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Music is “girly” - interview with Bono

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20 hours ago, Europa_Thomas said:

I haven’t paid as much attention to Larry, since he’s way better at keeping secrets than Bono and he’s always been thin, but he’s a health nut and the band’s voice of reason, so if he’s lethargic or upset, that’s troubling for him and the whole band. U2 needs all of its members and it needs them all happy and healthy, but what the members need for happiness and health change somewhat with time, and those changes are rarely insignificant, especially changing old habits. St. Luke (patron saint of doctors and health and artists ), St. Cecilia, St. Gregory the Great, St. Apollonia, St. Genesius, St. John Ogilve (patron saints of music, musicians, singers, dancers, and entertainers), and St. Patrick and Our Lady of Knock, pray for U2, their families, the friends, and their fans.


I do take in account my observance of Larry...that he is a health nut and just the overall aging process to the face/body looses elasticity/muscle tone, so that can explain his current appearance(maybe). And like you stated, Europa,  Larry is the nucleus/voice of reason...for the band....so if he is unhappy, than that is  of concern.

 "U2".....their band name, personifies everything they are......"a unit"....each separate, but they all have a important role together. Like a symphony ....when one of the players is out of sync....the unit can be compromised.

I think U2 is one of the most rare bands in which ALL the members are so valued, appreciated by fans.....

Of course the lead singer/front man always gets the most exposure....yet, U2 has always been about the band.....no matter how much Bono dominates the spotlight!:Achtung_Baby_14:Bono commands attention even without a spoken word....his  spiritual energy is boundless/captivating....and yet somehow incomplete/less whole without his band of brothers:Achtung_Baby_07:

Our  messed up world needs U2 now more than ever.....the voice of compassion/love and spiritual guidance......

God is not done with U2...he is still utilizing them for a greater purpose.....

I just think they are all aging....and attempting to find themselves once again.....in this new chapter of their lives. Adam's new baby has probably redefined his priorities and direction in life....despite emerging into the later stages of life.(it may keep him the youngest of the band, by default)...:D

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On 2/19/2018 at 4:44 PM, peterferris8 said:

With Larry I think it's more to do with previous lingering health issues (he had back issues stemming from I think an injury during the Joshua Tree tour '87 which then peaked when the band were recording Pop). I found myself trawling through the U2 Interference message boards and found this post (original thread here: http://www.u2interference.com/forums/f189/tension-between-band-members-205648-2.html). Quoted post follows. 

"I think that Larry in general is hard to read. He can come off as not particularly warm or charming when on stage. 

I can personally attest. I worked security for the Somerville promo gig, and it is just like this:

A.)He beats the hell out of those drums and there is an INTENSE focus. Seriously, my bones rattled and my chest and neck pulsed every single time he hit a bass drum or a cymbal! Especially the crashes during Breathe, which were going right into my throat!

B.)He plays in a lot of pain, obviously. Tendonitis, back issues, etc. As a result, and again, I was 8 feet from him the whole show, he often shows it!

Even though I am well aware of A and B, I kept thinking the whole time "Larry looks PISSED at me, like he is directly looking at me and thinking he will fucking kill me." And this was an hour after I had a conversation with him about my aunt's first show in 1980 and before he talked to me after the show as they were leaving! I of course knew he was the nice, down to earth, not a mean bone in the body Larry we are familiar with, but while he was up there on stage, wow!

It was to the point where I kept thinking "am I dreaming?" "did I unknowingly man handle some innocent patron out the door like a hells angel security guard and Larry noticed and is now pissed at me?"

I know I won't make any sense to the average person here, but that is literally how intense he is behind the kit, with no exaggeration at all. If you are near him, you will think he is mad and you will think he is staring a hole through your head!

But talk to him 10 minutes before or after and the best way I can describe it is he comes off exactly the same as he did in the R&H interview where he is sitting at the table talking about Elvis as "Heartland" segues into "Bad." Polite, deferential, smiles and is willing to have a conversation, not just a "hey" on the way by.

So bottom line, he is hard to read!"

The security guy’s experience makes sense. I had no idea Larry has that kind of pain to deal with, magnified who knows how much by his job. Lay down a thundering beat with your hands and feet while your tendons pulse with pain? Ouch 

Larry also has a naturally stony face and his features are stiff whether he likes it or not. Like in Rattle and Hum, when he gets to sit on his idol Elvis’s motorcycle, his small smile would only indicate mild pleasure if he was Bono, but though he’s containing his excitement, he’s the happiest kid in the world at that moment, if you know how to read him.

On a lighter note, this picture illustrates his focus and personality pretty well:

True friendship never misses a beat. :D


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