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Found 2 results

  1. The link below is our first dance from our wedding reception We chose to dance to U2's Song for Someone after falling in love with it and practiced countless months for it!!! We hope you enjoy!! Sarah and Neil https://youtu.be/WhA9kVOcySg
  2. Seems like it's not 'THE BEST THING' to some The U2 purists aren't happy, and rightly so ????????????????????????????????????????????? Well, Your The Best Thing just reared it's ugly head and it's dividing opinion, I like everyone else got the clip from Bono's beach-house firstly and liked what I had heard, Now I've heard it in it's entirety over the weekend I actually like it, (for the record I think most of that dance/rave stuff is SHITE) but this fits well, and it's a one off......(possibly) let's not throw our toys out of the pram and have a shit fit over ONE song. But all this experimentation is bollox..blah blah.. isn't that what Achtung baby was ? Zooropa ? POP ?? ok, let's not mention 'POP' :) for the record regarding 'POP' the only thing wrong with that album to me was the title 'POP' We have no idea what form SOE is going to take and I'm guessing this song will appear on the finished album but in a more familiar way because if SOE is a dance album well that'll just stir up a whole shit-storm of....well shit . I can't imagine 'Your The Best thing' is a teaser for what is to come... merely some collaboration with a DJ / producer, sure U2 wouldn't just drop a song like that on us...right :) lol There has been a few songs down the years that has caused divided opinion when it came to U2 like Elevation (I actually like it) Get On Your Boots (Still don't like it) and let's not forget I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Live) that song was just murdered, oh and Even Better Than The Real Thing...the perfecto mix - wasn't that a dance mix... (I liked that too) and almost every U2 fan I know has the CD. Anyhow..... (what was my point) ooh yeah, Your The Best Thing - It's catchy, it's good, I like it...
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