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Found 2 results

  1. pain_18_

    _Still Hungry

    From the album: Me

    Updated !!!! This is the High Quality Scanned Version of the Completed Drawing !!!!! Another one of my uncles' cars...That I grew up with....

    © Cris

  2. Hi everybody! My name is Claire from France. I'm a print journalist and I've been following U2 carreer since I was 12 (and let me tell you it is almost 25 years i'm not that age anymore;)! ). Here is a post about my project around U2 fans. At the moment, it is named "U2 : I will follow project" and intends to gather testimonies from U2 fans all other the world and publish a book. Sorry if this post is a bit long (that's an understatement;)!) but i wanted to explain everything. Here we go! "While tickets for the next U2 tour 2015 were again snatched after a few hours, why is the Irish band still so popular around the world 35 years after its debut in Dublin? Why do people love U2 in Paris, Vancouver, Sydney or Buenos Aires? What kind of relationship do admirers have with the band? What do they feel when they listen to its music? The "U2: I will follow project" is to collect testimonies from fans around the globe to answer all these questions and edit the output through a book (financed by a call for donations on a participatory platform). In order not to go in all directions, a list of dozens of questions was established (see below). Then you are free to share other impressions of the group, telling stories, asking more questions ... Who I am? Claire Talgorn 37, print journalist for 15 years in a daily regional press in France. Passionate about music, of course! Why am I interested in U2 fans? Probably because I am one of them! I entered the world of the four Irishmen one afternoon in 1989. I was 12 years old. I heard "Pride" on the radio and the world stopped. Their music never left me. When I listen to it is a mixture of revolt, rage, and tenderness, sweetness I feel every time. It took me 16 years to see them on stage in July 2005 at Stade de France in Paris. And just a month to leave to attend another show in San Sebastian in August of the same year! Why? Because U2 live is something indescribable. People often have difficulty expressing what they felt for two hours faced with this influx of continuous emotions. The heart that beats faster, the tears well up in the eyes, the desire to revolt, having broken voice, chills, goose bumps, sadness after it's finished. And if it did not return? U2 made me travel literally and figuratively. Paris, San Sebastian, Dublin, Amsterdam, Berlin ... Each time, the on-site meetings are amazing! For the anecdote, in Paris, I almost fought with a drunk guy who wanted to take my irish flag on "Sunday bloody sunday"! It is for you now! Here is the questionnaire 1) How long have you been listening to U2 music? (remember the first time you heard it, what you felt, tell) 2) How do you feel when you listen to their music? 3) What is the song that speaks to you the most and why? 4) To what do you attribute the longevity of the band? How has the group changed (for those who have been following it for a long time)? 5) What is the most extraordinary, unusual, funny, weird thing have you done or experienced because of your passion for U2? 6) How would you describe your relationship with this band? Have you ever met them, tell us. 7) Have you seen U2 live? If so, tell us your best live moment (where, when, feeling ...) 8) How many times have you attended a U2 show? (where, when, why?) 9) What do you like most about them? And what don't you like? 10) What is the word that best sums up the band? 11) Please provide your name or a nickname, and especially the city or country you live in The project can become true only through your contribution. If you are interested in participating, take twenty minutes to complete the questionnaire and return it to the following email address: u2iwillfollowproject@gmail.com Thank you very much in advance! Claire PS : I'll come later on to tell you if the call has been heard... or not!
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