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What concert are you seeing next?

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Got my ticket for The Head and the Heart in the mail.  I'm twelfth row center and it's Dec 6.   I did not realize I had such a good seat.  They were great in May.  I love seeing them in December and The Chicago Theatre is where I first saw both them and Dawes.  I'm also going to see Dawes, with a little luck, in Feb in St Pete's in Florida.  That will be my fourth Dawes show this tour and it's just begun.

The Head and the Heart.   So happy to see them again.

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On 10/18/2018 at 4:04 PM, mich40 said:

Seeing how I have never seen they live, I can’t really compare; but I thought they sounded really good. 

I saw Simple Minds for the first time ever last month in San Francisco (10/25/18) at The Masonic, which is a good venue.  I can't believe I never saw them in the 80s.  Jim Kerr seemed in top form to me, both vocally and physically (he must do yoga).  It was a long show, and perhaps his voice was tiring by the end, since he basically had the crowd sing "Alive and Kicking".

I'm sure that Kerr/Burchill hate this, but I will forever think of them as a lesser U2 without enough standout material.  Aside from the few big hits, the other material was all "same sounding", like an ongoing ambient track that was periodically punctured by a standout song (which also had the same sound, but with a hook added).

Still, I'm glad I went.

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