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Found 21 results

  1. Hi all - so I preordered the new album back on 2nd November from the U2 shop site and here I sit awaiting its delivery (still). Has anyone else experienced a delay in delivery of their album (or in my case the box set?) Thanks! PS I 'had' to buy a copy on Saturday of course as I simply couldn't wait...
  2. Hey everyone..... starting to think the new album, aka SOE, is actually being delayed because Apple is not ready yet with the secret "new" music platform or distribution method that was talked about back in Sept. 2014 at the release of SOI. Remember both the band & Apple talking how they were working on this new method of music distribution so that people would want to start paying again for music? How U2 & Apple were working on "changing the game", that it was going to be irresistable because of all the xtra interaction you would get w the music &/or the band? To me it is clea
  3. I don't know who i am writing to and hope it is the appropriate place. It is just a suggestion. That's the point: to U2, Why don't you do an album where Bono sings, Edge sings, Larry sings, Adam sings...I mean single songs. What is The Voice of U2? Four leaders in a Band...
  4. Guys, what do you think SOE will be about? I think it will be about U2 after Rattle and Hum... the whole ZooTV madness. What do ye think?
  5. In late 2010, U2 began recording a new album with producer Brian "Danger Mouse" Burton during downtime from their 360° world tour. They had little idea they were kicking off a four-year process, far and away the longest they'd ever spent on a single album. "The experiments and excursions we took with Danger Mouse at the start of the album recording were unashamedly unhinged and free of all critical judgement," says the Edge. via e-mail. "We were happy to suspend disbelief just to see where we could get to. Those early sessions were some of the most productive and fun U2 studio sessions I can r
  6. If you fancy a read (apologies if already posted elsewhere - can't keep up!!) http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/reviews/u2-songs-of-innocence-album-review-secure-in-their-comfortzone-of-stadiumsized-yearning-9723897.html http://www.theguardian.com/music/musicblog/2014/sep/09/u2-songs-of-innocence-first-listen-review http://www.nme.com/reviews/u2/15625#17
  7. From the album: Song Trek

    despite the advance of technology, the star travellers had never encountered a life form like Bono

    © image from google, photoshopped by Bones

  8. Edge said yesterday in that BBC2 radio interview: "The final working title is starting to get to the point where it's sticking, so hopefully very soon we can announce that." What will be your favorite title of the new album? My suggestion, just a little joke: "Kraut and Kraft" (Krautrock meets Kraftwerk, to get involved the german influence - again) Maybe they will announce it at the Fallon Show? Cheers, Wolfgang
  9. Canadian Band WHY released their new album before the Holidays. It's called "The Leap" and features songs "Do It Scared" "Crash Into The Future" and "Weep" They did a video for ONE agit8. They did a cover of protest song by The Stones. You can see it on http://www.one.org/protestsongs "Gimme Shelter" by WHY feat FLO. The only Canadian Rock Band invited. Get it on iTunes and CDBABY: http://www.cdbaby.com/why6 If you liked their last albums you'll love this one. Hear the music at: http://www.reverbnation.com/why
  10. Bono says "very good is the enemy of great" and U2's audience expect their new album to be "great" What do you think? cast your vote and let's see if he's right about the fans! (PS. It is multiple choice so you can click more than one option if you want)
  11. From the album: Song Trek

    Could the five year mission for new song forms be coming to an end?

    © image from google, translated by Uhura!

  12. From the album: Song Trek

    If U2 are indeed in the studio we can just about Klingon...Cling On

    © image from google, photoshopped by Klingons

  13. Anjana


    From the album: Song Trek

    Desperate times call for desperate measures!!

    © images from google, photoshopped by Chekov (forever the optimist!)

  14. From the album: Song Trek

    So that's where it's been all this time pfft!!

    © images from google photoshopped by Sulu

  15. From the album: Song Trek

    so that's what keeps happening to Bono's lyrics, no wonder it's taking so long to write songs!

    © images from google photoshopped by the Ensign who will inevitably be bumped off

  16. From the album: Song Trek

    be prepared for so called 'leaks' again!

    © images from google, photoshopped by Tribbles

  17. From the album: Song Trek

    Is it still light years away?

    © image from google photoshopped by Scotty (I canna do it Cap'n)

  18. Anjana

    WAR(P) album

    From the album: Song Trek

    How to make the WAR(P) album - going back to basics

    © image from google photoshopped by Kirk

  19. From the album: Song Trek

    Would there be a star date long enough?

    © image from google, photoshopped by Spock

  20. Hey all just to say Carol Foster and i met Dallas Shoo on Thursday we chatted for about 20 minutes and here is what he has said. "there will be a new u2 album before the end of the year" "Dangermouse is really pushing Bono" He also said he knows nothing of all this 6 gigs in 6 cities rumours Now i know he would not deliberatly deceive anyone and i know i'd listen to him before the likes of Julian Lennon etc so im going on what Dallas said. This is what he said when Crol and i asked the questions if anyone doubts this then that is thier problem Basher p.s Carol got o
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