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Found 6 results

  1. From the album: "All I want is you"

    Os shows em São Paulo tem sido maravilhosos, estou amando e queria que nunca acabasse, cada noite uma melhor que a outra. Bono meu Rei maravilhoso!!! U2 é o melhor do mundo!!!! www.suelifinoto-art.com.br
  2. Depois de 6 anos finalmente poderei assistir ao shows dessa Banda Maravilhosa aqui no Brasil em São Paulo. Só fiquei triste do Bono e The Edge se hospedarem em um hotel tão inacessível aos fãs, que só querem vê-los um pouquinho mais de perto e receberem um aceno.... www.suelifinoto-art.com.br
  3. From the album: enrique perez

    Larry at his kit. Love the black and white visuals. EXCELLENT !!!
  4. Dear Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam - My name is Laurel Lane and I wanted to thank you for coming to my hometown, Houston, Texas, on our 20th anniversary, May 24th! My husband, Chuck Burris, and I are coming to see the show from Denver. We grew up together in Houston and have been together since we were 16 (we didn't get married until we were 23). We have spent 27 years sharing and loving your music and we have seen about 10 live shows - we were lucky enough to see 360 twice, once in Toronto and then again in Pittsburgh. For me, I discovered you in 1983, when I saw the US Festival broadcast on MTV - I was 9 years old and I was done - you instantly became my favorite band with New Year's Day becoming my most favorite song of all time. Not to mention that Bono's antics were enthralling - you all were enthralling and your music has been a pivotal part of my entire life since watching the festival that day in 1983. Sadly, when you came to town 4 years later, I was not able to see the 1987 Joshua Tree Tour as my parents thought I was too young for a concert. When I met my husband in high school, at some point early in our friendship, we discovered out mutual love of U2. And he was lucky enough to go to the 1987 show in Houston - a year before I knew him. We would have loved for you to come to Denver and perform at Red Rocks but when we found out that you would be in Houston, ON our actual anniversary, well, we thought it was kismet or something and of course we had to go. We cannot wait to see you again in Houston - thank you for the incredible body of work you have done over the life of your band - and for the inspirational body of work that is The Joshua Tree. I cannot wait to hear all of the songs but especially Running to Stand Still. Love from two quietly huge fans - Laurel Lane and Chuck Burris
  5. My sister has been my concert partner since she was 11 at Elevation (she's a lot younger than I am) She's been camping out with me for GA lines when not even my husband was willing to come. We live apart now but normally we get together for shows, but with it being the last week of school at show time, I don't think I can go to LA and she can't come here to Dallas. I'd like to get her two tickets as a gift during the wires presale tomorrow at the Rose Bowl. Will that be possible using my credit card but me not necessarily going for the show? Are any sections paper tickets or will all be paperless? TM says "RESERVED LOCATIONS are electronic Ticketmaster Paperless Tickets ONLY." Oooook...but there's no indication which sections are "reserved" is that just meaning every ticket is paperless? I've not been to the Rose Bowl before so I'm not sure about the usual way things work up there. Also, If I buy a 3rd ticket just in case I get a flight deal out there, will I be able to "transfer" it if I don't. TM says some tickets are transferable. How do we know which ones. I *REALLY* hate how TM/Live Nation make things as unclear as possible when it comes to the details. Hoping someone here knows a little something...Thanks for reading.
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