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  1. Hello. Wife and I have RED ZONE Tickets for the first time in DC in a couple weeks. I have searched online and in the forums, but I am still unclear how the process works. What time do we need to be there? When we check in at Will-Call, do we get a physical ticket or a badge or something? After that, do they just have a line for RED ZONE people that forms and do they let all of the RED ZONE people in at once? Also, I understand that as a RZ ticket holder you can move between RZ and GA. Where are the entrances into GA from the RZ? Are they only at the back of RZ, or is there one up front, too? Sorry for all of the questions, but I am really excited about my first RZ experience, but also want to be prepared in case there are certain things I should know. I've read a lot of people use the RZ access when the doors open to then go straight into GA. And do they include any drinks! I remember sitting just above RZ at 360 and they had a big drink/food table. Or is this just a private cash bar that is easier for RZ people to access? Thanks for any help you can offer folks!! Sean
  2. So I bought 2 tickets on Seat Geek for the Red Zone 2 section. When I received my tickets it doesn't say Red Zone on it anywhere but instead says GA2. I'm trying to make sure I bought the right tickets, since I paid up for them a little. When I called Scottrade Center I don't think the guy I was talking to really understood what I was asking. Does anyone know if GA2 on the ticket means Red Zone 2? Or do I have just a general admission ticket? Thought I would check here before calling Ticket Network. Thanks!
  3. For the past two tours I was in the first group to purchase tickets. On my computer and refreshed exactly on time. Both tours got Red Zone tickets (Innocence and JT in at the MSG and Meadowlands respectively), today I got on for MSG for Experience and no Red Zone tickets were coming up. I had to change from "Best Available" to specifically hitting radar button for Red Zone seating. Had to change number of tickets from 2 to 1. 1 came up available and then switched back to 2 as quantity and got them. This was at 10:09am. Took 9 minutes so something was glitchy in the system. Also no GA tickets were coming up available. None. Only VIP $695 party tickets and the same lower section, 115. The release of tickets for this presale, at least in the first 9 minutes was limited, wonky, glitchy and something is still amiss despite attempts to offer longest term fans a pre-presale, verify fan only through TM and you lower supply to them...??? Something smells fishy. Hope this helps others who want this "experience" too. :-) Grateful I found what I'm looking for...
  4. ¿Alguien sabe si en Colombia habrá Red Zone? Viendo los mapas de las zonas en los estadios de Colombia, Argentina, y México, no aparecieron detalladas hoy las famosas "Red Zone". Acá en Colombia las boletas salen a la venta el jueves, será que avisarán antes si habrá disponible una Red Zone para comprar boletas?
  5. Hi, WTB 1 Red Zone ticket. Couldn't get it during pre-sale and general sale. Kindly let me know if any one have extra to sale it Thanks!
  6. So I happen to have scored a work trip to Phoenix and will be in town for the JT show!! I would love to get a red zone ticket if anyone has an extra. Let me know!
  7. If you end up with an extra please PM me. I can meet u at the Red Zone line with cash.
  8. Desperately seeking two RZ tickets (preferably), or realllllly good seats for Minneapolis Sept. 8. I can pay face-value and/or trade the three GA tickets I already have. We are taking my 9-year-old son to his first-ever U2 show. We had every intention of lining up, getting numbers, etc. to get him on the rail, but now my husband is being sent away on a business trip. I feel like that's going to be too hard to secure (and keep) a spot on the rail with a 9-year-old (what if he has to go to the bathroom and there's no one to hold our spot in the stadium?!), so I'm thinking the best solution is to get two Red Zone tickets, or two really good seats. Thanks so much!!
  9. I"m looking for a single Red Zone ticket to Minneapolis tomorrow night. I can meet you at the venue and my timing is flexible. Thanks!
  10. Please PM me if you have an extra RZ or 2. Thanks! Brian
  11. Looking for one or 2. PM me if you end up with any extra. Thanks! Brian
  12. Hey! Anyone here with Redzone experience? During the 360Tour it looked pretty fancy, not to crowded. But during the last tour it looked a bit like a ripoff, only partially along the stage. I don't like GA, because I don't have time to stand in line all day to catch a good spot.
  13. Has anyone received the e-mail explaining pick-up time and place for Red Zone in Rome? Just getting nervous...
  14. Hi Excited to have Red Zone tickets for Joshua Tree at Twickenham - does anyone have information on if Emma (or a Red Zone representative) will be contacting re ticket pick ups? Emma was an amazing help at the O2 in 2015 and sadly the ticketing agents are typically slow on information or help! Thanks
  15. Hi, WTB 1 Red Zone ticket. Couldn't get it during pre-sale and general sale. Kindly let me know if any one have extra Thanks!
  16. If anyone has Red Zone for 6/28 I'd be interested in 1 ticket. Thank you!
  17. I have 2 RZ for 6/29. Something came up last minute and we will not be able to attend. I am only asking what I paid with fees, $704.75. I will have to meet you at the event in the early afternoon (once they begin handing out wristbands). I can also send you part of my Ticketmaster receipt email for proof. Please message me if interested. Thanks!
  18. I have one extra RZ Ticket for Boston. Face Value. 350.00 Please contact me No emails please use PM's - mods
  19. I had a friend cancel on me for Tampa. I have one extra GA floor ticket. I would love to be able to trade my TWO GA tix for ONE RED ZONE if anyone was interested. I could throw in some cash as well to make up the difference. If that doesn't work out, I'll sell my extra GA ticket for face value (about $95 after TM fees). PM if you're interested.
  20. Hello! I'm hoping to buy one face-value GA or Red Zone ticket for Tampa. Or a GOOD seat. Anyone? Thank you!!
  21. I'm trying to figure out how early I should arrive at red zone in Dallas. Can anyone who attended previous shows on the JT tour tell us how early you arrived at RZ and how crowded it was? Also I'm thinking being near stage b is a good spot. Any thoughts? Thanks
  22. Hi! I'm doing the Miami show solo in red zone. My friends will be in GA. Does anyone know if red zone can go to GA and back in this tour like previous tours? Also, any other female doing this show solo in red zone - pls send me a message. I figure it'll be helpful to know someone/have someone to hold a spot for each other as needed. Looking forward to this tour, Miami is the start of it for me
  23. Hi, I'm in need of 2 red zone tix for Louisville. Please, anyone willing or needing to sell let me know. [PLEASE NO PERSONAL INFORMATION ON THE BOARD - LIKE EMAIL ADDRESSES OR PHONE NUMBERS - Use instead the PM system. Thanks] Thx!
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