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  1. I feel like a sucker. After seeing dozens of U2 concerts for the last 30 years, and being a member of this club for nearly a decade, I can't believe this band has let me down so much with its SOE concert pricing. I spent an hour in November trying to work through the Ticketmaster presale, after spending the annual $50 fan membership only to find very limited seats under $350 in the lower bowl of the Forum. So I shelled out $295 a ticket for the latter half of the upper bowl. Today (and, silly me for not noticing this until now), but I'm seeing that there are many seats SEVERAL rows c
  2. Just got this text from my mobile phone company: from 3Plus: Due to unforseen circumstances the 3Plus U2 ticket sale is cancelled and the code you obtained is no longer valid. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Tickets on sale 9am Friday 02/02/18 from usual outlets. Now, as it happens I am not relying on this presale, having eventually gotten lucky with the other presales this week. However I’d be freaked if I was relying on it.
  3. Hi all - the U2.com email I got this morning said my unique presale code was “U2JT....”. Any idea of this is valid? I did not use my presale code for the JT tour, but did use my Experience code for the E&I tour. Did anyone else get a JT code?
  4. Hello Everyone, Thank you very much for taking the time to click on this post. I hope you'll consider what I write and digest on it. Also, I hope you're all enjoying the new U2 album, I am very much! Down to business--- Why do features like Verified Fan and Fan Club presales exist? They are sold to us based on the belief that charging high prices for concerts is wrong, and that "true fans" shouldn't have to pay high prices to attend concerts. It is argued that ticket scalpers charge unfair prices for tickets, and the aforementioned intervention resolves this by making
  5. Hello Everyone, Thank you very much for taking the time to click on this post. I hope you'll consider what I write and digest on it. Also, I hope you're all enjoying the new U2 album, I am very much! Down to business--- Why do features like Verified Fan and Fan Club presales exist? They are sold to us based on the belief that charging high prices for concerts is wrong, and that "true fans" shouldn't have to pay high prices to attend concerts. It is argued that ticket scalpers charge unfair prices for tickets, and the aforementioned intervention resolves this by making
  6. For the past two tours I was in the first group to purchase tickets. On my computer and refreshed exactly on time. Both tours got Red Zone tickets (Innocence and JT in at the MSG and Meadowlands respectively), today I got on for MSG for Experience and no Red Zone tickets were coming up. I had to change from "Best Available" to specifically hitting radar button for Red Zone seating. Had to change number of tickets from 2 to 1. 1 came up available and then switched back to 2 as quantity and got them. This was at 10:09am. Took 9 minutes so something was glitchy in the system. Also no GA
  7. I haven't RENEWED my subscription yet but have an account that was setup before Friday. Does anyone know if I'll get presale access tomorrow if I pay for registration today? It said registration closed Friday and I don't know if that means paid subscriptions today won't get me presale codes. Thanks
  8. I sent an email to customer support twice. Looking for an explanation why I couldn’t purchase GA tickets with an experience presale code. I received a form email from them. The responder was Maritza. She just copied and pasted a form email and sent it to me. It took days to get that after a form email telling me someone would respond in 12 hrs. My membership goes back to the Proaganda day’s. That’s how long I’ve been a supporter. I am beyond pissed and want my money back from U2 and Ticketmaster. The Joshua Tree Tour presale went perfect. Don’t understand why they had to muck things up. I’ve h
  9. I have a Propaganda issue directly mailed to me from U2's Principle Management office, That says it all about how long I have been devoted to the greatest band ever and to my musical fathers. My favorite tour of all time is Zoo TV and its Zooropa edition. Seeing it in Verona, Italy in 1993, with Pearl Jam opening, has completely blown me away. U2 was my spiritual and emotional home ever since. Sadly, last week has brought an extreme disappointment and heart break. SoE Tour 2018 presale has left me with feeling of being used by mercenaries. How else would you explain renewing U2.com subscr
  10. Trying to get an idea of successful GA purchases using the Citibank presale. Based on what transpired during round 1, what chance do I have for Chicago #2? - assuming I get a Citi presale code.
