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  1. I feel like a sucker. After seeing dozens of U2 concerts for the last 30 years, and being a member of this club for nearly a decade, I can't believe this band has let me down so much with its SOE concert pricing. I spent an hour in November trying to work through the Ticketmaster presale, after spending the annual $50 fan membership only to find very limited seats under $350 in the lower bowl of the Forum. So I shelled out $295 a ticket for the latter half of the upper bowl. Today (and, silly me for not noticing this until now), but I'm seeing that there are many seats SEVERAL rows c
  2. How to U2 justify being associated with an organisation like Ticketmaster? Michael Evis/Glastonbury refuse to be associated with them. Pearl Jam refuse, The Pixies refused, even Eminem (not my taste but...) avoids them Lets think about why we are U2 fans!!!! obviously the music, the voice, the guitar, the bass, the drums, the longevity of four adolescent friends. This is incomparable with any other band I can think of. I am about to sound like one of those old people who thought everything was better in their day, but lets face it, we are all going to be one of those at some point an
  3. Hello Everyone, Thank you very much for taking the time to click on this post. I hope you'll consider what I write and digest on it. Also, I hope you're all enjoying the new U2 album, I am very much! Down to business--- Why do features like Verified Fan and Fan Club presales exist? They are sold to us based on the belief that charging high prices for concerts is wrong, and that "true fans" shouldn't have to pay high prices to attend concerts. It is argued that ticket scalpers charge unfair prices for tickets, and the aforementioned intervention resolves this by making
  4. U2.com Zootopia admins, what is the likelihood that U2 and/or Live Nation can track down scalped tickets and cancel them? And put them back into the hands of fans? It seems that despite all the hullaballoo to try to keep tickets out of scalper hands, the big thing that happened was fan frustration. It's disheartening to look on StubHub tonight for GA tickets (I'm feeling a bit desperate after six on-sale attempts in Vegas) and to see the following: "3,277 tickets left" for one of the Philly shows. Over 1,200 for a D.C. show. And the list goes on. That is A LOT of tickets in scalper hands. And
  5. Hello Everyone, Thank you very much for taking the time to click on this post. I hope you'll consider what I write and digest on it. Also, I hope you're all enjoying the new U2 album, I am very much! Down to business--- Why do features like Verified Fan and Fan Club presales exist? They are sold to us based on the belief that charging high prices for concerts is wrong, and that "true fans" shouldn't have to pay high prices to attend concerts. It is argued that ticket scalpers charge unfair prices for tickets, and the aforementioned intervention resolves this by making
  6. "...the singer has cancelled 10,000 of the tickets to his forthcoming London shows next June to prevent ticket resale sites from turning them around at massively inflated prices." http://mashable.com/2017/07/18/sheeran-cracks-down-on-scalpers.amp
  7. It did not address my questions, but I share the pre-sale info with you anyway Hi gonewithbono, Thank you for your recent email. Due to higher than normal email volume we have fallen behind on responding to your emails. We're sorry that this has kept us from getting back to you in a timely manner and we are working diligently to get caught up. We have had many inquiries regarding the upcoming #U2eiTour. We are happy to announce that new shows have been added and the registration has been reopened for an opportunity for U2.com Subscribers to purchase tickets to the ne
  8. Note: I didn't post this to the "North America Leg 1" forum because my topic is not specific to Leg 1 or any particular city/date, although it seems to be specific to North America. So for the general public onsale (in North America), it seems that 100% of all tickets that would normally be available for the public to purchase on Ticketmaster will only be sold to people who have registered for their VerifiedFan program. And from reading about this program, it seems to be a way to: Change the way in which people get tickets from first-come first-served to random selection (in
  9. Lordy help me, I don't want to ask another question about pre-sale, etc, but..........It is like we need a law degree. So ALL venues on sale at 10:00 EASTERN or at 10:00 venue time in each city? BECOME A U2.COM VERIFIED SUBSCRIBER As usual, U2.com Subscribers will be first in line with their own exclusive window when presales open. To be eligible for the U2.com Verified Subscriber presale for recently confirmed additional dates, you must complete your account Setup by Friday, November 24 (9am ET). Presale begins Tuesday, November 28 (10am ET). Subscribers, check your Setup statu
  10. My theory...it's all in the fine print of "Verified Fan" and my sincere belief that if we were assigned a presale group that meant we were verified. In reading U2.com/help: Can I register for other Verified Presales if I participate in the Verified Subscriber Presale, like Verified Citi and Verified Fan? Yes, you may register for the other Presales in addition to the U2.com Verified Subscriber Presale. Please note, registration does not guarantee you will be verified, receive a code, or have the ability to purchase tickets through the other Presales. Note: "Does not guarantee you will
  11. Hate to sound conspiratorial, but my cell phone has been lighting up the past day or so from unfamiliar phone numbers, phone numbers not in my contacts list, numbers from areas of the county where i have no acquaintances. I have a personal policy of NOT answering calls from unfamiliar numbers. And these "callers" are not leaving messages. I have a feeling this is a direct consequence of signing up for the pre-sale opportunities as instructed.
  12. Could this sale go any worse? First the link fo the presale for Los Angeles didn't allow Innocence group access until 5 or 10 minutes into the sale and now both my friend and I got texted faulty codes for the public onsale. SERIOUSLY TM??? Seriously U2? Somebody please tell me who to contact about this! This is freaking ridiculous...never had this many problems in my 20 years of being a fan who went to 2-4 concerts each tour.
