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    • Vernonu2

      Hey I’m on hols in NYC anyone knew what time band are likely to show up pre gig? Be a dream to meet them
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    • Janice

      How would someone contact the red zone check in team for Boston? Someone stole a friend’s credit card to buy a Boston red zone ticket. Wonder if we can prevent the person from using that ticket??? Any help available? Thanks 
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    • babyseaturtle

      Hello, Does anyone know of any updated rules about bringing cameras to the Boston shows on 6/21 and 6/22? I read the TD Garden website however, I know those rules sometimes change depending upon those performing. Thank-you kindly.
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    • LoraU21984

      Philly Night #1 Wells Fargo Center
      Great show, well worth the flight up from Tampa. New Songs sounded great... Entire performance was Ace. Wanted to thank the wonderful couple from Scranton who held my spot so I could get Pizza and a T-Shirt and for their wonderful company (if you read this... Thanks a Million) and thanks to the lady who let me use her chair in the GA line. Great people, Great night. Here is some pix I took ❤ Love Is All we Have left

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    • FergieSpirit

      I’m not sure how to post a tix for sale into the Leg1 club. Would someone please help me. 
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    • pain_18_

      Happy Breathe Day everyone !!!!!!!
      16th of June, nine 0 five, door bell rings
      Man at the door says if I want to stay alive a bit longer
      There's a few things I need you to know. Three
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    • kellster217

      Attending Mohegan Sun show in GA. Anyone have any info about how GA line will work there??
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    • dennishendrix  »  bigwave

      Hello Bigwave,
      I am a long time member and my current subscription is active until 15 july 2018.
      I thought I read somewhere that it's only alble to renew within the last month.
      Is my assumption correct?
      Hope to hear from you.
      Dennis Hendrix (Netherlands)
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    • Chrystine

      Absolutely heartbroken. I have followed U2 for 35 years and to be overlooked for an Apollo ticket (while others with "connections" got in) just breaks my heart. 

      I wish U2 all the best tonight, but I won't be listening. I have faith my faith in U2 will return, just not tonight. 
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    • LDM

      I am currently in post-U2-concert recovery therapy. Warched Paris ie, 360, Chicago Vertigo and Slane Castle. 
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