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19 Sep 2014

'I remember dreaming...'

U2 News & Rumours From The 'Net
'I remember dreaming that it might last for ever...' Highlights of more radio and press this week.   View the fu...
22 Jun 2014

Can U Pick Your Top 3 U2 Albums?

All About U2
It's hard I know, It's very close between Unforgettable Fire and October, but UF just gets it. NLOTH would be third....
15 Nov 2013

Sub Gift - North Side Of Dublin Book

All About U2
North Side Story: U2 In Dublin, 1978-1983             14 November 2013 No...
05 Sep 2014

'I'll Be Me'

All About U2
'Incredible...' Edge takes part in a remarkable new film about the the country music legend Glen Campbell.View the fu...

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      30 Sep

    If they start off with arenas , I really hope the progress to stadiums , love the buzz from the crowd !

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      28 Sep

    Taking an internet stop to catch up with the Zootops, it's quiet here today, hope you're enjoting your day Zooies :)

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      28 Sep

    Two more days of work, then off on Tuesday to pack and chase the cat out of the suitcase. Wednesday I fly home for parental spoiling and seafood stuffing.

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