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Found 13 results

  1. I feel like a sucker. After seeing dozens of U2 concerts for the last 30 years, and being a member of this club for nearly a decade, I can't believe this band has let me down so much with its SOE concert pricing. I spent an hour in November trying to work through the Ticketmaster presale, after spending the annual $50 fan membership only to find very limited seats under $350 in the lower bowl of the Forum. So I shelled out $295 a ticket for the latter half of the upper bowl. Today (and, silly me for not noticing this until now), but I'm seeing that there are many seats SEVERAL rows c
  2. This is the 4th time for me to try at any sale to get GA (MSG) and I just don't understand it, where are they all going?? You're there the second it starts and none EVER even SHOW!! I'm getting seriously miffed!!
  3. Well this time there was no way I could get GA with the presale or sale, so if anyone has a pair of GAs for MSG to sell for face value please let me know. I'm thinking I may miss this one!
  4. Once upon a time..there was a band i believe in, that wanted to change the world, and there was a generation who loved them, with poster and dreams in our bedroom..we wrote letters full of passion and pride of the band..now we pay for our passion and we receive codes, numbers and frustation, album for codes, subscriptions for tickets, dollars to feed passion or something else.. NOT IN MY NAME a girl from JT generation
  5. Do you think all the tickets will be available in the presale or just certain sections as I want standing tickets not paying over the odds.
  6. Hey, guys. My buddy got GA tickets during the Innocence presale last week. He said that Ticketmaster asked for a delivery option and he chose US Mail. So, I'm assuming it's paper tickets this time and not credit card entry? Anyone know for sure?
  7. My theory...it's all in the fine print of "Verified Fan" and my sincere belief that if we were assigned a presale group that meant we were verified. In reading U2.com/help: Can I register for other Verified Presales if I participate in the Verified Subscriber Presale, like Verified Citi and Verified Fan? Yes, you may register for the other Presales in addition to the U2.com Verified Subscriber Presale. Please note, registration does not guarantee you will be verified, receive a code, or have the ability to purchase tickets through the other Presales. Note: "Does not guarantee you will
  8. Just a heads up for everyone doing the pre-sale for the Vegas show. Ticketmaster is not the vendor for the tickets, you will be forwarded to an AXS website. I've read other folks posting that they almost lost their tickets for Atlanta (uses the same vendor as Vegas) because they had to create an account on this site as well. I recommend creating an account on the AXS site ahead of time, just to be on the safe side. And they don't make it obvious (or I am a complete knucklehead) how to create an account, so here's what I did. From any of the pages that the link from Ticketmaster sends you to, s
  9. Hi all! I'm so happy that I just got two GAs for St. Louis as part of the 2nd presale group. However, I'm still stressed out because my cousin is supposed to be coming with my sister and me and she couldn't get any GAs. When I bought them on Ticketmaster, I was surprised to see they're paper tickets and will be mailed to me. Is this correct? They're plain old "normal" paper tickets like in the past? I'm hoping that my cousin will be able to either get a GA during the public onsale or buy one from another fan or something. Thoughts? Help? We're also really hoping that they add more sh
  10. I'm jumping the gun, made a mistake with my screen and now can't use my original code for the pre-sale, hoping to get another one by tomorrow at the latest!
  11. I'm curious to know if anyone else was sticker shocked by the prices of the tickets for next year's tour. When I logged on for the presale yesterday, I couldn't believe lower level tickets were $300 (!). When I searched again, upper deck was around $170 and limited view were $100. I love the band, and go to several shows each tour, but this is getting a little too rich for my blood. Is anyone else disappointed that seeing them live is getting too costly?
  12. So for Christmas I was going to get myself and my two boys tickets for the show however presale is restricted to 2 tickets? I then find out that the lottery that is verified fan can get up to 4 IF you get a code? How can I get tickets for myself and my boys. I need 3, but would like 4. I am not finding any good information on what to do.
  13. I was notified today from American Express that my credit card number was compromised, and due to their fraud protection, that my credit card was being cancelled and a new card is being issued. Problem is, this is the card I used to buy my Vancouver GAs with. After speaking with Sam at Ticketmaster customer service, this is what he told me to do (and I share it with you all should this happen to you). You need to send a faxed letter to 310-734-0798 with the following information 1) Your name 2) Your billing address and best phone number to reach you at 3) The Ticketmaster Order ID numbers
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