• "When you think you’re done, you’ve just begun…’ Down at Jack White’s @thirdmanrecords in Nashville, recording a live version of ‘Love is bigger than anything in its way…' Special limited edition vinyl coming soon. Thank you #Nashville"

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    • mbastin72

      Hello I'm Mark . I'm a big U2 and blur fan. Bought My First U2 album aged 12. the Unforgettable Fire and went to see them live at Earls Court in 1992. My other Favourite band are blur who I first went to see in 1993 live went through and loved the britpop scene (with U2 thrown in too) and had some great drunken crazy nights in camden back in the mid/late '90s! Good Times!.

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    • pain_18_  »  seresere

      Thank You, fellow Sailor Moon Fan !!!!!!
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      Can anybody tell me what about the Joshua Tree Tour DVD, please?
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      What about the Joshua Tree Tour DVD???
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    • RachNLanny

      Have a wonderful birthday 🎂 Edge!!!
      Love from Texas!!
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    • pain_18_

      No more drawing for me.....I don't get many views....I know I'm not good.....I don't HAVE TIME....to draw and improve....Drawing takes TIME and Hard_Work and Money for Top Quality Supplies...... I support my art from my other work (something I do because I need to, NOT because I love it).......
      So anyway.......... " Going Away to Dream it all Up Again...Dream Out Loud....."   or something........ If  Possible........
      If Not.... ...Just Bye !
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    • crokedin87

      4months ago a version of bad was posted on YouTube by Pauli vetri “the best version of bad” after going into heroes bono finishes bad with another song, anyone know it ?
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    • cesar_anaya

      I'm still waiting in México
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    • sal

      Sad news!!!! I have 2 tickets for the Paris Show on Saturday 8th September but am unable to go!!!😢 Does anyone need 2 tickets????? 
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    • zoo_station  »  supermat3

      Thank you for the offer but I am just looking for 2 GA tickets.  Have a great day.
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