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Found 4 results

  1. I am just going to re-share what I just posted on the U2 fan page for Soldier Field Chicago. My blood is boiling that I've been told, repeated times, that no one can help me. It's saddening to me as a fan that U2 would not have backup for these situations, like Pearl Jam does. It appears as though this going to suck; My first show on this tour in my town... the juggling around, the people to watch my kids, the planning, the saving of money.. seems to all be going down the crapper as I get angrier and angrier at my continued and failed attempts, in addition to ZERO support to have my ticket problem solved. "ANGRY IN A CHICAGO SUBURB" and slowly the excitement about this show is turning into anger, frustration, and a very bad taste in my mouth. Read my story about how I'm screwed without a kiss... simply because I had my original bank card, which I used to purchase my tickets) lost and then stolen. Since I had to replace that bank card in Feb.... I'm screwed...and from the lady at Ticketmaster who I just spoke with? Apparently it's all U2's fault. She blamed them and told me there is nothing she can do. U2 CREDIT CARD ENTRY ANNOUNCEMENT - for anyone in my situation. I have spoken with 3 people at Ticketmaster, in addition to emailing the required proof and documents. I purchased my GA tickets through the fan club on my Chase Bank/Debit card. I lost that card this past Feb... had to cancel it and get a new card. I have been given nothing but the "run-around" from Ticketmaster. I just got off the phone with yet another TM employee. She explained to me that there is absolutely NOTHING TM can do and that the ONLY people that could help me would be "Guest Services" at Soldier Field on the day of show. She also explained to me that Guest Services apparently doesn't open until 1 hour before the show. I told her there must be another way. I have also called Soldier Field, but have only received an option for voice mail. The TM employee told me there is ZERO possible way that my new, updated card number will work. No duh. Additionally, she told me that I cannot get the problem fixed until about an hour before showtime and that TM had nothing to do with it, but it was ALL U2's doing. Lol... o.k. yeah... but nice way to dodge helping. So if you are in the same situation, I suggest trying to take care of it ASAP! "Nice work" once again, U2 for absolutely NOT having this very common problem, worked out. Once again, I suggest they really put their money where their mouths and hearts apparently are and hire the staff from Pearl Jam - who runs the best fan club ticketing system in the world. If I were calling Ten Club right now, or if I had this problem come up? It would've been taken care of and not leave a dedicated fan on a lost island with ZERO answers or options. My blood is a bit over-boiling. I think U2 has failed terribly here and I have slammed the way they tried to update their ticketing, last tour. They aren't protecting real fans. Scammers will still get their tickets with the 1 time credit cards they use and then give away. However, someone like me who is 100% legitimate, can't even get this problem fixed; Even when I have provided TM for the info they required - My bank statements from the purchase, my old card number, my new card number, my ticket order numbers, etc. This is flipping bullshit. Boo hoo hoo... not that anyone cares, but this is my town, my first show on this tour, etc. I am working hard to get this corrected and there is absolutely NO ONE who can help. I am actually thinking of buying a single ticket from another fan who is entering early (like I had planned to) just so I don't get screwed and can't enter until ..... well... about show time. I am also a huge fan of the Lumineers and frankly do not want to miss them at all. Good luck! This has been my last few days. It has made me not very excited, pissed as hell, and angry that the band didn't have these little glitches worked out, yet again. I have found NO ONE who can help me... and I mean NO ONE. I'm f'd without a kiss.... the one the future needs... a BIG kiss.
  2. I have two extra tickets for sale for the Sunday 6/4 show - the other couple we were supposed to go with can't make it. The tickets are in Section 338 - Row 1. They are Credit Card entry tickets, so we would have to meet before the show and go in together. Asking only for face value - $350 for the pair. Let me know if you're interested.
  3. Hey Everyone!! I'm in search of 2 GA tickets for Sunday, June 4th show in Chicago!! Please let me know if anyone has extras or can meet up... thanks!!
  4. I purchased my 2nd night for Chicago yesterday, using my last presale code. Paid $302 for a section 104 seat, just to find out last night on the forums that 104 & 105 in the higher rows (which I have) are literally the worst seats at Soldier Field. THIS IS A FREAKING DISGRACE IN THE HIGHEST REGARD! Ticketmaster basically told me I'm screwed, even though they have MUCH better seats available today, but unless I purchase another U2 fan membership, cannot access that seat because my code is all used up. I'm beginning to think this presale thing is just a scam. I've been a member for nearly 20 years, don't mind paying a premium, but a $40 difference between RZ and the WORST SEATS is ridiculous!
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