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  2. nothing at the moment... once there's any information be sure it will be published on the site and here in Zootopia. For the moment, please be patient and keep checking the site periodically...
  3. Any update on shipping... This is quite poor from the band and they really need to step up a bit here. Offering a DVD to fans instead of a digital download is also fairly questionable.
  4. I’ve had the rotation problem in a couple of places and have found if I edit the photos in a photo editor app, the issue resolves. It’s an extra step, but it does help prevent delays in posting.
  5. 45, 391 - Getting closer to a big round number
  6. ...and one didn't come locally...BUT, there are more UF dates through April! Sat 2/22 - Knights of Columbus - Irish Night - Chicopee, MA Showtime: 7:00 pm Sat 3/14 - DROM - New York, NY (8:30pm) (early St. Patrick's Day Show) Sat 3/21 - Tuacahn Center for the Arts - Ivins, Utah (7:30 pm) Sat 3/28 - Josie Kelly's Public House - Somers Point, NJ (9:00 pm) Sat 4/4 - The G.O.A.T. - Staten Island, NY (10:00 pm) Sat 4/11 - Daryl's House - Pawling, NY (8:00 pm) I can't believe they have a show in Utah! They really are doing a cross-country tour this time!
  7. ...and I'm going to bump this because part 3 of our adventure is coming up soon, and I am hopeful that the next iOS update will fix the rotation problem so that reduced pictures from our past, present, and future can appear here looking as they should. Stay tuned...
  8. Oy. Someone needed a happy pill. 😁 The ahove sounds much worse than its actual bite. I wiped my boots on the carpet after I thoroughly rubbed them off in the snow. He's not a dumb ass but tenants are working him. The owner caught the crap, not the manager. I don't just call on people I know to harrass whomever. These are long standing issues which have not been addressed for years. I phoned people who wield influence, however, I had given them my word I'd so so if thing did not change. I was ornery I have to move again. I needed to roar. Unnecessary dog poop on my boots, after bright sunshine refected on very white snow cranked a migraine into a cluster got the best of me. I don't have to move. I need and want to do it. Big difference. Bright side view: There may be an apartment available which is by a beautiful seminary campus and protected woods/nature conservatory. It's near my old house. I used to walk Bruff, my last dog, though those woods and the seminary campus all the time. Now, I'd be living on the opposite side of the same woods. I could walk my second Irish Terrier on the same turf. Lake Michigan is right across the street from it. I made initial inquiries. That would make another move a very good thing.
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  10. If this adorable video of Ilya with the lovely Longford Rose Marie Brady doesn't put you in good spirits for the weekend, we don't know what will! Thanks again to this year's exceptional Roses and Escorts for bringing big smiles to the children's little faces. Rose of Tralee International Festival
  11. ← return to news 21/02/2020 Opportunity: Musicians/Music Educators, Music Generation Roscommon Image: Brian Farrell Galway and Roscommon Education and Training Board (GRETB) invites applications from suitably qualified and experienced persons for the position of Musicians/Music Educators at Music Generation Roscommon. Candidates must have prior experience in delivering group musical tuition to young people. Music Generation Musicians/Music Educators will be appointed by GRETB in Roscommon and will be responsible for delivering performance music education programmes on behalf of the Roscommon Local Music Education Partnership. Fixed Term Contract. Application forms, job descriptions and person specifications available online at – www.galwayroscommon.etb.ie. A panel may be formed. Closing date for receipt of completed application forms: 12.00 p.m. Friday, 13 March 2020. Late applications will not be accepted. GRETB is an equal opportunities employer.
  12. From: Johnson & Johnson NOV. 25, 2019 5 PARTNERHEALTH Can Health Defeat Poverty? Simple advances can make life better for 3 billion people. Nothing on earth affects the health of so many people as extreme poverty. Half the world can’t afford to see a doctor, get vaccines, buy medicines, eat nutritious food, drink clean water, put a bandage on a cut, wash a wound with soap, or take antibiotics. More people die every year from extreme poverty than from all diseases in the world combined. It’s the greatest health crisis of our time. But what if health could overcome poverty? What if by helping people be healthier, things could change? Not just because scientists in a lab developed medicines, but because all of us developed awareness and took action? As a proud partner of Global Citizen, Johnson and Johnson is working on solutions to some of the most pressing health issues in the world: Ebola, tuberculosis, and medicine that can protect 800 million kids from intestinal worms. We’ve trained over 500,000 health care workers in some of the most remote places on earth. Started clinics. Donated vaccines. And backed community programs to teach health practices as simple (and effective!) as how to wash one’s hands. There are more initiatives in the pipeline, including work on an exploratory vaccine that could prevent HIV. We know that the healthier people are, the more likely it is they can lift themselves out of poverty. And with even more advances, we believe health can ultimately defeat poverty.
