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  1. From the album: seresere

    Photo taken in my garden by me
  2. I want to try to put it out there, what God might be thinking, yes the God of scripture, and how He is feeling about the latest decisions/stands of U2. Someone out there, can you help me to understand how this group can lean the way they have lately? No doubt, they have done so much for Social Justice throughout their career, and since they do profess a Christian faith, how does that continue to play out as time continues. As a young boy, growing up in the faith myself, it was amazing to see - that this band who took on governments, racists, etc. also stood for what God stood for in scripture and it was heartfelt not just someone saying something. Even if the world wasn't understanding what they were singing about, I got it, and people in the church slowly were coming around to the idea that this rock band was certainly different. For me, though, lately, it seems decisions are more like what the world stands for than scripture - sort of like how Solomon in the Bible lived out the last part of his days - after all the blessings, he started living contrary to how God would have wanted him to live (eg - marrying into foreign religions etc) So for me, this started in 2015, when they encouraged the vote for equality in same-sex marriage - Bono wearing a rainbow flag on stage that night (bad decisions) (yes people can believe and do what they want or believe they want, but it is something that scripture clearly does not support . However, I get that some struggle with the temptation, so it's not as easy or as black and white sometimes, yet there is still a right and wrong when you get down to it. Again, how does God feel? The point is that we are to be patient and understanding, but firm to the scripture being the authority when required. Then recently, they let this guy from Vogue do a video for Love is Bigger...(bad decision) and it portrays many youth that are in the LGBT community, which now looks like something that would make a great anthem for that group. I don't honestly think God feels fantastic about a video with two boys together, yet he understands why they may have gone down that road, and only he can show the way out. The latest now is that U2 is for the Yes vote to repeal the 8th. What the heck? How can you vote that you want abortion to be legal? I mean, honestly, I understand in extreme situations, like if the mother's life is in jeopardy, but take a look at scripture, Bono, Edge, where do ever get the picture that God thinks it ok to stop the birth process of another human being? And if you vote YES, then at what point would you change to a NO vote? What I mean, is would you say to NO to abortion if the baby was almost full term, like 8 1/2 months? of course you would, so what about 7 1/2 months...so follow the logic...how can you suddenly change it to a yes vote around the 2-3 month mark or earlier?? can you??? - I laugh when I read about Liam Neeson and his stand as well but I'm wondering how God feels. - “Having spent a significant part of my life based outside of my home country, I have witnessed Ireland becoming a nation that leads the world on social issues yet we still treat women as second-class citizens by taking away the basic right to make choices about their own bodies and if and when to have children..." Really? we're talking about taking rights away when it concerns taking the life of another human - not if and when to have children - that was always your right - nobody took that away.....do we have to explain here how making a baby works? if you choose to pro-create, that means you choose to possibly get pregnant, which is the majority of what we're talking about. What ever happened to living with the consequences of one's actions - I'm not pointing the finger here, b/c we all have to live with our decisions. I understand that having a child maybe not exactly when you wanted to can be a tough decision, but it would definitely bring a smile to God's face, vs a tear. Remember we're talking about how God feels, not us. (if someone did take that right away by force, that does not make God happy at all, in fact he is furious with that, the same way he is furious whenever any human wrongs another - only He understands how you feel and can help. He can even help you to love and care for that child...now that's only possible thru him - can you imagine that story? Part of an article from the Irish Times went like this when the band put it out there that they stand for the YES vote, to repeal the 8th. One furious fan wrote: "This breaks my heart. I have loved and followed you for 20 years. I still love you but I can’t follow you down this road. My tickets to upcoming shows will go unused". Another said: "Life is beautiful, how can you deny it to these children when each of us would cling to our own so fiercely?" A third added: "'Freedom has a scent like the top of a newborn baby’s head' — interesting to know you no longer want babies to have that freedom. You offer 'choice' to those who will ensure babies will never reach “newborn” status. A lot of your songs now very questionable." I have to agree with all these fans - and I know there are others who feel the opposite too - As Edge did say, there are a lot on both sides...and they do talk about how both sides of the white house have to work together, maybe we all do too.
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