  11. My theory...it's all in the fine print of "Verified Fan" and my sincere belief that if we were assigned a presale group that meant we were verified. In reading U2.com/help: Can I register for other Verified Presales if I participate in the Verified Subscriber Presale, like Verified Citi and Verified Fan? Yes, you may register for the other Presales in addition to the U2.com Verified Subscriber Presale. Please note, registration does not guarantee you will be verified, receive a code, or have the ability to purchase tickets through the other Presales. Note: "Does not guarantee you will
  12. Just a heads up for everyone doing the pre-sale for the Vegas show. Ticketmaster is not the vendor for the tickets, you will be forwarded to an AXS website. I've read other folks posting that they almost lost their tickets for Atlanta (uses the same vendor as Vegas) because they had to create an account on this site as well. I recommend creating an account on the AXS site ahead of time, just to be on the safe side. And they don't make it obvious (or I am a complete knucklehead) how to create an account, so here's what I did. From any of the pages that the link from Ticketmaster sends you to, s
  13. I have a Citi Card that is currently associated with my TM account and U2.com Verified Subscriber account. Assuming that our U2 presale provides access to two tickets for whichever show we decide to attend, my wife and I will need a third for our son. If i register for the CitCard presale in order to purchase a third ticket, do i need to associate my TM account with a different credit card to avoid a conflict with the U2.com presale?
  14. I had been checking with the tickets available for the boston show since yesterday and it looks to me like they just left the same exact tickets, let alone the fact that it took several minutes to even be given the option to enter an innocence code, and since GA for boston was sold out during the experience sale it looks like they screwed innocence members. Did anyone with innocence get GA for boston today or was it already gone when you got in?
  15. I was shut out for tickets to the Boston Show. Wasted a ridiculous amount of time refreshing the Ticketmaster page hoping new tickets would appear and spent money on the membership that was not even expired to get the code! I wake up this morning to find an email from Stub Hub offering me tickets to U2!!!!! I don't follow Stub Hub, I've never received emails from them in the past, I've never bought tickets from them! How did they get my email address...and if this horrendous presale was supposed to eliminate the scalper....how are they offering me tickets? Did anyone else
  16. I am just wondering if this might be a new glitch as in the system thinks we have used up our code....
  17. So for Christmas I was going to get myself and my two boys tickets for the show however presale is restricted to 2 tickets? I then find out that the lottery that is verified fan can get up to 4 IF you get a code? How can I get tickets for myself and my boys. I need 3, but would like 4. I am not finding any good information on what to do.
  18. Good day. I purchased a seat for the June 25th Madison Square Garden, NYC show by accident. I wanted a GA. I checked off "GA" on the Ticketmaster website during the presale. Ticketmaster threw me seats that cost $104 so in the excitement I thought it was a GA, as GA's come to about $100.) I purchased the seat by mistake. I called Ticketmaster and they refunded my money but the told me the "owners" (which I believe would be Live Nation or something connected to the U2 camp) would not give me my presale code back. I have to wonder why not? If I get my code back I will definitely use
  19. Tips and discussion for Montreal show, including Advice for day 2- iNNOCENCE group. Join the U2 eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE 2018 Montreal Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/186637381899604/permalink/189242204972455/?comment_id=189264201636922&reply_comment_id=189265728303436&notif_id=1510687624420855&notif_t=group_comment
  20. SERVICE FEES: I am absolutely DISGUSTED by the service fees. $19.30 on $81 tickets..that's almost 24%. This BS needs to stop. What does that service fee go towards? So tired of ticketmaster. Grateful my ticket purchase was seamless but sick about these fees.
  21. I am in the innocence group and without an experience code can view the tickets available for Boston on ticketmaster, so i was looking to get an idea of the prices, but it looks like theres not a ton of General Admission left due to the lighter shade of blue for GA. Will they re-stock and at least add more GA tickets before the innocence presale tomorrow or do we only get access to whatever was left after the experience presale?
  22. I know the concerts are several months out, but of the 16 announced dates, we can't make the shows nearest to us (Chicago and/or Nashville) happen due to work & family commitments. Only 16 dates... i+e Tour ended up with 38 dates, albeit visiting only 12 cities. My wife are deciding to roll the dice and hope more dates are added after the pre-sales are completed. There are scheduling & geographic gaps that could be filled. Fingers crossed and saying a prayer Anyone else taking the risk?
  23. Hi guys, I bought in the pre sale with credit card 4 tickets for U2 Barcelona. All tickets have my name. Unfortunately 2 persons can not attend the concert. Is it possible to sell these tickets to another person? Or only possible when they go into the stadium with me? As I am the one who needs to show ID and Credit Card? Cheers, Martine
  24. ¡Hola a todos! Estoy muy emocionada por los conciertos en México. Creo que compraré boletos en pista, me gusta cantar, brincar y bailar, en las gradas siempre hay alguien que pide que te sientes. ¿Ustedes cuáles boletos comprarán y cuáles creen que se vendan primero?
  25. Credit Card entry method kind sucks if you can't fully commit to going to the concert of your choice. it's basically use it, or lose it. Has anyone ever used a VISA / MasterCard gift card to purchase tickets? Seems like a logical work around in order to sell a "ticket" that can't be used. That way, if you can't use the ticket yourself, you could just send the gift card used to buy the ticket to the person buying the ticket.
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