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More U2 Propaganda!

Over the years many fans have asked the question, 'Are there online copies of Propaganda magazine?'
Well, until now, officially the answer has been no. Back in the early days of a few articles from Propaganda were made available online, but never a full edition (not officially anyway).
Very excited to see the Achtung Baby Scrapbook Edition chosen as the magazine to debut back issues of Propaganda online, and to have been involved in the creation of the online editions.

Its been a long time coming, but I think the team has come up with a great way for all subscribers hereto be able to view some fantastic content, some of it never before seen online.
It looks great of any computer or mobile device, and very cool is the way you can flick through in full screen, zoom in & out and jump to selected pages very smoothly.  :)
We are all invited to add comments as to what we think and asked which edition would we like to see made available next - so please make your choice known by leaving a comment here, or over on the main article page.
Achtung ya'll...


Aug 22 2013 01:22 AM

I would absolutely love to have this in my mailbox.


the real thing


no digital

I am one of the lucky ones, I have Propaganda issues from the early years. Very early years in the 1980's. Some of them were rather thin and some were jammed pack but all were terrific.

Sep 01 2013 12:26 PM

love the Propaganda issues, great idea to provide them! So we can smell the zeitgeist of some songs/albums/tours...!

This is Total new for the vertigo hunter, never knew the exist of this sort of propaganda! Yeas, the zeitgeist, das word, I was looking for. Maby I was wrong, but I did what i did before love came to town. Can't wait any longer for that next album on vinyl! Patiently waiting for Bono, he inclined my cry... Love and light, Detlev. the vertigo hunter. Miss you sugar. ...

This was the first and only version available in the bookstores for quite a time back then as part of the celebration of the AB release..


I remember getting this issue twice, one through the membership and the second from my parents as a surprise gift.


Great issue, great memories.

My early copies of Propaganda got lost in a move!  So disappointed. Would love to see them online.