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Found 4 results

  1. Hey all, First time to community. Fan for 35 yrs, I reckon. Only seen the band live three times now (most recently, Chicago). So, it's probably been asked a thousand times over, but what are some of the videos about during the show? They are visual feasts for the eyes, but I want a backstory, if any. Maybe it's all just sort of streams of consciousness tied to a theme within a song. Hope that didn't sound too trippy. Here's a photo for the road...this was in '84. Hilarious. Bono was a darling & super kind. I'm wearing the crazy beret. My baby sis on the other 'Bono arm'. Pax from North of Detroit...Americana_Mama [MOD EDIT: NO POST PERSONAL INFORMATION ON THE BOARD, LIKE EMAIL ADDRESSES OR PHONE NUMBERS. Thanks]
  2. Here's a link to a TEDx talk I participated in last October. A colleague and I discussed the science of happiness and my individual solo was about U2. Please feel free to share the link with others. Thanks for watching Dave
  3. Can you say which song you prefer live and why?
  4. Now that Songs of Innocence is out it's time to start looking forward to the next tour. Durning the last two tours, 360 and Vertigo, I was surprised by the choice of songs with which they kicked off the tour. Here in North America they started with Breathe and City of Blinding Lights respectively for many of the concerts. I didn't think they were good choices until I actually heard them live. At that moment I thought they were a perfect choice. So with the upcoming tour what do you think will be the opening song? To get things started I think they'll go with The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone). But I would like to hear Volcano or Raised By Wolves to set the tone instead.
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