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Million Dollar Hotel Songs



I am wondering if any of the songs from the Million Dollar Hotel soundtrack, particularly Never Let Me Go, Dancin’ Shoes, and Stateless were around prior to the release of Pop. 
I have looked around and I’ve been unable to find anything to indicate the history for those songs. 
Although it would seem that those songs were written post-Popmart, I did not to assume. 

Thank you very much to anyone who can assist me with this inquiry! 

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If I remember correctly, Bono has said he initially came up with the idea of the project in 1988 as either a stage play or musical.  It is possible that bits and pieces may have existed in a notebook or on a cassette tape (remember those?), in the way that a writer or musician might jot down ideas for future reference.  

The reprise of The First Time is a minor rework of that track from Zooropa, of course...but I'm not aware that there had been any MDH-specific recording sessions per se.  A lot of the material they had been playing with that didn't fit into a normal U2 record sound wound up on the Passengers' album, and a fair amount of Pop were songs that began in the Achtung Baby/Zooropa era.  It's well documented that The Ground Beneath Her Feet was part of the All That You Can't Leave Behind sessions.  Bono and Daniel Lanois reportedly recorded the initial version of The Ground Beneath Her Feet during a dinner break, and Paul McGuinness confirmed in January 1999 that it had been recorded and they were hoping to release it. There were plans to release it either as promotion for Rushdie's book or the film, but after an early screening of the film all plans for a commercial single release were scrapped.

Stateless also came out of the sessions for All That You Can't Leave Behind, but began earlier as a soundcheck jam in Australia (presumably during the PopMart tour).  Joe O. records shows as well as rehearsals, and the recording of the jam session was the kindling for what happened in the studio.  Hope that helps.

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Hey! Thank you very much for your reply! I really appreciate the in-depth response about the buildup to the Million Dollar Hotel soundtrack and film. I don't have my U2 books with me for the time being, so combing through them for clues isn't on the table for the moment. Songs like Dancin' Shoes and Never Let Me Go fit a very night/noir vibe that feels not too dissimilar to things like If You Wear That Velvet Dress. It got me wondering if perhaps those songs had been around for a bit longer. Anyway, pardon my delay in replying and thank you very much for your most excellent input! 

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