22 Jun 2014

Can U Pick Your Top 3 U2 Albums?

All About U2
It's hard I know, It's very close between Unforgettable Fire and October, but UF just gets it. NLOTH would be third....
21 Dec 2013

New Members Introduction Thread (Merged)

General Forum
If you are new to the Zoo, welcome   A place to say hi, tell us a little about yourself and wotnot..
10 Sep 2014

POLL: Is The New Album 'Great'?

All About U2
I know, it's early days but I'm too excited to wait!!! So do you think it's great...or not so much?   (as far as...

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      30 Jan

    I have to say that I can't wait until there is more U2 news. I'm kinda tired of looking at Bono's x-ray.

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      30 Jan

    Has anyone already bought a litograph in the U2 shop? Is it sturdy material and safely wrapped to avoid damage when dispatched?

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