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Found 15 results

  1. Hi All, We were just able to arrange child care, so fortunately, are flying in for the San Diego show. Need 2 GA or Red Zone tix please..... Longtime u2.com members and lifelong fans. Please help a brother out
  2. I have one hard GA floor ticket for the Buffalo show. Can't go anymore due to stuff that came up last minute at work. PM me if interested. Will send as soon as I receive payment.
  3. I had a friend cancel on me for Tampa. I have one extra GA floor ticket. I would love to be able to trade my TWO GA tix for ONE RED ZONE if anyone was interested. I could throw in some cash as well to make up the difference. If that doesn't work out, I'll sell my extra GA ticket for face value (about $95 after TM fees). PM if you're interested.
  4. I tried yesterday to get 2 or 4 tickets for two hours on both my phone and PC with my presale code. Ticketmaster site overloaded. I tried again today and had tickets in cart and got all the way to verify the delivery and pressed the enter key and the Ticketmaster site locked up. Refreshed and restarted the browser. By then it was too late. I called Ticketmaster and waited on hold for almost an hour. Nothing they could do. When you do a search on the web for U2 tickets.......What I would like to know is how do these scalpers and ticket sites acquire the tickets? They are raping people. I almost considered buying tickets for more than twice the amount of the tickets I had in my cart and then I saw that on top of that they were charging a 74.00 service fee per ticket. For me, It literally takes all the fun out concerts and seems very unfair. But life isn't fair, and it is what it is. I'm very disappointed because I have waited SO many years to see U2.
  5. Hey there. I have not been on the floor at a stadium tour. Will they section off areas of GA? I would think people would press towards the stage without some "order". Cheers.
  6. Hey. I was able to grab 4 GA for Dallas. Anyone think the number for the section GA4 means anything? Cheers. Jim
  7. I have 1 standing ticket for Wednesday 9th September I need 1 standing ticket for Saturday 12th September Would anyone like to trade with me? Alternatively if you have a floor ticket for sale for Saturday please get in touch. Thanks
  8. Heard about the success some have had with box office drops, so a group of us showed up at MSG yesterday around 330pm. There were already ~30 people in line, and as we approached show time, it grew to perhaps 200+ (apparently the word is out about this method). $280 seats were available to anyone who was interested, but it seems the vast majority of people were not interested in those. Finally, at nearly 8pm, maybe 4 people got GAs. I waited until I saw on twitter that the band had already gone thru Miracle, GLoria, Vertigo, and I will follow (one of the best chunks of the show IMO). I wasn't interested in paying for 2/3 of a show, so my wife and I left empty-handed. Not sure if more GAs were released, not that it would have mattered. Another interesting thing was that the TM app stopped selling tickets at 6pm - a full 2 hours before showtime. My assumption is there were many resale tix (including GA) that went unclaimed. My advice to folks looking for last min GA... if you arent in the very front of the cancellation line... don't waste your time. You'll only get verbally abused by the MSG staff for no reason. Having said that - if anyone has 1-2 GAs for tonight (7/27) - we would GREATLY appreciate it!!
  9. I live in NYC and would love to attend tonight's show. If anyone has a spare GA, I will meet at the venue and pay cash. Also - if anyone has any advice re: last minute MSG box office tix, that would be great! Vijay
  10. I've heard that many fans are successful in picking up GAs from the box office on the day of the show. Can anyone who has been able to pull this off (particularly at MSG) explain how it works? In what scenario would additional GAs be made available? What time would your recommend we try? How likely is it? I live in NYC and would love to attend any of the remaining MSG shows, but can't afford the 300+ seats... so GA @ face value is only option. Any suggestions?
  11. Looking for 1 or 2 General Admission tickets Amazing shows thus far in Boston Concert gods are owed a big thanks
  12. I have an extra GA floor ticket for the second Chicago show on 6/25... I'd love to trade my extra for a ticket to the first Chicago show on 6/24. I prefer GA, but I'm open to suggestions. These are credit card entry tickets, so we would have to line up and enter together.
  13. Im looking to purchase 1 ga floor ticket for the Sunday 7/26 show at MSG. Thanks!
  14. Hi everyone!!! I just now noticed that we will be landing in Chicago to see the Grateful Dead (July 3rd-5th) on U2 U2's last day in Chicago!!!! Does anyone have 2 tickets for this show that they would not mind selling to me? or does anyone know a good place to get tickets??? Thanks Kevin PS I have seen U2 13 times going on my 14th and 15th in May at the LA Forum! I am a TRUE FAN who also has U2 tattooed on my arm
  15. Hello - I'm looking to "upgrade" my 2 floor tickets for Thursday night for 2 Red Zone tickets. Would be interested in trading my 2 GA floors plus $ for 2 RZ. Would also just buy 2 RZs if you don't want my 2 GAs. Please pm if you can help a fella out!
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