaughter born in the height of the storm Cat 5, on 9/11, then the flooding came and Lord did it come, our whole island was covered in sewage and no electric. He told me last week, I am going home to Costa Rica where I dont have to deal with these things. THE FREAKING 6.6 EARTHQUAKE HIT DIRECTLY UNDER MY BROTHERS HOME. I MEAN A STRAIGHT ARROW UNDER IT IN PLAYA HERMOSA, COSTA RICA. They say it was 10 miles southeast of Jaco but when you follow the coast which curves non stop, it is the most amazing coastal drive you can imagine and it make Malibu look stupid, everyone from Malibu is moving there. Anyhow, the geologists, USGS, everyone came out and it was 6 miles directly under his house and the fault line only went for about 500 yards about 525 meters TOTAL..It threw both my brothers off the golf cart and he said the whole earth felt like it was going to swallow them. My brothers daughter is expecting her first child, a little girl, in March, her home is condemned, she has a fancy condo because the father of her baby and they are engaged is the STAR SURFER OF CENTRAL AMERICA, HE WILL SURF FOR COSTA RICA INT HE OLYMPICS, her mother and grandmothers home are destroyed as well. So whoever is reporting Jaco Costa Rica is fine THEY ARE LIARS. Most of the town is destroyed because of shoddy construction.My brother owns Lost Valley, Valle Perdido, and their engineers and architects are all business about buildin the strongest of the strongest. His architect Allianz is winning every award and there is NO ONE I WOULD EVER HAVE BUILD MY HOME, HE BUILDS THE MOST BEATIFUL, STRONG HOMES, WITH GLASS POOLS THAT HANG OUT OER THE CLIFFS AND MAKE EDGES BUILDERS LOOK LIKE AMATEURS. PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND THE TICANS, WHO ARE SUFFERING THE MOST. Everyone is sleeping ouside and the mosquitos and vampire bats are bad, they need tents asap. I dont understand, it feels like /satan himself is chasing me and my family, I refuse to denounce my Lord or question my Lord...All of my family is in his hands and once again, he kep them safe, to have a 6.6 earthquake directly under your home and all the big homes are fine..THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN LORD FOR ANSWERING MY PRAYERS, ON TOP OF SAVING MY SON AFTER CANCER THAT SREAD THROUGH HIS WHOLE BODY INTO THE SPINE, CRUSHED HIS SPINAL CORD, HE HAD TO LEARN TO WALK AGAIN AND THEY SAID HE WOULD NEVER WALK OR SURF AGAIN. WELL HE PROVED THEM WRONG. AND HE JUST GAVE BIRTH TO A BEAUTIFUL LITTLE GIRL SCARLETT, WH HAS PASSED EVERY SINGLE TEST. THERE IS NOT ONE DOCTOR IN THE WORLD THAT CAN EXPLAIN IT, THEY INSISTED IT MUST NOT BE HIS, WELL DNA IS IN, SHE IS MY GRNADDAUGHTER AND THE MATCH IS 10,980,000 WITH 99.99999999PERCENT HE IS THE FATHER. I TOLD HIM SON, YOU ACTUALLY MAY HAVE THE CURE, HE MANIPULATED SOME THINGS AND STUDIED EVERYTHING HE COULD, NOW RESEARCHERS AND ONCOLOGISTS AS WELL AS MOFFITT CANCER CENTER, INCLUDING GERMANY AND ISRAEL, THEY REPSONDED WITH HE BROKE EVERY RULE AND EVERYTHING WE THOUGHT WE KNEW ABOUT CANCER...SO I JUST CANNOT BELIEVE IN 2 MONTHS SO MANY CAT 5 HURRICANES, FLOODING, TORNADOS, AND NOW AN EARTHQUAKE RIGHT UNDER OUR FAMILY HOME. THE ONLY OTHER EARTHQUAKE MY SON WAS IN DC WHEN THE EARTHQUAKE HIT AND THE MONUMENT TILE FELL AND THE CHURCH OF THE PRESIDENTS...YEAH,,, I BELIEVE IN THE G-D OF ISRAEL, EVEN BEING A CHRISTIAN, IT IS MPORTANT TO HONOR THE JEWISH, MY SON WENT TO HANUKKAH BEFORE EASTER. WE ALWAYS CELBRATED BOTH. SO ALL THESE DOCTORS ARE BACK IN THE LAB AND MY GRAND DAUGHTER HAS TO HAVE A BLOOD PULL AND SAMPLES...NOBODY CAN BELIEVE IT, I CAN BECAUSE I KNOW ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH THE G-D OF ISRAEL, THE FATHER OF JESUS. PLEASE PRAY FOR US.
