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Found 1 result

  1. I'm sure this is just one of those coincidences, but when I read this NY Times article about this 1981 massacre in El Salvador something jumped right out of the photo at me. Do you see it? It's a photo of the memorial to the victims of the El Mozote massacre, where 1,000 men, women and children were slaughtered by US backed Salvadoran troops. Do the cut out figures holding hands look a whole lot like the cover of Songs of Experience? I am not saying it's intentional at all. Just one of those crazy coincidences, especially considering U2's commentary on El Salvador, Bullet the Blue Sky, Mother's of the Disappeared, etc. Possibly the hand holding duo is just etched in my brain from logging on here all the time. But I'll take it as an opportunity and run with it - to remember the victims, learn about the history, and remind complainers that U2's political voice didn't start with Trump. BTBS is about US involvement in these massacres. (The man with the face "red like a rose on a thorn bush" is Reagan, for you young 'uns who might not recall Ronnie's rosy cheeks.) The Salvadoran military unit at El Mozote was US trained, armed and advised, and we possibly provided air reconnaissance. I'm no expert. Just reading about it with renewed interest this morning. The El Salvadoran generals called their scorched-earth tactics of killing whole villages "draining the sea" and "drying up the ocean." The Salvadoran perpetrators are just now being brought to trial for war crimes, 30 years later. Two state officials had to be retrieved from Miami where they had been living after Bush I granted them asylum. The accounts of the massacre, contained in the article, are horrific. "They killed the children last, firing a barrage of bullets into the convent and then setting it aflame." We hear their heartbeats. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/26/world/americas/el-salvador-el-mazote-massacre.html .
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