  13. P.S. I just scrolled through all 17(!) pages listed at that site. Only on pages 4 and 12, referencing cassette versions of “Boy” released in France and Sweden, is there any mention of pink. If that was what your friend was referring to, then he was on to something (somewhat); if he was referring to a vinyl cover, no dice...
  14. No mention of a pink/tinted version here: https://www.u2songs.com/discography/u2_boy_original_release They are quite good pointing out all of the different versions from all over the world. However, there are several potential explanations for a possible variant - e.g., there may have been a batch that was printed irregularly (thus, accounting for an altered appearance), or there were bootleg pressings made somewhere which had these peculiarities. However, it does appear that there were no intentional official printings of such an altered cover. From what I can tell, unless your friend has a copy to show you, you win the debate.
  15. Hoping you can resolve a debate with a friend. He maintains there was once a pink coloured or tinted version of the Boy album cover on its release. I can’t find any evidence of this. True or False?
  16. I never heard a single Primus song until yesterday morning, but in June, I will hear them perform Rush’s entire A Farewell to Kings album in Raleigh, NC.
  17. HEY THERE! WE THINK YOU’D LOOK GREAT IN (RED). We’re at a critical moment in the fight to end AIDS. We’re looking for the world’s most creative, energetic, and innovative people to join us in bringing an end to this preventable, treatable disease once and for all. (RED) was founded in 2006 by Bono and Bobby Shriver to engage people and businesses in the fight to end AIDS. Over the past 13 years, we’ve partnered with nearly 100 companies across all sectors: tech, travel, entertainment, retail, and more to create (RED) branded products and experiences that fight AIDS. As a brand and an organization, (RED) is constantly evolving, taking our partnerships and campaigns to the next level, all with one goal in mind: bringing an end to AIDS. WHAT’S IT LIKE TO WORK AT (RED)? We’re a small team of 25 people in NYC who bring (RED)’s mission and vision to life. We do this by creating stand-out partnerships with many of the world’s top companies, and by bringing to life two major campaigns each year to drive money and awareness for the AIDS fight. (RED) is a fast-paced, multiple projects at once kind of place, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s a sense of urgency that motivates us to come in every morning and team comradery that makes the days fly by. We live and breathe the mentality that no job is too big or too small. We all wear many hats and do what we can to get the job done. We value teamwork and humility, and welcome a sense of humor. Our team is dynamic, creative, and supportive, and the space we work in reflects that. At (RED) HQ, you won’t see a single cubicle, but instead will find team members brainstorming new ideas in an open, collaborative workspace. (RED) is committed to helping each employee reach their full potential. Our leadership team offers robust career development and mentorship opportunities, which creates a supportive and fulfilling environment. BENEFITS & PERKS Competitive Compensation Insurance Access to Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, 401(k), Short and Long-term Disability Paid Time Off Three Weeks Vacation Ten Sick Days 11 Federal Holidays Observed Office Closed Between Christmas and New Year’s Day Generous Time Off for New Parents Professional Development Commuter Benefit Mobile Phone Benefit Health and Fitness Benefit READY TO JOIN THE (RED) TEAM? Full Time Positions Partnerships Manager Summer Internships Business Development Intern Campaigns Intern Creative Intern Digital Intern (Part-Time) Operations & Finance Intern Partnerships Fellowships Business Development Fellow Creative Fellow Finance Fellow (Part-Time) Operations & Impact Fellow Partnerships Fellow Social Media & Communications Fellow Fellowship Program: 2020 - 2021 Cohort At (RED), we believe in encouraging and inspiring the next generation to challenge inequalities and injustices around the world. Through (RED)’s Fellowship Program, recent college graduates are able to achieve professional and personal goals while becoming an advocate for (RED) and the fight to end AIDS. We look for candidates who are always up for a challenge and are eager to learn. Candidate must be a December 2019 or May 2020 graduate who is available from September 2020 - May 2021.
