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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, everyone. Here is a big fan from Brazil! I am really excited about another great gig to occur in this country! I will be watching U2 play live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. My heart is filled with joy and passion, specially because it will be the "first concert" of my baby boy. Yes, I am expecting, will have completed 26 weeks of pregnancy on the day of the concert! Happy on one hand, but concerned on the other. When I purchased my ticket,I didn't know I was pregnant. As soon as I found out about it, I contacted U2 Brazil's concert sales administrator, company "Tickets for Fun" and asked them if I could access the designated area for people with special needs/reduced mobility. Because I am pregnant and my mobility will be then diminished. The reply was disappointing. "Tickets for Fun"'s answer was everything but funny, and they recommended that I cancelled my attendance. Alternatively, they said I could buy a half-priced ticket for people with special needs as assured by Brazilian legislation, if I was able to prove that I have some sort of disability. I tried to tell them that I have no disability (and maybe all tickets are sold out anyway), will just have restrictions on mobility on the day of the concert, and that I don't mind having paid the full price for the ticket, it is worth it! - but don't want to refrain from watching U2 live for the first time in my life. It was useless, "Tickets for Fun" kept saying that only the ones who buy a half-priced ticket "for people with special needs" and have some type of disability can go to the relevant designated area. I seem to be stuck in the middle of some sort of bureaucracy and, let's confess, a little bit of lack of common sense - as I am OK about having paid a full ticket, but just discovered that I was pregnant later - the only thing I ask is to be able to stay in a safer area, more suitable for people with mobility restrictions. Would any of you faced similar problems? Any tips? Anyone reading from Brazil? For reference, the "Rock in Rio" music festival has a simpler way to address this situation, with pregnant women (and even women who are breast feeding!) having access to premises through different entrances and being able to stay at special, designated areas. This is better described on http://rockinrio.com/rio/en/infos#pne-aba-2 - Accessibility. But the problem is that you U2 is not going to play in "Rock in Rio". Life is tough. And "I still haven't found what I am looking for". Any advice would be much appreciated, to br able to access the area for people with mobility restrictions. Love and all the best vibrations from me, my husband and soon-to-be-born, newest U2 fan! Suzana Bromberg
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