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  1. The band are now putting their name to these Platinum tickets being sold by Ticketmaster (see image at the end of my post) and it is making me sick to my core . Of all the bands out there and as a fan of 35 plus years how can they be exploiting there fans to this level .£300 plus for GA tickets are you kidding me ,genuine working class fans who put the band where they are today have no chance of affording these scam tickets . Why are the band allowing Ticketmaster to cream off the best tickets seating and standing and sell them at vastly inflated prices that their fan base would have to go into debt to afford, This is the description that Ticketbastard have of these tickets Please note Platinum Tickets are in demand tickets to concerts and other events made available by artists and event organisers through Ticketmaster. They give fans fair and safe access to in demand tickets at market driven prices. Platinum tickets are ticket-only purchases and prices are subject to change at any time.......At least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask Fair and safe access what an absolute load of BS its legalized ticket touting and the band need to act NOW, if they continue to condone this scam i will seriously consider calling an end to my 35 years plus of supporting the band on their future tours . THE BAND NEED TO ACT I managed to secure two GA tickets for Manchester finally and after a fair bit of heartache with the joke of a pre sale but many other geniune fans were not so lucky ,how do you think these people feel when they see the tickets they prized so highly on sale by T/M to the highest bidder THE BAND NEED TO ACT . i am making some noise for real fans whose stories i am continually reading on social media who lets face it never really had a chance of getting cheapish tickets here's one i read last night and i feel it hits the spot perfectly and forced me to act . As a major loyal U2 FAN for the last 32 years it saddens me to say that I am totally disgusted and angered at that fact that the majority of tickets for the Belfast and Dublin gigs ended up on third party resell sites. I tried to get tickets for myself (having seen them six times) and my 2 sons who are 14 and 7. What breaks my heart is that my 7 year old (born on the same day as me) broke is heart when he found out we couldn't get tickets. After listening to elevation in my car one day about 2 years ago he fell in love with the boys in a big way and as I type I can hear him in his room playing running to stand still. What angers me is that no thought or provision was given for real fans. I was happy to pay the face value for tickets but not the ridiculous rates that went on sale minutes after the official 9 am sale release. 5 minutes after they went on sales I seen prices of £900 And upwards for a pair of tickets. To U2 I say this it's your fans that put you where you are now and when they need you most you weren't there. I leave U2 with this question...... How is it you can convince world leaders to erase $25 billion in debt to third world countries but can't control the sale of your own ticket prices. From a loyal , loving and angered fan THE BAND NEED TO ACT I feel ever since Paul Mcguiness left the organization and Live Nation got their claws into the group things have gone downhill but now things have come to a head and THE BAND NEED TO ACT . £200 PLUS for a top priced seat is too expensive especially when they toured last year and the year before .The band are multi multi millionaires who fight for fantastic causes around the world why not fight for a fair deal on tickets for your own working class fans instead of letting Ticket Master and Live Nation RIP THEM OFF THE BAND NEED TO ACT I hope this post doesn't fall on deaf ears as the band are slowly eroding its fan base with this absolutely scandalous ticketing policy ,i would like to sit down with the band (yeah right !!) and discuss this as surely they are not aware how the real fans are being treated . Queen tickets went on sale for the O2 in London last week with seats and standing £80. THE BAND NEEDS TO ACT U2 of all the bands out there need to get back to sensible ticketing pricing its no good saying its all down to market forces blah blah blah ,you are rich beyond your wildest dreams take control of your own ticketing sit down with real fans and discuss their real concerns U2 live shows should be for the many not the few thanks Jezza Bono Larry Adam Edge my details are here its good to talk THE BAND NEED TO ACT #THISISNOTU2 Rant Over
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