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  1. pain_18_

    Best Buds

    From the album: The Secret Rhythm of Trees

    Updated !!!! This is the High Quality Scanned Version of the Completed Drawing !!!!!

    © CRIS

  2. From the album: Me

    Updated !!!! This is the High Quality Scanned Version of the Completed Drawing !!!!! @badlands65 Here's my new drawing.....Hope you see this.... This is the Olive Green Trabant S-601--Deluxe my uncle used to have....Together with my aunt and other relatives we drove to the sea-side in 1992 (or 1993).....first time I ever saw the sea and such an incredible car..............There are much more stories attached to it that my aunt knows from before I was born, they had it since 1981....I used one of the stories in an Achtung Baby review I posted back in the blog day

    © Cris

  3. From the album: The Secret Rhythm of Trees

    © @CRIS

  4. Hello, on 24th August 2019 I will marry with my love Marco. We've known each other for only 4 months, it was love at first sight. ❤️ Marco is a singer and has a band playing U2 cover for 25 years. His greatest wish would be to know Bono Vox. On the wedding day I would like to give him a video in which Bono greets Marco and congratulates him on his wedding. It would be a dream for me to see the joy in his eyes. Thank you (and sorry for my bad english!!). Benedetta [MOD EDIT: PERSONAL INFORMATION REMOVED - Please do not post any personal information (like phone number
  5. From the album: The Secret Rhythm of Trees

    I love it So Much !!!!!

    © @CRIS

  6. From the album: The Secret Rhythm of Trees

    Love Poplars and their unique scent.... especially the scent of their leaves after the rain since kindergarten....they had huge poplars in the courtyard and their scent drove me mad........Still does today whenever I find few poplars 'cause there is a huge poplar hate here and most of them had been cut down .......

    © @CRIS

  7. pain_18_

    Crazy Woods

    From the album: The Secret Rhythm of Trees

    © @CRIS

  8. From the album: Drops Of Sun

    Oh...... To be young and in love in the Japanese Garden......... NONE of the characters is me.......Just to be clear...... Photo taken by me (MOI).....

    © CRIS

  9. From the album: Drops Of Sun

    © CRIS

  10. pain_18_

    BUMP !!!

    From the album: Drops Of Sun

    © CRIS

  11. pain_18_


    From the album: Songs of Experience

    After listening to SOE I went out " Running down the street like loose electricity while the band in my head plays a strip-tease" to the park and took some SOE-inspired photos....

    © Cris

  12. Incoming : BOOm - CHaaaa !!!! BOOM - Chaaaa !!!! So, while everyone on here is talking about TJT at 30....I am going to talk about " THAT other ALBUM " !!! You know..... I'm loving and caressing it as I usually do with the shell of a sea-snail, stirred up by the sea....breaking on her back like a beach..... Got *POP* in the playlist, of course, listening to it while typing this..... It's been 20 years since its' release and, even-though it may sound cheesy and repetitive, I'm going to say it again.....: Like the other U2 albums of the 90's....POP is timeless....If anyth
  13. From the album: ACHTUNG BABY !!!!!

    © Cris

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