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Found 14 results

  1. Thank you for enjoying this artwork form of The Joshua Tree that I have created and posted on YouTube. There is no music to it: I let you choose your own song. Thank you for watching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPx_0j3k3LY&t=54s
  2. Big, big day here... The Joshua Tree is 30 years old. One of the most important albums in U2 history, and most certainly an important part of the soundtrack of our lives. For many it was the album that made them fans of the band, or they were already fans but it helped them to convince those around that this was THE band. What does it mean for you? How are you planning to celebrate this anniversary? Share with the community your collection, adventures... your dreams surrounding The Joshua Tree. We want to know all about your own musical journey...
  3. suelifinoto


    From the album: "All I want is you"

    Os shows terminaram na quarta e já estou com muita saudade de tudo. Foi pouco para matar a saudade.
  4. From the album: "All I want is you"

    Os shows em São Paulo tem sido maravilhosos, estou amando e queria que nunca acabasse, cada noite uma melhor que a outra. Bono meu Rei maravilhoso!!! U2 é o melhor do mundo!!!! www.suelifinoto-art.com.br
  5. Hi, my name is Yury Gromov, i'm an artist from Russia and also i'm a big U2 fan. I made a special Russian matryoshka doll to celebrate 30th anniversary of U2 The Joshua Tree album. This spring me and a few of my friends are going to U2 concerts in California (San Jose and Pasadena) where we will try to present this martyoshka to the band. If you have any ideas about how to do this or how to contact with the band crew we will be glad to hear it)) See you on the road and in line at the stadiums! Stages of painting, video http://youtu.be/HcaJdmDN_uo
  6. From the album: jjwan in pictures (not moving pictures)

    Joshua Tree tshirt? Check. 'Achtung Baby' button on lapel? Check. Can anyone guess what I'm listening to? (Hint: Boomcha!)
  7. From the album: ewe too

    ..."When we took the photographs, we thought it was a very powerful visual graphic image. We then drove off, and I don't know if we'll ever find that Joshua tree again. I don't know if anyone will ever find that Joshua tree again -- I hope that if people do find the Joshua tree they won't cut it down and take it home and stick it to the wall --- or bring it to a gig!! ('Hey Baaano! I got yer tree!')" Bono 01/01/87 U2 World Service Propaganda magazine. In 1987 when I first opened up ‘The Joshua Tree’ album, I was spell bound by Anton Corbijn's photos of the desert and particularly the tree

    © me, joshthetree

  8. Here's an article I wrote about the 1987 album "The Joshua Tree" and how it foretold much of what is going on in America today. Hope you enjoy. https://medium.com/@joemason_35946/the-joshua-tree-turns-30-d2844f5ac33b#.40zr22fky
  9. Here's an article on posted today about U2's 1987 album, "The Joshua Tree" and how it foretold the future of American politics in 2016. I hope you enjoy. https://medium.com/@joemason_35946/the-joshua-tree-turns-30-d2844f5ac33b#.i8w293swk
  10. Making a clean wallpaper of the Joshua Tree artwork for iPhone 6 (it's those gorgeous Retina Displays; they can reveal the slightest imperfections), but I need to know which version of the color Gold was used in the lettering and the lines that surround the photos? I want it to look as accurate as possible. I'm making this in Photoshop. Once completed, I would like to share. Any help here would be appreciated, because Google isn't any help to me at the moment.
  11. Popodiah

    Grooms Cake

    From the album: Popodiah's U2 Pics

    This is a photo of the groom's cake my wife surprised me with at our wedding on 10/7/13. The first album I ever bought was The Joshua Tree, back in the summer of 1988 (still my all time favorite album, One Tree Hill's still my all time favorite song). Printed on a sheet of fondant is the setlist of the concert they played in Belgium on The Joshua Tree Tour on my birthday. The cake was made by Patisserie Angelica in Sebastapool, California. I was even more surprised than I was when U2 busted out Electric Co, An Cat Dubh, Gloria & The Ocean on the Vertigo tour!
  12. ParanahBoy


    From the album: U2 stuff

    TUF deluxe was a presie from Granny Mabel. UABRS was my second U2 album, a present from Mum, thanks!
  13. From the album: U2 stuff

    NLOTH, thanks Mam and Dad for my first ever U2 album! Zooropa and Pop were Christmas presies from Granny and Grandad. TUF was a souvenir from Glen when he was in Dublin, cheers bud! Achtung Baby I think was a Christmas presie but I can't remember who got me it
  14. ParanahBoy


    From the album: U2 stuff

    The Philadelphia interviews: volume two was a presie from my Uncle. Rattle And Hum and The wonderful Joshua Tree given to me by Dad, thanks guys!
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