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Did you have fun on New Year's eve?

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  I'm  throwing this "out there"because I wanted to know if any of you other Zootopians had fun last night?  As for me, I did some final preparations such doing a final purge of household clutter because who wants to bring old misery into the New Year. 

I also clanged some pots and watched some fireworks because according to legend bad luck, evil spirits,etc hat e the noise.  Enough about me how was your New Year's eve?


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Mine was good.  I went out with a new best friend.  We laughed, felt old, drank and felt not-so-old.  I got home and had to get some guy who was wasted on something besides alcohol or marijuana,  to leave my building.  He returned.  I found him passed out in the middle of the hall having urinated on the carpet. I got him out again, but he somehow got back in a third time.  He got violent when I met him at the elevator. .  Nobody got hurt and he's now in jail.  That was pretty crazy so I listened to music, played air guitar and whisper-sang until 7 am, when all was good again.. I got to sleep very late/early, and now I feel old again.  😎

It was a nice evening/day.   Thanks, illumination70.  

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