  13. I have a frustration with he initial presale. I'm from Europe/Spain and is imposible acces toTicketmaster presale. One solution, please.
  14. SERVICE FEES: I am absolutely DISGUSTED by the service fees. $19.30 on $81 tickets..that's almost 24%. This BS needs to stop. What does that service fee go towards? So tired of ticketmaster. Grateful my ticket purchase was seamless but sick about these fees.
  15. Is anyone else having a problem with Ticketmaster? I am so mad I could spit!!!!! I bought two tickets using the Ticketmaster App for the Phoenix show while I was standing in the GA line for the DC show (or so I thought). I used the direct link sent from U2.com with my Red Hill presale code for the Phoenix show and although the tickets were supposed to go on sale at 10:00 AM MST, it ended up being more like 10:20 AM. That should have been my first clue to how messed up it would be. I had a really hard time selecting GA and I wanted RedZone, but there was no hope for that, the App just wouldn't
  16. Hi there, new to the community. Saw the band in Chicago and two other times in the past. I have a question for those who were able to obtain decent tickets. Did you encounter the chaos of creating a login with the venue? My sister in Nashville, TN was attempting to get tickets and it was a nightmare. She had set up an account with Ticketmaster the night before, thinking she was good to go. When she made the attempt to purchase the tickets in her cart, she kept getting a prompt that her login was wrong. In reality, she was unaware that she had to set up a login with the actual venue (this happe
  17. I would love to be able to get some feedback from the band management and promoters regarding the varying ticket delivery methods for this tour. According to TM, the promoters put rules on how tickets would be delivered and that varies depending on the section. We see tickets on resale sites that claim 'instant delivery' or sold with a gift credit card (not sure who owns these or how they get around the cc delivery). I paid for my tickets, they are mine and i should be able to have possession of them. And, setting different standards based on seating section makes no sense to me. It
  18. I've been emailing with Ticketmaster customer support and have repeatedly been denied the ability to change the name on my tickets and they will not give me ecopy. However, on StubHub and Ticketsnow, there are hundreds of tickets for sale that show 'instant delivery' as the delivery method. How does this happen?
  19. Hello All, just a semi-commentary. Yes Ticketmaster really really sucks. Yes Ticketmaster is owned by Live Nation. Yes, Ticketmaster's selling of tickets process is often times very poor & frustrating. As the Forum Moderators have done (these brave folks have the patience of Angels ), in several posts re. the JTT ticket purchase issues, see below some links to write or call with your displeasure to Ticketmaster directly. And of course, probably the best, most visible & quickest way to let Ticketmaster &/or Live Nation know your displeasure is to comment directly on their
  20. Good article & advice for people still hoping to bag tix .... + I would add that on many occasions I have bagged tickets at below cost a few days prior to the concert (just take a look at some of those resale prices, don't worry, those asking prices will be waaaayyyy down by show time) You heard it here 1st http://www.atu2.com/news/i-didnt-get-u2-tickets-what-now.html
  21. I know this isn't a new gripe by any stretch but I just tried to get more U2 tickets but failed despite clicking through (having been in the queue before 9.00) within 10 minutes of the sale opening. No tickets available at any price, including RED Zone. Then noticed Ticketmaster's own resale site already has 500 (yes, 500) tickets available for resale at between 3x and 6x the standard ticket price, including several people apparently already knowing they and their 5 friends can't go (maximum sale was 6 tickets) within seconds of buying the tickets. These sellers are CLEARLY touts so why ca
  22. I'm curious if others have had any resolution with the issue that impacted many of us at the Chicago shows in June - the flipped seating chart. It seems like such a huge thing to screw up, and yet I see very little complaining even though the seats were so drastically moved (i.e. from looking at the stage to suddenly sitting behind it). Here is the background from an earlier post I made in a different (dead) thread about TM issues... I bought my tickets ~7 months before the show and was very happy with them. When I went to grab them prior to the show, I suddenly saw the 'limited view' la
  23. Hey all, Over the past 2 days, I got event reminder e-mails from Ticketmaster (as usual) for the shows on the 14th & 15th. I realized that I never got a reminder for the 10th. I have GA tickets for this night, and raced to TM to check my account. The tickets are still there thankfully, but I was wondering whether any of you did or did not receive a reminder e-mail from TM for the 10th. Also, I remember for past shows getting an e-mail from the venue about GA policy (both the Garden and Gillette have done this), and that hasn't come as well. Have other GAers been getting reminders or mi
  24. Having seen U2 for every tour since Joshua Tree in 1987, I love them wholeheartedly. They are my favorite band..ever. But like all relationships, there are problems to work through. Only I don't know to whom or where to address my issue and will post here in an effort to get it off my chest and be heard in dialogue. For the past two tours, with the creation of the Red Zone we have come to learn that they usually get the best position in the house. I was alright with that because the money went to charity and it wasn't only the best seat in the house. But I can say, I wanted to be in the h
  25. I'm having quite an internal debate on when to purchase tickets for Chicago 2 and I'd love to hear other people's experiences with prices on StubHub as the show date gets closer. Is it worth buying section 300 seats (nosebleeds) for $100-ish now or will tickets in the 200 sections drop as the date gets closer? What it really comes down to is it better to have seats guaranteed two months out or should I cut it close in hopes of cheaper tickets? What have you done in the past? Thanks!
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