08 Dec 2014

Films Of Innocence Premiere (MERGED)

All About U2
11 Films of Innocence airing for 24 hours ... plus 12th, special to U2.com subscribers.   Some of the world's mo...
01 Jan 2015

bono's a-z of 2014 | Bono's Letter [MERGED]

All About U2
Just finished Bono's letter.  Sooooo glad to hear from him.  It was very sweet and personal.  Sad to t...
22 Jun 2014

Can U Pick Your Top 3 U2 Albums?

All About U2
It's hard I know, It's very close between Unforgettable Fire and October, but UF just gets it. NLOTH would be third....
21 Dec 2013

New Members Introduction Thread (Merged)

General Forum
If you are new to the Zoo, welcome   A place to say hi, tell us a little about yourself and wotnot..

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      26 Feb

    Drawing something while listening to the new radio edit of EBW...

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      25 Feb

    Looking for 1 ticket for the July 10th show in Boston. Prefer GA but will consider other seats.

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