  18. AID AND DEVELOPMENT It’s time for EU leaders to act 20 February 2020 8:00AM UTC | By: ONE SIGN THE PETITION Tell EU leaders: Choose a future free from extreme poverty EmailAdd my name Share on Facebook Save on Facebook Share on Twitter Share by Email EU leaders are entering an intense period of negotiations about the European Union’s next seven-year budget. Their decisions will have significant and wide-reaching impacts on people and our planet. The agreement our leaders will reach on the EU’s long-term budget will determine whether citizens’ aspirations and expectations on ending extreme poverty and inequality and tackling climate change are met or not; without sufficient funds allocated to these issues, it won’t be possible to deliver the future we want. The clock is ticking. The EU’s Budget Commissioner Johannes Hahn has told EU leaders that they are running out of time to find an agreement. After more than 700 days of negotiations, we’ve had enough of buzzwords. It’s time for our leaders to act. We keep hearing EU leaders say that we need a budget “in line with citizens’ expectations” — but the deal on the table lacks the ambition required for the EU to keep its promises to end extreme poverty and inequality in 2030 and tackle the climate emergency before it’s too late. Despite the fact that 7 in 10 Europeans want tackling poverty in developing countries to be one of the main priorities of the EU, development aid is rarely mentioned by leaders. We also hear leaders saying that they want a “future-proof budget” — a deal that will stand the test of time. An ambitious EU aid budget is the best investment in our common future that leaders can make; if Europe’s partners succeed, Europe will succeed. But again, we’re not seeing action that matches the rhetoric. With the right level of investment, more than 1 million children would benefit from quality basic education, 4.5 million women would access reproductive healthcare, and 5.5 million children would receive life-saving vaccines every year for the next seven years, according to ONE’s analysis. Instead, leaders are discussing proposals that would cut investment in development aid. As the European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has stated: “citizens will not understand if decision makers fail to make the funding available for policies needed”. For the EU to keep its promises, leaders need to agree to increase EU aid to €140 billion in the next long-term budget. We need real ambition, not platitudes, if we are to tackle the greatest challenges of our generation. This budget holds the key to Europe’s future. Will EU leaders listen to citizens and #DeliverForTheFuture of the planet and its people? Add your name below to tell EU leaders this is their ONE chance to build a future where everyone, everywhere can lead a life of dignity and opportunity. Tell EU leaders: Choose a future free from extreme poverty Dear EU leaders, The decisions you make now will shape all our futures. Help build a more prosperous future for everyone by increasing EU aid, and focusing it on the people and countries that need it most.
  19. By Leah Rodriguez FEB. 19, 2020 EDUCATION Teachers in Ghana Exposed in ‘Sex for Grades’ Documentary Finally Suspended The film exposed teachers that were sexually harassing students. Why Global Citizens Should Care Women and girls around the world face various forms of gender-based violence. To end poverty by 2030, we must prevent sexual abuse in the workplace and in schools. You can join us in taking action on this issue here. Two teachers at the University of Ghana have been suspended following the 2019 BBC documentary Sex for Grades that revealed they had sexually harassed reporters posing as students. The university’s disciplinary committee said in a statement released to the BBC on Monday that it had ruled that the teachers had breached the university’s code of conduct rules when they made lewd comments to students. The university suspended Ransford Gyampo for six months and Paul Butakor for four months, without pay. Both men deny the allegations made in the documentary. Take the Pledge: Add Your Name to #LeveltheLaw and Empower Girls and Women Around the World! 35.479 / 50.000 actions taken TAKE ACTION Gyampo and Butakor will be required to complete training about the university’s sexual harassment misconduct policy. They will only be allowed to return to the school if they receive a positive assessment following the training, and will receive annual assessments for the next five years, the statement said. In Ghana, gender-based violence and sexual abuse are not limited to college campuses. Studies found that 14% of girls are victims of sexual abuse and 52% have experienced violence. The teachers’ suspension has received mixed reactions from residents of Accra, where the University of Ghana is located. One woman told the BBC that the short-term punishment “makes the whole investigation a joke.” Another man felt differently and said the university’s action will empower other students to speak out against harassment. A Nigerian teacher was also suspended after Sex for Grades aired in October. The Nigerian Senate debated a bill reintroduced in response to the BBC’s investigation on Monday, which would make it illegal for professors to make any advances towards students. Currently, there are few laws that prohibit sexual harassment in the country and some states only have regulations within tertiary schools. Read More: Revealing Documentary Prompts Anti-Sexual Harassment Bill in Nigeria Ghanian activists are hopeful that the outrage sparked by the BBC’s expose will encourage more survivors to speak out. TOPICSEducationSexual HarassmentGhanaWomen and GirlsNigeria
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