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  1. Please can someone lucky enough going to the opening night share a photo of the merchandise on offer AND if someone has a VIP ticket, then a photo of the gift too! Way too impatient to wait until the London shows! Cheers
  2. From the album: The Joshua Tree 2017

    I made something today.. (:

    © made by Adrienne Allen -- JT graphic belongs to U2

  3. From the album: The Joshua Tree 2017 Vancouver - TOUR OPENER

    MADE IT. Bono signed it despite it being worse for wear after a rough time in transit DUCT TAPE for the win

    © Adrienne Allen

  4. From the album: The Joshua Tree 2017 Vancouver - TOUR OPENER

    He actually said that -- (: I'll take it. Thanks Liam for capturing this !!

    © Adrienne Allen

  5. From the album: The Joshua Tree 2017 Vancouver - TOUR OPENER

    © Adrienne Allen

  6. From the album: The Joshua Tree 2017 Vancouver - TOUR OPENER

    My flag, Marks helmet, Bono's Autograph. PERFECTION.
  7. Text me [MOD EDIT: PLEASE NO PHONE NUMBERS. Use the PMs. Thanks] with your username and I'll pm you back. Ticket price was 306 cad. I'll take 220 US
  8. Looking to TRADE my two (2) GENERAL ADMISSION tickets for two (2) lower bowl tickets near the stage. Long story short, I am a lifelong U2 fan and LOVE camping out for great GA experiences. However, I am traveling from FL and attending this show with my loving wife, who "likes" U2, but not quite at the "let's camp out" level. So, I wanted to see if anyone was willing to trade their lower level reserved seats for my GA tickets. Yes, I know these tickets are CC entry only. If we found the right match, I would be willing to meet you and walk you through the gate OR I would just give you my CC card and cancel it right away. That way, you could get into the show and no one else could make purchases It's just a thought. Let me know if you are interested and we can work out the details.
  9. Looking for 2 Red Zone Seattle. Can Pay cash or trade 2 red Zone Vancouver. thanks
  10. I am looking for 2 red zone for Seattle. Can pay cash , I might have 2 Vancouver Red Zone to Trade. thanks
  11. Hi I currently have an extra GA for both Seattle and Vancouver. A friend from my city asked me to secure her tickets with my pre-sale code. I did. Now 4 months later I still do not have an answer if she is coming. I have booked my flights and I am meeting a friend from Florida who has booked her flights. The only catch to obtaining these tickets is that you would have to stand in line with us to get in on my credit card scan. Anyway, let me know if you are interested. Face price. I am a longtime member and have traded my extra tickets her since Popmart. I can attach a pic later. I have to e-mail myself the screen grab from my phone. Laura
  12. Any rehearsal gossip for Van? Please tell me Bono not riding a bike or anything....
  13. Hi all, I panic-bought two VIP Party tickets that I really can't afford. They were the first ones to come up on Ticketmaster and I just grabbed them. I'm looking for someone to trade them with. I'd still like pretty good seats but not "VIP" good (lower section 240.)
  14. Where you there? Following along in the live threads or elsewhere online, or been catching up with all the shows news? Post up your reviews, images, videos for all to enjoy & share Don;t worry if you already posted them elsewhere (in the Zoo or beyond) - just add here too, or links to your offline blogs & sites Which was your favourite song(s) of each night (don;t forget to add your votes to the topic poll..) What was the defining special moment?
  15. Hi We are from Seattle and we have tickets to both shows in Vancouver. My good friend has a flight out of SeaTac at the crack of dawn Saturday the 16th. I really want her to go to both shows with me but it's only possible if she can get a ride back to Seattle Friday night after the 2nd show. Is anyone already driving and could you take a passenger?
  16. Hello - I'm looking to "upgrade" my 2 floor tickets for Thursday night for 2 Red Zone tickets. Would be interested in trading my 2 GA floors plus $ for 2 RZ. Would also just buy 2 RZs if you don't want my 2 GAs. Please pm if you can help a fella out!
  17. Vancouver 1 - First Night! We are selling 2 tickets very well located for the tour premiere show next 14th May at Rogers Arena. Tickets are UNDER FACE VALUE (240 CAD and now 220 CAD) e-tickets VIP Fan Package Section 111 Row 10 Seat 105 Section 111 Row 11 Seat 106 VIP Fan Package includes a Premium reserved price level 2 ticket, and a U2 Tour VIP gift, not available to general public
  18. So Excited to secure Red Zone tickets in Vancouver for Opening Night! Presale Process worked great. Vancouver in the Spring @ U2 Opening Night. Nice.... Free drinks on the house for all my U2 friends who track me down on that night. I'll be the guy with the biggest grin and holding a couple of pints. "We're free to fly the crimson sky"
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