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Found 1 result

  1. ok, so I didn't start this thread as clickbait but I am genuinely curious why people like 'Get Out Of Your Own Way'? I've said several times it is Beautiful Day Vol. 2. it builds up slowly like BD does only when you get to the chorus I really could care less? now I don't care for BD as a song, Bono said himself when getting a Grammy for it that "it's got no hook". darn right it doesn't B-Man and neither does GOOYOW. I never thought it was possible but this new single make BD sound great! at least with Beautiful Day it can even pull me in to want to sing the chorus. but ladies & gentlemen, boils & girls this song is so weak, it's anaemic and sounds like it should be on ATYCLB. U2 why would you choose this song as a single when you have new gems like 'The Little Things That Give You Away', 'Red Flag Day' 'Love Is Bigger Than Anything In It's Way' and 'The Landlady'?? these songs are an utter joy to listen to and remind me why I fell in love with your music. how can you have such great songs on the 2nd half of the album but weak songs like GOOYOW on the same album. I could cut this song out & American Soul and it improves the album. when I get a U2 album, I expect great things as they are a band that you can expect great things from. but GOOYOW, good grief. get out of my ear and skip a couple of tracks to 'Summer Of Love'. ok, so for those of you who love this song. please tell me why, what am I missing because I've listened to it plenty of times to try and get it. for me it's not even B-Side material. and if there are others like me who wonder why this song is even on the album, please feel free to post. why did I start this thread? because I know U2 can do better
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