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  1. Another beautiful show....thanks to everyone who joined us! Good night!
  2. I adore this whole tour....Can't explain why, but it has touched me more than ieTour or The Joshua Tree tour. I don't tire of watching or listening to it.
  3. mich40

    The World Cup Thread

    I’m watching you.... 😂😂😂
  4. They typically come on about 8:30, sometimes a bit earlier, sometimes a bit later.
  5. Adding for @dmway. Some of his photos from the Philly shows.
  6. It’s typically been 6-6:30, depending on the venue. And there is no North and South sides this time, you can go to either side.
  7. mich40

    U2 Conference in Belfast

    The U2 conference 2018 started in Belfast yesterday. We’ll be adding some of the tweets from the event here. Also, if you are there, let us know.
  8. mich40

    U2 Conference in Belfast

    They do one every couple of years or so. I’ve never been to one, but would like to one day.