  2. My son Eddie came back home from our house in Costa Rica and flew right back. He is scheduled to be back at Moffitt in late June then leaves for Huntington Beach, California to get back into the contest scene (except from the other side-he is going corporate, then will begin studies again to become a doctor-we need doctors in all these exotic surfing spots worldwide). I am so sorry that I am not allowed to release his regiments, they threw everything except the kitchen sink at him, telling us each time, the only reason they would even CONSIDER these treatments is he is a dead man without them and he is an athlete, other than the cancer, his health is perfect, didnt drink, smoke (which their idea of smoking and his are two different things) he had never taken pills or steroids or anything, the worst thing he ever did was get a tattoo in Tahiti the old school way, meaning the old ways, which everyone screamed including me he could have caught HIV, among Hep, etc. to satisfy his photographer (Eddie was scheduled for the Hollister shoot (Abercrombie & Fitch) in Punta Cana immediately following that the World Champ pro got the exact same tattoo, they each have their names on their arms and spiritual writings. Eddie's photographer Bruce Weber (I know he is known for his nude male shots-but he was my photographer when I was young and a pro surfer and model) LOVED IT and it ended up in Times Square and every mall in the Northern Hemisphere, so when he came down with this cancer that was the MONSTER of all cancers, spread to the bone, shattered his back and his neck, paralyzed him from the chest down, spread to organs, lung, everywhere so fast it was a NIGHTMARE. Its been EXACTLY ONE YEAR since his first operation and his chemo started 4 weeks later, after 5 major surgeries, chemo, targeted radiation, bone marrow shots, stem cells, chemo of 24/7 6 days straight repeated over and over and over while unable to move because of the rods in his back, this kid of mine, blew away every doctor, the best of the best doctors, doctors that invented new procedures on him, pathologists who were so baffled, trying to genetically map him, chromosomes that were baffling, cell structures doing things never before seen. His last surgery was St. Patricks Day (I use to spend St. Patricks running through the streets of Temple Bar, staying at the Clarence, or out in Howth, always went alone, it was my PRAYER TIME, this year I slept beside him and prayed non stop, he came through with flying colors and his numbers are normal. I get scared cuz each time they say they have it, it comes back meaner and somewhere else but for right now I will take it. On Easter morning the surf industry updated me with pics of him surfing and praying inside the barrel, my best friend's (and his Sponsor for surfing) parents just died funerals were yesterday and the industry sent me this photo, the others will go to the magazines. He caught this wave for us is what he said. He will return to Florida to Moffitt Cancer Center in mid June then go back to Costa then on to California. I am praying I will be able to meet up with him at my friends in Southern California. I know there is talk of a photo shoot at Malibu, for all the time I spent in California YEARS ACTUALLY and him as well, neither of us surfed Malibu (there were too many other good waves up that way from Ventura to Rincon, Hollister Ranch, all of the breaks, but if they do Malibu shoot I am for sure going so we can surf it together, we promised each other we would never surf it without each other. OK, long story short, I am not allowed to give out his treatments because its all trials and still not approved by the CDC, until then just know there are a bunch of folks working really hard to find a cure or at least control Cancer. My mother died of it at the end of February, so this can't happen soon enough!! Here is the picture they sent this morning in front of our home in Costa.eddieguilbeauplayahermosaguanacastecostarica.htm
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