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Found 22 results

  1. From the album: U2 Collections

    This is my small collection of U2 vinyl. Getting there!
  2. From the album: MyU2VinylCollections

  3. Hey guys, I pre-ordered SOE deluxe edition when it was first released and was hoping it would arrive today in the UK in time for the official release. Does anyone know if it will arrive today or has anyone not received theirs yet? I really hope so because I'm saving listening to it until I can sit back and relax with the whole package to enjoy it! Postman has just been and he didn't have it with him . I might be the only person on here to not have listened to it yet! Let me know guys, Mike
  4. From the album: Songs of Experience

    © Cris

  5. Does anyone know if the vinyl version includes a digital download?
  6. From the album: ACHTUNG BABY !!!!!

    Can never have enough of Achtung Baby !!!

    © Cris

  7. Hello everybody, I'm Rita from Italy and I ordered in December the Double Vinyl + North Side Story book with the annual subscription. On the page of order status I read that the order was shipped on the 8th of January, but until now I haven't received anything. Moreover I tried to write by the official contact page many times, but I haven't received any answer. I don't have the tracking number, so I can't find my order Could someone help me? Do you know if it is regular to wait so many days to receive the order in Italy? Thank you in advance! Bye, Rita
  8. Hi Everyone, Hope you're all well. I'm not sure if this thread or topic already exists but I'd like to start a conversation for U2 vinyl collectors. Just a place where we can share pictures of our collections and maybe communicate between each other about what is rare or exciting in the U2 vinyl world! ...bit of a geek thread, I know, but I've loved U2 vinyl since I was young and I've been collecting for a few years now. I think I have some rare pieces but it would be great to see what other people have. If this thread already exists then I apologise and perhaps you can direct me to the c
  9. Hello. I have a rip of The Crystal Ballroom (12" version) someone passed along to me from the vinyl version of SoI. I just found a copy of the Japanese Deluxe Edition and the 12" version is about 20 seconds longer (it has the harmonizing "oooooh" singing at the beginning, the vinyl version seems to start with the drums coming in. Did I get a bad vinyl copy or did U2 edit the 12" version for the vinyl, but put out the full version for CD/digital releases? The vinyl I have is 7:08, the digital is 7:27. OR maybe it's not the format but the country of origin? Just wondering what othe
  10. Anyone else around here collect/play vinyl? My U2 collection: Boy (UK release, original) October (first US pressing) War New Years Day 12" single Under a Blood Red Sky Unforgettable Fire (Remastered) Joshua Tree (original US release) When Love comes to Town 12" single With or Without You, 45 single Pop (limited edition double vinyl) Songs of Innoncence
  11. From the album: Test

    Very very very Happy with the New Album!!! Thanks U2 for retweeting me

    © Jennifer De Graaff

  12. From the album: U2 Collections

    ...another vinyl single to add to the collection just arrived!
  13. This is a great opportunity for fans to grab a copy of this super rare vinyl release, and this topic is where you need to add your entry. Full details of the offer & requirements can be found here : http://www.u2.com/news/title/vinyl-special "What we're looking for from you is a vivid memory of an early gig - or a show that changed your life. Could be the first band you saw... or just one you'll never forget. Anything strange or wonderful take place - or was it a total let-down ? Did you meet them backstage after the show - or have you never listened to them again? Extra
  14. Ordinary Love, written for the movie Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, is now released in a 10-inch vinyl pressing to mark Record Store Day.But its a limited edition, which means not everyone will get one… so we’re delighted to announce we’ve bagged 25 copies to give away free to fans! Remember the #U2FTGU Competition - where we asked you to show us what you had built 'From The Ground Up'? Well, this time all we are asking you is to show us some of your 'Ordinary Love’ - and take inspiration from that amazing lyric video by Oliver Jeffers and Mac Premo. Take a line or section of the lyric
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