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  1. Have you already used your allocation perhaps (4 tickets max)
  2. We plan to open up a fan swap ticket exchange here in the Zoo for Subscribers, once all presales are done... more details soon
  3. try changing your email address in your https://www.u2.com/profile page. Some email servers seem to randomly block emails from U2.com. Yahoo emails I have noticed are prone to this, some others, so also try an email with a different provider (e.g. if your existing Profile page is using yahoo mail, try a google mail instead etc.). Might take a cycle or 2 emails for you to receive to new email address, but if it works, please let us know
  4. Yes, should be fine, but use separate credit cards if possible.
  5. have asked for some clarity on that, stay tuned...
  6. We hope to have a ticket swap / exchange area up in near future, as per previous Tours, so keep a look out for that
  7. Working, was able to pull Red Zone 5 minutes in
  8. ok, I think you will need to contact the Ticket company direct, like this guy just posted on twitter (next post)
  9. has it allowed you to purchase the ticket, but not allowing you to complete a valid mobile number for delivery (trying to establish a potential pattern with similar posts elsewhere on same topic)
  10. nice one. We also sent a request up to see if we can get an answer
  11. Are you still unable to get past the same point you got to previously?
  12. It might be worth contacting the Ticket agency for Japan direct (if you speak the language or have someone who can translate, that might help too.. and do let us know if you are able to find out more)
  13. are you able to use a VPN at all (to check that you are not being geo-blocked)
  14. http://zootopia.u2.com/announcement/39-joshuatreetour2019-top-10-zoo-tips-for-zoo-tops/
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