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  1. I have 1 extra GA ticket for the Toronto show. Asking face value. Must meet before doors open.
  2. Hi, I have one great ticket for sale- Section 129, Row 33, Seat 5. Selling at face value $300. PM me here or [NO PERSON INFO PLEASE. USE PRIVATE MESSAGE]
  3. This is my 4th U2 concert! Super excited about it! I bought 4 presale tickets to the concert for me, my sister, her friend, and our cousin. Now my cousin can't go, so I'm trying to sell her ticket. It's credit card entry, so you'll have to meet me at the gate. Looking for face value $300 (actually a little less because the fees added another $6).
  4. Hi. Did anyone have difficulty getting Red Zone tix for Toronto in the Wed. presale?
  5. Where you there in any of these nights? Rocked with Acrobat playing with the band? Did you sing your heart out when Stephanie started to play? Did you screamed - there in the arena or in your home - when the stars shined on the night? Which were you highlights? Share your impressions, your photos and your videos with the community... Thanks!!!
  6. From the album: Toronto 01 07/06/2015

    © Mary Juric

  7. From the album: Toronto 01 07/06/2015

    © Mary Juric

  8. From the album: Toronto 01 07/06/2015

    © Mary Juric

  9. From the album: Toronto 01 07/06/2015

    © Mary Juric

  10. From the album: U2 Toronto 2

    © Mary Juric

  11. Final 2 shows in Canada... You going? Already in the GA line?
  12. Hello Hello... I'm looking for 2 GA tickets for tomorrows Toronto show (July 7th). I'm a huge fan of U2. Unfortunately this will be my last U2 tour, so I'm trying to see them as much as possible. You see, over 2 years ago I was diagnosed with ALS, which is a terminal illness. 80% of people with ALS die within 3-5 years. So I feel certain this is my last U2 tour. I was at the opening show in Vancouver and just saw them in Montreal where we had floor tickets and I went with a group of friends and my wife and daughter.... it was an amazing night. For me U2 is more than music. It's a movement, a passion for life. A calling even. Inspirational. Because I have ALS and also a political background I started advocating with ALS Canada and lobbied the federal government to enhance compassionate care benefits to help families struggling with the economic burdens of ALS. We met with dozens of MP's including Justin Trudeau, the finance minister and the Prime Minister’s Office, and was thrilled when the government extended the compassionate care benefits from 6 weeks to 6 months in the 2015 federal budget. As I lobbied for these supports I would often ask myself... "How would Bono sell this? How would he position our ask?" He's a very effective communicator and advocate. He certainly provided me with guidance and leadership by example. I took my cues from Bono and applied them successfully to my own advocacy on the Hill. So when Bono came to Ottawa last week to meet with political leaders, Justin Trudeau graciously invited me to his meeting with Bono, knowing I'm a huge fan. It was such an incredible moment to be able to spend a few brief minutes with my hero and inspiration. I was also lucky to have “met” Bono in Ottawa back in 2004 for a 15 second photo op. The next year during the Vertigo Tour Bono pulled my then 9 year old son up on stage in Montreal during Sunday Bloody Sunday, to chant “NO MORE!” which was pretty mind blowing! That was the day after U2 performed in Ottawa on my 40th birthday!! Why am I saying all this? Well, I’m making my case and proving that I’m a die-hard true fan with an unusual circumstance and a passion to talk the talk and walk the walk. If you are uncertain on what to do with your Toronto GA tickets, hopefully you will consider selling them to me. J Thank you. Brian
  13. A caution to all fans going to the Toronto shows; because of the Pan-Am games, the third lane of the Gardiner Expressway and other area highways such as the 401 now have a restricted use. They've been turned into special HOV lanes and you will need to have three people in your car to use them, or else risk an $85 fine. The lanes have special markings, so you can't end up in them by accident. As a result, traffic in the regular lanes may be slower/more crowded, so give yourself extra time. This applies to all the area highways, but the Gardiner Expressway is of biggest note because it is literally a stone's throw away from the venue. If you're going downtown Toronto, even from Pearson airport, you'll have to use it, so make sure you're careful about the HOV lane.
  14. Selling up to 4 tickets for the Tuesday, July 7 show in Toronto. Seats are in Section 322 Row 7. Seats are all together. Face value for each ticket including all service fees was $298 - willing to sell for $240 each. Already going to the first show and thought I had others committed to going to this but has now fallen through. Great seats even though they are in 300 level! Nice opportunity to get great seats below cost.
  15. I am selling tickets for July 7th in Toronto. Section 121, row 8, seats 5&6. These are great seats, only 8 rows up from floor. I have tickets in hand. [MOD EDIT: NO OFFERS. FACE VALUE ONLY or less. Thanks]
  16. I'm looking for 2 Red Zone tickets for Toronto on July 6 or July 7...any sellers? If so, is it possible to transfer? Thanks... xxbonoxx
  17. I have two tickets for sale for section 118 row 28 at face value for Toronto July 7th show. I dont need them as i am going ga. I tried for a refund from ticketmaster and they won't do it. Just want money back that i paid for them. face value including taxes 298 each. First come first serve.
  18. I am looking for 2 GA tickets for either date in Toronto. I didn't realize that tickets went on sale so quickly and I totally missed out. I am hoping that someone has 2 extra GA tickets. Please, please..
  19. Can anyone tell me what the hell is going on with Ticketmaster and the ticket limits? Firstly, TM had said on THURSDAY that there was a 4 ticket limit for the first day of public onsale (Monday) and then an 8-ticket limit after that. TODAY, it says there is a 4-ticket limit for Monday and then NO LIMIT after that. WTF? Secondly - and more importantly - I need to understand 2 things before tomorrow morning: 1. When they say ticket limit per EVENT, does that mean it is a limit of 4 tickets PER SHOW (therefore, 4 each for July 6 & July 7 in TO), or across the tour? 2. If I have 2 presale tickets for Tuesday, am I allowed to get only 2 more tickets for that night, or can I actually get 4 more tickets because it is a different type of sale? I do not have any issue with there being limits - I just want to know that I am doing it right so that I don't have tickets being cancelled. I want to surprise my kids who are away at school (and cannot afford to get tickets on their own when they are paying for university) and my husband has a colleague at work who has fallen in love with U2 because she hears him playing his iPod in his office all the time - and we want her and husband to come with us. I have been trying to get TM on the phone for three days - constant busy signal. I tried emailing TM as well, but they have not responded. Thanks in advance.
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