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Found 8 results

  1. Having seen U2 for every tour since Joshua Tree in 1987, I love them wholeheartedly. They are my favorite band..ever. But like all relationships, there are problems to work through. Only I don't know to whom or where to address my issue and will post here in an effort to get it off my chest and be heard in dialogue. For the past two tours, with the creation of the Red Zone we have come to learn that they usually get the best position in the house. I was alright with that because the money went to charity and it wasn't only the best seat in the house. But I can say, I wanted to be in the heart. Heck, for years concert goers know that especially with the creation of the extortionists, Ticketmaster, that the best seats sell at a premium to brokers and then to the highest bidder in the open market. Why not make those reserved for super fans who can pay and donate to charity? That said, this tour I got tickets for MSG on 7/18 and 7/19. The latter ones being Red Zone, however and this is my gripe...(and I know it's posted in between other posts previously but I still can't figure out who to contact)....the stage design changed and is not the same as during the pre-sale. Arguably, Red Zone is not the best position. But for the price, I paid $350 a pop for those. Not that bad considering I paid $312.40 for the other tickets in Sec 213 Row 7. Yes, yes, the original layout showed a rectangular horizontal stage with the RZ being at the opposite end of Sec 213. So, I assumed from the positioning of the last two tours, that the main stage was in front of the RZ. Not the case, now I, a fan, who subscribes to U2.com, pays an annual fee for that every year...was able to purchase tickets that took hours on the day of the presale from Ticketmaster. Some of the "best" seats presold to fans are now obstructed side views of the main stage and the band plays for 50% of the show on another stage? This isn't to mention the other ticket deception that after the presale, tickets in the same locations as these sold for less on Ticketmaster. In the end, as a fan, I feel cheated and taken advantage of...I'd like to sell my tickets in Sec 213 or trade them and get a better view. I feel like we were duped. Tickets for presale and thereafter should not have been sold under the pretense that the stage was as indicated or that fans had to troll forums and guess at what would actually be the set up like a secret map to a prize and hope you paid for the right location. I am not a fan of how ticket sales for these shows has become not only a mystery tour of 'let's see what you can get on any given day', wait and see how things progress and change and hope the "affordances" of being a fan (who pays to be in the club) will make you feel appreciated and draw you in closer to the band or put you out in left field. It is said that when you try to please everyone, you actually sometimes end up pleasing no one. Yes, the show has an amazing new layout and set design with two stages for the band to play and an immense catwalk to make all feel part of the band, along with a megatron of displays (but who wants to pay over $312 to watch the band on TV in an arena?). Their attempt to make everyone feel more immersed is not my gripe. It's a great idea. Selling tickets that are preselected and set aside to your fans that become just about the worse seats in the house that were paid for with a premium...that is a legitimate gripe and one that I hope gets some attention from the powers that be (whoever you are..). If anyone did anything about their tickets, please let me know.
  2. wingsfan


    From the album: U2 IE Tour May 30, 2015

  3. wingsfan


    From the album: U2 IE Tour May 30, 2015

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