27 Oct 2014

Stories Of Innocence - How Songs Of Innocence Came From A...

All About U2
Songs Of Innocence is inspired by the band's earliest days in Dublin – the gigs they went to, the places they hu...
18 Sep 2014

SOI Promo Tour - Radio / TV / Press Interviews

U2 'Net News & Rumours
EDIT : All the recent SOI Promo tour audio interviews and such...   7:50am! Tomorrow morning. We'll speak with #...
10 Sep 2014

POLL: Is The New Album 'Great'?

All About U2
I know, it's early days but I'm too excited to wait!!! So do you think it's great...or not so much?   (as far as...

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      22 Nov

    finally 'babyface' :p working my way up in the rankssss

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      21 Nov

    Is watching JT tour LA 1987, awesome gig!

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      21 Nov

    I'm so tired after a very hard week at work.. But it's friday and I can feel all my power come back to me in here!. The power I want to share with you Bono!! Get well soon, and stay SAFE! ;))

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