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Found 7 results

  1. pain_18_


    From the album: ___*POP* ___REMASTERed 2018 !!!!

    © Cris for the photo, U2 for the lyrics

  2. From the album: The Joshua Tree

    "I could show you a place....An Oasis on a Desert Plain .... " Bono's handwritten lyrics for "Where The Streets Have No Name" !!! How crazy is that ???

    © Cris

  3. Twelve years ago and one month to the day of the MSG U2 concert we will be at (July 30th)... my husband and I chose the name Grace for our daughter and this was all due to U2. Our daughter Grace, which means "a gift from God", was more than just that. U2's song GRACE told our story. Nine months earlier our first child and newly adopted daughter passed away. We had not even returned from China with her when she became heaven bound. As we worked through the pain, sadness, and dullness in our hearts we found some solace. We had hoped to go back to China after we healed but did not really believe it would ever happen... parenthood. So while away on our anniversary weekend we talked about the what if's. Don said, "I want you to really listen to the words to this U2 song, GRACE. I really believe this song tells our story and shows us what our child will be to us, our story, herself, and the world." OK maybe I added the last part. But the song is all about healing and wiping away the pain... of hope and triumph. My sweet beautiful daughter Grace has been that and so much more. That song gave us hope. That song kinda' put a little light on our road. That song gave us the courage we needed, that all would be OK. Thank you U2. My husband and I have been fans much longer than we have been married. But your live performance has been on our bucket list for many years. And now we get to celebrate 25 years together in NYC with U2. Thanks for all the graces your music sends out to each and every one of us.
  4. From the album: Song Trek

    So that's where it's been all this time pfft!!

    © images from google photoshopped by Sulu

  5. From the album: Song Trek

    so that's what keeps happening to Bono's lyrics, no wonder it's taking so long to write songs!

    © images from google photoshopped by the Ensign who will inevitably be bumped off

  6. In Bono's interview with Charlie Rose in May 2013, he said that U2 has not yet produced the perfect song. Do you agree or disagree. If you disagree, please state which U2 song is the perfect one.
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