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  1. mich40

    New Members Introduction Thread

    Welcome to the Zoo!
  2. mich40

    U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    No. Keep checking back, as soon as we hear official word that they are shipping, we will post that in here.
  3. Just saw this on Fathom Events FB Page. If anyone is interested (probably US only) in getting back on the bus with the Walrus, Across the Universe is being shown in a special engagement end of July/beginning of August. https://www.fathomevents.com/events/across-the-universe
  4. mich40

    Happy birthday, The Edge!!

    Happy Birthday to Mr. The Edge! Everyone act accordingly!
  5. mich40

    U2 Three 1979

    There’s all sorts of little gems there if you click on the “back to U2 exhibition” tab.
  6. mich40

    Will there be a Songs of Ascent?

    Yes. There was talk as No Line on the Horizon came out and interviews where at least two/three members of the band mentioned a companion album called Songs of Ascent, then there was "Soon" that might be on it and as you mentioned "Stingray Guitar" and "Glastonbury". Of course, as ideas often do with the band, things changed and that's when Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience were born. There were many fan speculations that Songs of Ascent would to a part of that, making it a trilogy, but in most recent band comments, that is not the case. Most likely whatever songs they had when they were thinking Songs of Ascent, probably morphed into songs for SOI and SOE. As you said, we will just have to wait and see what is next......and remember to take all rumours with a grain of salt until official news is posted.
  7. Also, the rumour is exactly that, a rumour. We have no knowledge or information concerning that. Our jobs lie within Zootopia.
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    From the album: eiTour

    © mich40

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    Mr. MacPhisto

    From the album: eiTour

    © mich40

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  11. mich40

    U2 dreams

    not yet, but never give up dreaming......
  12. ICYMI- there is a Macphisto filter for selfies on Facebook right now. Your app needs to be up to date, but you too can be Macphisto.
  13. mich40

    U2 dreams

    Back to dreams though....I’ve had dreams of Bono playing me new music before. And several dreams of just sitting and talking with band.
  14. mich40

    U2 dreams

    I liked running with Adam and Bono and Larry was my side man for step and the karate one. Edge was my hula hoop guy.
  15. mich40

    U2 dreams

    I had U2 wii characters too! I would exercise with them on wii Fit! 😂
  16. mich40

    U2 dreams

    I tend to have U2 dreams right before and right after I’ve been to see them. The funniest one I’ve ever had must have been right before the 360 shows in 2011, although it honestly doesn’t feel like it was that long ago; but it was a direct result of where I hoped to make it in GA and playing too much Mario Kart on the wii with my son. In the dream, I made it into the stadium and as I took off for the rail, the next thing I know I’m bounce-running over giant mushrooms to get to the rail. To top it off, Adam was cheering me on.
  17. mich40

    u2 song of the day

    No, but why would I post a Freddie Mercury/Queen video in the U2 Song of the Day Thread? 😜
  18. mich40

    u2 song of the day

    Can’t go through today and not post this. 33 years ago today....
  19. mich40

    What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    #notme 😝 Anne Rice might have some better nocturnal romance than Twilight...... and to stay on topic: lunch with a friend.
  20. mich40

    What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    Men in kilts.....😋
  21. Larry plays on this song and actually the majority of her Wrecking Ball album. The album was also produced by Daniel Lanois.
  22. mich40

    The World Cup Thread

    My favorite World Cup song: If you're not sure why...some info on it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Put_'Em_Under_Pressure
  23. mich40

    Have to Count - the new and improved one :P

    43 809 You just need me to come visit....first time I did, England had the wettest, coldest summer in something like 100 years.
  24. mich40

    Uncasville Live Thread #U2eiTour

    What a great leg it’s been. So glad to share it with everyone here. Be good and enjoy your summer.