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  1. Maybe you didn't know about the U2 football connection. You do now. View the full article on U2.com
  2. Adam's bass rigs, a guitar signed by Bono and a Joshua Tree Platinum disc. Going, going... View the full article
  3. Adam in Dublin to launch 'Walk In My Shoes' Day. View the full article
  4. Edge backs a new initiative from Music Rising, launched at Tulane University in New Orleans. View the full article
  5. U2Community


    I built a #U2FTGU collage using U2 pics I took during the #u2360tour cc : @u2com @u2comzoomods @U2fTheGroundUp pic.twitter.com/rllxOPerBP
  6. U2Community


    My 3yr old son. From the ground up, he will make himself bigger than The Edge!!! @u2com /@u2comzoomods #U2FTGU pic.twitter.com/m5Kz1gspYB
  7. U2Community


    My individual and group U2 zealousness #U2FTGU with some different outcomes. @u2com @U2comZooMods @U2fTheGroundUp pic.twitter.com/rmzn9sskJI
  8. U2Community


    Found my brother's tshirts after his death & inspired to Build From The Ground Up. #U2FTGU pic.twitter.com/dXiPM5CtQS
  9. U2Community


    @U2comZooMods @U2fTheGroundUp @u2com the Joshua tree, from the ground... to my leg #U2FTGU pic.twitter.com/iZWFK4zrLn
  10. U2Community


    Japanese fanzines. We always love you from Japan! @u2com @u2comzoomods @u2fthegroundup #U2FTGU pic.twitter.com/lBh4qgBPU8
  11. U2Community


    @u2com Larry built U2 from the ground up, starting w/ 1st shirt. Here's my replica! #U2FTGU http://bethandbono.com/2013/03/30/from-the-ground-up-re-creating-the-first-u2-shirt/ … pic.twitter.com/gYEpW9ov5F
  12. U2Community


    Mattopia.com : more than 1 million words and 1,100 pages, all built from the ground up! #U2FTGU @u2com pic.twitter.com/snj1Qn8eVG
  13. #U2FTGU I left my soul in that stage ,this is my tattoo, youtoo are part of my ,@u2com @u2comzoomods @U2fTheGroundUp pic.twitter.com/W6XfYXg9W2
  14. U2Community


    #U2FTGU @u2com @U2comZooMods @U2fTheGroundUp b-day cake for my boyfriend pic.twitter.com/pbhYAGmdBg
  15. U2Community


    New U2 fan joins the world July 2013!!! #U2FTGU @U2fTheGroundUp @u2com @u2comzoomods pic.twitter.com/mzgkUaxUy5
  16. U2Community

    @Germana 75

    @U2comZooMods #U2FTGU @u2com so here's my U2 themed cookie, let's see if this gets some love! pic.twitter.com/QOQ9lyrlG6
  17. U2Community

    @U2BROTHR 3

    My MirrorBall Man 2.0 hard hat worn on the 360 tour, built by me! #U2FTGU @u2com @u2comzoomods @U2fTheGroundUp pic.twitter.com/yRRM8zQZ2n
  18. U2Community


    #U2FTGU @u2com @u2comzoomods @U2fTheGroundUp a site with an editorial, an U2 tribute band & a MultiVideo Live Show pic.twitter.com/hRMxfJ3xGJ
  19. U2Community


    @U2fTheGroundUp @u2com Mt little big fan, With the FTGU, in the hand pic.twitter.com/oSKppfqfK3
  20. U2Community


    @U2fTheGroundUp @u2com @U2comZooMods I built a shrine "from the ground up" All albums on tape,vinyl and cd! #U2FTGU pic.twitter.com/ASh20GYAHz
  21. U2Community


    #U2FTGU my brother was made this acrylic cube 8 years ago and i add 3 leds @u2com @u2comzoomods @U2fTheGroundUp pic.twitter.com/9SEhhL9H0R
  22. U2Community


    #U2FTGU Here is a pic of him...... pic.twitter.com/YyJChHz4P9
  23. U2Community


    I made my own Batcave and later my own Batman Fan Film. Woot! @u2com @u2comzoomods @U2fTheGroundUp #U2FTGU pic.twitter.com/50o2JEddV2
  24. U2Community


    Our family of boys 1st U2 concert wearing my shirts from past tours.#U2FTGU @u2com/@u2comzoomods @U2fTheGroundUp pic.twitter.com/hLXR0vitNs
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