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ZOO X-MAS CARDS EXCHANGE 2011 (the list has been sent)

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I got many cards from all over the world and I like to thank everyone!

All the cards were beautiful!


Monica Martino









Sacred Rose




Nikaliptus (it arrived today 20th January. Great card!)




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Sorry for the very late post, but I just wanted tosay that I have finally finished sending my cards (to everyone on thelist).  I'm sorry they were so late this year, but as you have seen/will see, Iplaced an order with a certain fan club shop (who shall remain nameless, butrhymes with 'van-hire', LOL) way back in November - before the list even came out- and they decided to split up my order into smaller shipments that onlystarted arriving in early January, with the last lot arriving only a weekago(!), so I had to delay my cards, and split them into smaller batches aswell. ohwell.gif

Anyway, all done now, and hopefully the wait was/will be worth it...and on theplus-side, with the exception of a couple of people whose cards crossed in themail with mine (so got a thank you PM instead), I was able to thank most peoplepersonally in my card to them, for their card to me...but once again, a BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who sent cards to me...I loved them all, and reallyappreciate you making the effort to send your cards all the way to Australia! happy.gif

Hope everyone had a great festive season and enjoyed participating in thisyear's card exchange as much as I did... smile.gif

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I just wanted to stop by to say "Thank-you" to everyone who participated in the card exchange because your cards really brightened up the Holiday Season and the Holiday Hangover month known as January LOL!!

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