can I get out of credit-card entry tickets?

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I bought four tickets to New Orleans show that are credit-card entry. I live in San Diego, but was going to be on a family vacation in New Orleans. The trip has fallen apart, so none of us will be there. Am I screwed? Did I just throw away $1250? The only 'help' Ticketmaster would offer was, "just give your credit card to a trusted friend so they can go...". I don't know anyone within 1000 miles of New Orleans, and even if I did, I wouldn't give out my credit card(!). I'm furious about this! I'm pissed at Ticketmaster; I'm pissed at U2. None of them seem to care that I'm being ripped off. I'm not trying to make a profit here, just trying not to get screwed over. You'd think U2 or Ticketmaster would be interested in turning one angry customer into four happy ones, but instead the only attitude I've gotten is, "we already got our money, you're screwed". Sorry, ranting. Any ideas for me?

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