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17 Oct 2014

Miami Special - Larry & Bono Discuss The Making Of So...

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Larry and Bono take part in a live broadcast, 'U2 The Making Of Songs Of Innocence'. View the full article   St...
22 Jun 2014

Can U Pick Your Top 3 U2 Albums?

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It's hard I know, It's very close between Unforgettable Fire and October, but UF just gets it. NLOTH would be third....
14 Oct 2014

U2 on Jools Holland this Tuesday & Friday (Merged)

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Hey peeps just noticed in the listing that U2 are playing songs from SOI on Jools Holland Show 21/10/14 at 10pm on BB...
10 Sep 2014

POLL: Is The New Album 'Great'?

All About U2
I know, it's early days but I'm too excited to wait!!! So do you think it's great...or not so much?   (as far as...

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      23 Oct

    Anyone know where I can pick up latest Rolling Stone in the UK, can't find it

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      23 Oct

    I'm not feeling very rock'n roll, more socks 'n cold

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      22 Oct

    It really is so good to see U2 putting themselves about , they are sounding absolutely fantastic,,,,, greatest band , live band ever !

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